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How to make pumpkin sourdough bread # sourdough #pumpkin

Recipe :
✔️267 gr bread flour(89%)
✔️33 g whole wheat flour(11%)
✔️180g water(60%)
✔️90g pumpkin purée
✔️60 gr levain(20%)
✔️6 gr salt(2%)
💡10 pm feed starter 1:10:10 ( 3.5 gr starter:35 gr flour: 35 gr water) temp 76-78F
💡7.30 am next day mix flour with water( autolyse 30 min )
💡8 am add starter( 60gr) to the dough( starter was on its peak 10 hours old), mix (stand mixer on low speed for 1 min)
💡8.30 am add salt and pumpkin purée mix ( stand mixer on low speed for 2-3 min until well incorporated .)
💡9am, 9.40 am, 10.20 am 3 stretches and folds 40 min apart, leave dough untouched for 40 min. Temp 78-80F
💡11am do preshaping .
💡11.30 am shaping. Leave shaped dough in the proofing basket for 15 min.
💡11.45 pm put the dough to retard in the fridge for 12-16 hours.
💡 next morning Oven 500 F , bake straight from the fridge ,with closed lid 15min, open lid 450 F for 20 min. Enjoy 🙌

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