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How to Make No Sugar Added Banana Bread? Banana bread is one of those rare treats that is good anytime of the day — it makes a delicious breakfast, a go-to dessert, and a tasty snack throughout the day. If you have dietary restrictions or are just trying to limit your sugar intake, though, you may have a hard time finding banana bread that you can eat. Fortunately, you can make a delicious sugar-free version at home that will satisfy your craving. The key is using naturally sweet ingredients, such as honey and cinnamon, so you don’t miss the lack of sugar as much as you might think.
Place your oven rack in the center. To ensure that your banana bread bakes evenly, your oven rack must be in the right position. Arrange it so it’s in the center of the oven to ensure that it receives equal heat from above and below. If you forget to adjust the rack until after you’ve preheated the oven, make sure to use potholders or oven mitts to handle it.

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00:30 Place your oven rack in the center
00:49 Preheat the oven
01:10 Grease a loaf pan

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