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How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread

This pumpkin cream cheese bread is delicious and with a slight twist with cream cheese filling baked on top its a fall favorite filled with fall spices we all enjoy and i hope you all love it as much as we do……please subscribe ❤

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Video Transcription

ah today we’re going to be making up a
loaf of pumpkin cream cheese bread I
feel fall is on its way so I’m kind of
getting inspired to get my baking stuff
out and get myself motivated and get
ready and share it with y’all cuz I
don’t know about y’all but I love the
holidays and when fall gets here it all
comes so let’s go ahead and get this
going here right now here I’m gonna mix
up look my ovens already preheated and
I’m not even ready okay
we’re going to be using in here in this
bowl here I’m gonna be adding in my oil
and my eggs and my sugar and but anyways
in here I have 3/4 cups of white sugar
I have 1/2 of a cup of brown sugar the
way as I go I’m gonna be putting in 3/4
cups of canola oil that’s 3/4 cups of
canola if you don’t have canola
vegetable will work and I’m gonna be
adding in 2 eggs
bring those to room temp guys it gets
blend in better do eggs in here
15 ounce can of pumpkin puree make sure
is pumpkin pureed not pumpkin pie mix
you want the 100 100% can of pumpkin
puree and that’s a 15 ounce can get that
all worked in there all right I have a
teaspoon red barrel good vanilla extract
now where’s my hand towel now
I’m just gonna get this mixed up here
get those eggs and everything broken up
and stirred up well just until you get
it all mixed up alright and this is
basically just your wet mixture
all right got that now here I have 1 and
3/4 cups of all-purpose flour
all right now 2 in here I have a
teaspoon of baking soda
I have 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of pumpkin
spice one teaspoon of cinnamon 1/2 a
teaspoon of nutmeg and 1/2 teaspoon of
salt okay mix that in there actually I
didn’t have this soda there have it in
this one
it’s a teaspoon of baking soda and just
mix that all up
and then we’ll be adding this to our wet
and get you a a loaf pan ready like a
nine by five or so that’s what I’m going
to use a loaf pan get this all mixed up
okay bring this back over here now I’m
gonna add my dry to my way and this
comes together quick if you get
everything out and prepare yourself to
get it going
I’m so excited Falls almost e-rate you
guys but anyways one of my favorite
word’s but anyways I’m gonna get this
mixed up I don’t want to overmix at this
point and I’m gonna add in maybe I’m
actually gonna use my spoon what did I
do with it this
I’m gonna add in maybe a third of a cup
or so of golden raisins you can use
regular old good raisins but this is
what I had on hand some golden raisins
I’m putting in a third of a cup you can
go for a half a cup or even a cup just
depends on what you’re feeling you don’t
got to put none if you don’t wanna
sometimes two I’ll add some pecans or
some walnuts to it so feel free to do
that if you have any those are really
good too but I’m out so I’m just doing
my reason sometimes I won’t put none of
it just my pumpkin and my cheese that’s
it you know that’s what a lot of people
like but feel free to add in whatever
you want basically you know but that’s
about it that’s stirred in don’t want to
overwork it just until it’s mixed and
that’s mixed so I’m get my pan which I
boiled up or spray I like mine oiled for
me I’m old school that’s how I’ve always
done it so I’m gonna oil I got my pan
oil I’m gonna pour this in there and
then I’m gonna get my cheese mixture
mixed up but let me get this in the pan
all right I had to change my pan out I
noticed that one I was using had a
little like a warp bubble on the bottom
I don’t want you uneven loaf so I had to
switch that out but I think I did bring
it up I’m using the 9 by 5 by 3 pan you
can use you know a smaller but if you
use a smaller one your oven time is
gonna be different with this but it’s
usually 45 minutes to an hour you’re
gonna bake it you know test it with a
toothpick if it comes up clean it’s done
it is still gonna be you’re still gonna
see a little residue on your your bread
because it is somewhat moist you know
its moist so you’re gonna see some
moisture on that toothpick but 45
minutes to an hour it’s ready okay so
here I have an 8 ounce brick of cream
cheese and I have 1/3 cup of powdered
sugar I’m gonna add a teaspoon of
vanilla to that it’s a teaspoon of
vanilla and one egg
something like that cheesecake topping
but not quite but what I’m gonna do is
get this all mixed up just mix it up
until it’s smooth and I’m gonna pour
this over top now I should have
mentioned it I mean you can do it this
way but try to get your powdered sugar
and your cream cheese mixed in first
then your eggs it just gets the lumps
out you don’t got to keep beating it
with that egg in there but just get it
pretty smooth get most of the lumps out
of there I can’t wait to start smelling
it cook up yummy I like to have it in
the morning with my coffee all right I’m
gonna doll up this gently over top of
this pumpkin loaf and that won’t get it
spread out evenly and put it in the oven
preheated oven at 350 and like I said
you’re looking for 45 to 60 minutes an
hour in the oven or until your toothpick
comes out fairly clean and then just
spread this gently you don’t want to
smash it in the UH you don’t want to
smash it into the pumpkin mix so gently
spread it out and get it into your 350
degree oven middle rack
all right Joel I took it out this took
almost 75 minutes I have I forgot I did
get a different oven since the last time
I made this and I don’t know it’s in the
beginning I think I said I’m not sure if
I said 45 minutes to an hour but it was
supposed to bend 55 minutes to an hour
but this oven took 70 to 75 minutes so
just keep an eye on it like I said it
you are gonna have some moisture in here
because of the pumpkin and stuff and
that’s gonna tighten up after it’s set
so don’t think it’s raw so give it at
least 65 minutes to 70 minutes of
cooking let it sit and we’ll get it out
of the pan all right I let it cool maybe
20 minutes in the pan and just kind of
went around the pan you know with a
knife so nothing so it doesn’t stick I
would advise you guys if you could get
you a like this one it’s a nonstick this
is oldest of my momís but get you a
nonstick it just slips right out you can
see the clean bottom I have on that
or maybe the disposable aluminum wants
but just make sure they’re at least a 9
by 5 but we’re gonna let that cool and
get it sliced up and y’all can see the
finished product
I’m sorry for beginners that may not
know what I done I just took this I just
put I flipped it over on this I put this
cooling rack on top of the you can see
the little marks there from this here
just put it over it flip it out and then
just flip it back onto this here if you
have a nonstick that should work well
for you but those ones that are all
aluminum and nonstick they they can
stick to it so like I said get you maybe
the disposable ones are a good nonstick
and you’ll be rewarded for it because
it’s just easier to flip it out because
you get that pretty slice and it comes
you know and I like to individually wrap
them in little sandwich bags and it
holds moisture and they’re really good
that way
slice it all up and bag them up for
people on the go like my husband and the
kids in school whatever their lunches
they’re already bagged up and ready in
the fridge so we’ll let that cool and
get them bagged up
there it is guys I finished it up I
sliced it up I’m not stingy I sliced him
in big ol thick slices but um I got me a
piece here the tail end and I started
eating on this sucker let me tell you
it’s delicious especially coming fog
just brings all the flavor
mm-hmm that you guys please
give it a try let’s try to zoom in a
little see that cheese how it’s just
baked right on top
no you couldn’t you can smear the cheese
with half the batter if you want cheese
in the middle of your bread and then
pour the rest of the batter over the
cheese half the batter on the bottom
then your cheese in the middle and then
put your rest to your batter on top and
you’ll have the cheese in the middle but
I like it on top so but anyway there it
is I hope you guys enjoy it please like
and subscribe as always John next time
we’ll see you guys later and I thank you
so much for watching have a birthday

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