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how to make pudding bread, (buding de pan).

how to bake pudding bread.
como hacer buding de pan.

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Video Transcription

hello friends welcome back again to mychannel which I’m going to change thisyou’re saving about again I am chef douFrancisco welcome back today we aregoing to make some pudding breadFilipino style so I’m not for the peanutbutter you know all right what we’regonna do first is I’ll show you think wethis as always we got some brown breadwe have some evaporated milk some Welookay which means sweetened condensedmilk but some huevos three some oil Igot some frying oil all right we’regonna bake but it’s okaywe can fry it no problem same way okaythen here some vanilla you have somebaking powder some cinnamon okay we havesome raisins here already in some watersbecause we need to put in make them alittle bit soft for about 10 minutes sodoes be a prepared okay we have thesugar as always like a rock alright forthe taste of we’re gonna use both a bigbowl which is okay and of course whatI’m gonna cook it and something to mixit with goes here we go we’re gonnastart with some bread alright we’regoing to make it to lift on this to besits like this just throw it in theright you can do one or two slices ofit doesn’t matter it’s not going to becoding on the belly right just rememberto do the Hopis because it is so good ohyeah you can make a little pieces bigpieces it doesn’t matter you can makethe perfect square cut this and cut itinto little pieces and cut it anotherpieces it doesn’t matter because inthere okay everything all right thenbecause we got to put two kinds of thisif I create a milk into this bowl righthere right so I’m gonna finish doingthis and never put them up away the milkthe two cans and also this cannot smellall rightall kinda go here we’re gonna put threeeggs that we want to mix it all in hereeverything I hear it’s going to go righthere I’m gonna show you okay here we gowe’re ready now we got other bread hereokay and hold back now we’re going toput an operator milk hereit’s like milking the cow like this yougotta milk it milk the cow squeeze itsqueeze it squeeze some more squeezingafter they’re done we’re gonna put thatcondensed milk[Music]and do you know what to do if there’ssomething leftovers like this you’relike yeah sugar is sugar now as alwayswe gotta beat the eggs get it get allright I thought we defeated like MichaelJackson did we’re gonna put it righthere I know what you do when somethingis left you leave it alone no way I’mgonna eat that so here is the butter wemelted in it so we can mix it you don’twant hard cold butter you can mix thatso mmmthat’s what it’s going for okayI don’t know what we’re gonna do becausewe still got more things to go in thereall right we’re gonna use half a cup ofoil I don’t think you should use oliveoil because it’s much too strong yousome canola corn oil right Satan hey soalright the baking power we have to usea quarter of a teaspoon or because we’regonna bake that’s why it’s called babypowerit’s not called fire powder right we’regonna use a quarter of the vanilla hmmthe cinnamon I mean cinnamon 1/4 andthere you go so now we’re gonna mix itall I don’t know let’s try it with afork beat it beat it beat it beat it allI want to do is beat it yeah beat itbeat it all right top your back until Ifinish doing this okayso I see you could tell it mixed italready up this good that’s ready sugarlook this this can be hard me you got tomake a salt yeah this is how you make asalt ha ha hasee how many little salt away all rightwe’re gonna mix this into herethen we have to take away the water fromthe raisins there are ready here racismall right now we’re gonna mix it we’lltry this one if not you can use this[Music]all right the bread becomes a smallerit’s not fluffy anymoremake sure everything’s there oh yeah onemore thing I forgot it’s one cup okay ofthe raisins and one cup of this sugarthe brown sugar all right I’ll be rightback when all this is done thank youhello go still there in the last stepyou’re gonna put all of this right hereand now it’s about half of what you wantokay of how deep it isyou don’t want that went to a top wespread ityou don’t want to go the winter – uhstop okay because then it’s just believeplay okay you don’t want to click comeover to the side okaybut just in case just got bubbles gas atthe bottom make sure there’s no bubblesokay goodnow you got extra no problem that’s whyyou always have a secondary okay spreadit spread it yeah you got spread againyou got out there out the gas yeahall right so now that we’re done we’regonna put it in the oven it’s going tobe at 375 degrees for about 35 minutesyou know you go it check it’s a littlebit more you know or less but we’re notput in the oven there you go all righthow about put the other one also at thesame time so we’re back with our finalresults baby shark chirp chirp chirphey alrighty we’re back so I would thinkI think is ready just check it out oh ohyes all right what we have to do is trynot to put both top and bottom on onlythe bottom after 35 minutes you see thatit’s readythen you put the top so you’ll be crispyon the top okayall right there we goplease y’all check the F is ready hmmyes it is look not the stuff all rightyso when we come back we’re gonna cut inlittle pieces all right I hear with thatthe last step okay it’s cool we got theshank yeah we’re gonna try that as youcan see you see see inside you thatdelicious with the reason as huh hmm noit’s warmoh yeah I like how this will turn outwell Kenny so for now thank you forcoming to my channel again love youdon’t forget to subscribeputtin down there for notifications and

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