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How to make rainbow cheese bread (ขนมปังชีสสายรุ้ง)

ดช.ณัฐชนน พรมวันดี ม.3/2 เลขที่ 5
ดช.ภูมิภัส พรหมพันธ์ใจ ม.3/2 เลขที่ 11

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Video Transcription

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16 Replies to “How to make rainbow cheese bread (ขนมปังชีสสายรุ้ง)

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  4. Thank you! I may try to knead by hand again (I have arthritis in shoulders and hands so use the dough hook). But your dough looks light and your touch is light. So as long as I get the hydration perfect and don’t get scared of the sticking, it should be worth another try

  5. Oh Jack I love your videos but I find it hard to believe you are a lost for words as pastry chef and baker myself I must say your videos are great for beginners

  6. how come your bread dough can be stretched a bit mine with 65% hydration proved for 2 hrs cannot do I try to stretch it comes back becomes so difficult to shape it as you try to flat it, it bounces back any ideas ???? I am using bread flour unbleached

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