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How to make The BEST and EASIEST Keto Low Carb Bread

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Yes, I said this is the BEST KETO BREAD EVER! And it truly is, just like my last keto bread recipe video where I used a BREAD MAKER or bread machine to bake the keto yeast bread (yeast keto bread). But this low carb bread recipe is almost the exact same but uses the oven – no bread maker or bread machine required!

This Keto yeast bread (yeast bread keto) is the best keto bread I’ve tasted. It comes so close to regular bread but is a true low carb bread as the carbs are only 2.2g per slice! You get a full rise from ketogenic bread, thanks to the yeast in this keto bread (that’s why I also call it a keto yeast bread). My last keto bread recipe video was a HUGE hit but some asked if this keto bread oven? Well, after some experimenting, this low carb bread came out ridiculously good, almos just as good as the keto bread in bread maker / bread machine.

This keto bread (yeast keto bread) takes a little longer as you have to do your kneading of this low carb bread – this has to be done in a stand mixer. Now, I’d like to emphasize that if you don’t have a bread machine / bread maker or a stand mixer, DO NOT BUY A STAND MIXER. Rather spend your money on a bread maker / bread machine as the keto yeast bread comes out as good (if not better) in the bread maker and making the ketogenic bread in the bread maker is much easier. Simply add the keto ingredients in the right order, and press one button. After a few hours, you have wonderful yeast keto bread. If you don’t want to spend money on anthing, borrow either a bread machine or a stand mixer from a friend. But if you only have a stand mixer, then go ahead and use this keto recipe and you’ll still be easting the best keto bread ever!

I have so much to say about this keto yeast bread. Firstly, we use yeast in the keto yeast bread, which gives it an incredible rise and heght. Yes, this keto bread rises just like regular bread loaf. Say hello to a full size low carb bread! Yes, we have to add some sugar to make it rise, but we use only 1 teaspoon of sugar for this keto bread recipe. And, the yeast eats up that sugar (honey) anyway, so you don’t actually consume those carbs (which is only 6g of sugar from the honey). And the incredible smell that this keto yeast bread has, is unreal! I couldn’t get enough of sniffing this low carb bread!

Just follow my instructions on this keto bread recipe video exactly and you should end up with a fantastic loaf of delicious low carb bread made in the oven. And either borrow get a second hand bread machine or stand mixer to use, or invest in one. It will be worth it for this epic ketogenic bread.

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Ingredients for the Keto Yeast Bread:

1/2 cup of Oat Fiber (41g/1.45oz)
2/3 cup of Flaxseed Meal (70g/2.46oz)
1.25 cups of Vital Wheat Gluten (190g/4.9oz)
1 teaspoon Salt (6g / 0.21oz)
0-4 Tablespoons powdered Sweetener (0 – 60g/4oz)
1/2 teaspoon Xanthan Gum (2.5g/0.88oz)

1 cup warm water (50-55C / 120-131F) (240ml/8.1oz)
1 Tablespoon INSTANT Yeast (8g/0.28oz)
1 teaspoon Honey (7g/0.25oz)
2 Eggs (lightly beaten)
2 Tablespoons softened Butter (30g/1.05oz)

Macros for entire Keto Yeast Bread:
Calories: 1888 cal
Fat: 90g
Carbs: 40g Net Carbs (183g total carbs – 83g fibre – 60g sugar alcohols)
Protein: 185g

Macros per slice of Keto Yeast Bread (assuming 18 slices):

Calories: 105 cal
Fat: 5g
Carbs: 2.2g Net Carbs (10.1g total carbs – 4.6g fibre – 3.3g sugar alcohols)
Protein: 10g

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Video Transcription

recipes this is by far the best recipe
that I’ve tried and these turned out
perfect I couldn’t ask for more it has a
texture it’s fluffy its crisp on the
outside once you toss it and it just
tastes amazing especially once you put
your favorite toppings on it
yeah I hope you stay tuned follow the
recipe leave me a comment if you did
definitely don’t forget to Like and
subscribe to my channel thank you a lot
and here we go you will need one and a
quarter cups of almond flour five
tablespoons of ground psyllium husk two
teaspoons of baking powder one teaspoon
of sea salt two teaspoons of apple cider
vinegar or white vinegar three egg
whites and one and a quarter cups of
boiling water before you mix all the
ingredients make sure to preheat your
oven to 175 degrees Celsius or 350
degrees Fahrenheit I put mine in the fan
mode that works fine for me after you’ve
created your oven mix all the dry
ingredients in a large bowl one tip that
I can give you is make sure to use fresh
baking powder or baking powder that’s
not older than three months because
after this time the baking powder just
loses its ability to make the dough rise
in the oven so just make sure that you
use fresh baking powder I bought new
baking powder for this recipe because I
definitely did not want it to fail and
the interesting part about this recipe
is that you do mix the dry ingredients
in a large bowl but you do not mix the
wet ingredients in a separate Bowl like
most of the other dough or other baking
recipes call for
now after you’re done whisking all the
dry ingredients very thoroughly bring
your water to a boil and make sure to
let it cool for a little bit though
before you mix it in the dry ingredients
because we don’t want to burn anything
so I’m just using hot water here I let
it cool for maybe like a minute or so
and I’m pouring it in slowly into the
dry ingredients mix and after pouring in
the hot water I start whisking it and I
do that before I add in the egg whites
and apple vinegar because I do not want
to have scrambled eggs in the still hot
mixture of dough and hot water after
some time of whisking the now hot water
should be down to room temperature since
it’s mixed in in the dough and now we
can add the egg whites as you can see
here I was struggling mixing it with
just a whisk only so I eventually
switched to my hands and met the dough
and the consistency of this dough once
you’re done mixing should really feel
like play-doh it actually feels a little
bit sticky once you’re done with it
and yeah don’t over knead the dough
and now for the very last step line some
parchment paper on your baking tray and
start to form some rolls and depending
on how big you want them you can make up
to eight balls out of this dough mixture
if you want them bigger you can make
four six I kind of wanted to try it
first with eight rolls but I will
definitely make bigger rolls the next
time or even make it into a bread loaf
and as you can see it’s kind of just
like freestyle rolling they don’t have
to be perfect and just give it a light
padding so they sit flat on the surface
for the next optional step but I highly
recommend that put some sesame seeds on
top of the rolls or even some herbs I
used some French herbs on two of the
eight rolls and I put sesame seeds on to
play bowls so for plain ones and for
spiced ones you could even mix in the
herbs or the sesame seeds in the dough
itself that would also be really great
pending on how big he made the rolls the
timer should be set between 40 minutes
and 1 hour I just to be saved set the
timer to 1 orange just checked it every
now and then and you can see nicely
they’re browning in the oven mine were
basically done after the 40-minute mark
because they were so small one good
trick to know when the buns are done is
to tap on the outside and listen for
that hollow sound and they’re done 8
little beautiful Brown keto rolls and
next time I’ll definitely add more
sesame seeds and more Italian herbs
because Ted really adds a lot of flavor
to them and just listen to the texture
listen to how crispy they are I gotta
say this is hands down the best keto
bread alternative I’ve ever had in my
life so far the texture is amazing you
bite into it it tastes like bread
especially once it’s warmed up in a
toaster or straight from the oven that’s
by the way how I recommend to eat them
and just look at the texture of it it
stands and fluffy and crispy at the same
time not like flaxseed bread that I
tried ones that just taste amazing
especially when you add butter to it and
any topping that you like I can’t get
over how good this recipe turned out and
I’m sorry I’d be to share it with you
and I really hope you’ll give it a
chance cuz I’ve been looking for a
low-carb keto bread alternative for so
long and now I think I found my Holy
Grail so yeah I really hope you enjoyed
this video please give me

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