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How To Make Steamed Bread |Domboro |uJeqe

How To Make Steamed Bread |Domboro |uJeqe

Hello lovely Fam, Today I am bringing you an exciting episode of African Cuisine.
Lets make Steamed Bread. Please also share your tips on how you make it in your homes. I am looking forward from you.
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Video Transcription

hi guys and welcome to my channel myname is Anza and today I am going to bemaking South Africans steamed bread withsome people refer to as dumpling inschibetta my home language will refer toit as don’t borrow some people in zulueither is called ooh j i hope ipronounced right I know I didn’t so whatyou will need for this simple recipe isyou’re going to need 2 cups of flour andof course you’re going to need a stilldish and a part that you are going touse to create a double boiler so I’mgonna put my dough in this and then putit inside the pot so that it can getsteamed in a double boiler for mint andyou’re also going to need veryimportantly some instant yeast andyou’re going to need some salt and somesugar and some warm water which we aregoing to use to put together the doughwithout wasting any of your time let’sget into this video and remember tosubscribe to my channel like this videoshare it with your friends and familyand let’s all get on to the 80 nation[Music]starting off you add two cups of flourfollowed by two tablespoons of sugar andthen one tablespoon of salt and thenyour instant yeast you also add twotablespoons of that and then you mix thedry ingredients togetherslowly you add your warm water don’t belike me I ended up adding too much wateras you can see that my dough is toosmooth but this is not a train smash youcan add more flour as you are needingthrough the door to make a thick stickydoughyou are then going to cover this doughwith a damp cloth and then leave it forabout 15 minutes for it to rise want itonce it has a reason you’re going topress it down with a spoon and thencover it again you’re going to repeatthis process at least two timesyour door has a reason and you’vepressed it down like at least two timesyou’re going to spray a dish and stilldish with some oil cooking or sprayingoil and then you’re going to put all ofthe dough into the dishand then you’re gonna measure out howmuch dough you’re going to like leaveodds you’re going to have the dough intotwo and then you’re going to cook it intwo batches if however you have a biggerpot you can cook this in one go justmake sure that you cook it for longer sothat it cooks in the center as wellyou’re going to put a little bit ofwater in the pot and bring it to a onetemperature and then you’re going to putyour dish inside the pot and then closeit you are going to cook this for aboutone hour 30 minutes to two hours howeveryou going to be checking consistently sothat your water must not run out becauseif it runs our tools that been in yourpot and it will not smell good and thenafteryou can also poke your dough with aknife to see if it is well done ifyou’re dull your knife still comes outwith some flour stuck on it it is notwell done you still need to continuecooking but – one hour – – one hour 30minutes to two hours should besufficientyouI so I am done with the dumplingdumpling the steamed bread and this ishow it looks it’s very fluffy and justhave the right amount of elasticity sothis is how it breaks apart thank youvery much for watching me make steamedbread don’t borrow BOM borrow don’tfollow dumpling I won’t attempt there’sLu and again but anyway thank you verymuch for watching and yeah and thank youto dr. M for shelling is a recipe withme it’s a recipe is the one who actuallytaught me how to make darling

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