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my favorite part of Falls pumpkin spiceespecially pumpkin bread it not onlytastes good but it smells amazing todayI’ll be showing you how to make pumpkinbread I’ll show you the materials weneed and the steps to take to make thispumpkin bread the ingredients you willneed are one and a half six butterunsalted is best two cups all-purposeflour two cups of sugar 1/2 teaspooniodized salt 1/2 teaspoon baking powder1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoonground cloves 1 teaspoon baking soda 1TSP ground nutmeg 1 15 ounce can ofLibby’s pumpkin or pure pumpkin and twoeggs preheat your oven to 325 degreesyou also need to make sure that youroven rack is in the middle positionnext you need to grease 2 loaf pans itdoesn’t really matter which size you usemine are different sizes now that wehave greased our pants we can set theseaside in a medium bowl combine bakingsoda salt cinnamon baking powder clovesnutmeg and flourfor the next part you’ll need anelectric mixer you can either use astand-up or the handheld I’m gonna use ahandheld just because it’s easier now Ineed to soften the butter you couldleave this out for like an hour or twoand it would soften but it’s a loteasier just to put it in the microwavefor like ten second now that the butteris softened a little bit we will putthis into the bowl then we will put intwo cups of sugar we are going to beatthis together on medium speednext add eggs one at a time and you beatafter each onethe next step is to put the pumpkin innow gradually add in the dry ingredientsinto the pumpkin mixturenow get me pans that we set aside andpoured the batter into the pans now putthese in the oven for 65 to 75 minutesI’m gonna put mine in for 75 Alexa set atimer for 65 minutes now that they arebaking I was telling my tips my firsttip is that since this recipe makes twoloaves and if you only make want to makeone you can split all the measurementsin half so for example instead of using2 cups of flour just used 1 cup of flourmy second tip is that once they come outof the oven stick either a knife or atoothpick in the middle of the loaves tosee how done they are if it comes outclean that means it’s ready and youdon’t have to put it in for longer butif it comes out like not clean withstill some batter on it then you can putit in for 1 to 3 more minutesnow that they’ve come out the oven Iwill insert a toothpick to see if theyare ready or notwhen they’re ready the toothpick shouldcome out clean like this now I’m goingto let these cool in the pans for aboutten minutes and then I’ll put them ontoa wire rack to cool completely in thisspeech I have taught you how to make thebest wall treat pumpkin bread now it’syour turn to make it I hope you like itas much as I do

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