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How to make sandwich toast //Quick and Easy Recipe sandwich bread #carinefavour #cameroonianyoutuber

Hey guys, thank you for watching this video and let me know in the comment section if you have ever made this. Toasted bread always a very simple break fast idea. How to make a delicious toasted bread can be sometimes confusing. So share other recipes in the comment section guys.
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Video Transcription

[Music]hello guys welcome back to my channel Ihope you’re not saying well thank youfor clicking on this video and if you’rewatching me for the very first timehappy New Year to you and your familytoday I want to share with you guys avery simple delicious breakfast idea foryou and your family and in case youreally really wanted to see my face it’sall about food food food so I’m justgonna be talking behind the camera guysthis is what is important so in the nextvideo you gonna see my face oh you mightcheck out my other videos and in the seemy face so for this particularpreference I don’t know if we shouldcall it toasted sandwich bread ortoasted bread or sandwich bread orwhatever but we read all over the placethat white bread isn’t healthy okaybut guys I still eat white bread andthen I’m gonna transform this bread intobrown bread let’s just get into thevideo okay so you need your whitesandwich bread you need water you needegg and then you need salt and thisright here if you don’t have this youcan use among a frying pan but that’sgonna take you a very long time ifyou’re using five minutes to get thisdone with a frying pan you might uselike ten minutes so yeah I’m just gonnaplug this I’m heating that up alreadyapply that on your bread like so and youflip that you do the same thing okay soguys my hands are extremely clean rightplace that here you take another one andyou do the same thingand keep this aside okay so I’m justgonna splitpick another bread by your butter andkeep here and now your eggs and thenslowly pour that in here that is it andyou can now sprinkle somethen you do the next[Music]sprinkle some saltand then you just cover that and letthis peak so guys big for at least fiveminutes and then flip the bread and youpick again for another five minutesuntil the bread is completely afteranother five minutes I think we can nowhave our delicious breadyeah I know you all are curious to knowif the egg is cooked like have no fearlook at that were cookedand this is so delicious guys the aromaalready oh my godfrom the Porta is so nice so I’m goingto have this with some picklesthis is a fat oneand olives so guys this is my simplebreakfast idea trust me this isextremely delicious and guys if it’s not100 percent healthy like I said at leastit is 50 percent or 60 percent healthyyeah so give this a try and let me knowin the comment section if you enjoyedthis video give it a thumbs up andplease don’t forget to subscribe see youin my next video bye[Music]

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