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How To Make Nacho French Bread Pizza By Rachael

All the best nacho fixings make for tasty toppings on Rach’s Nacho French Bread Pizza.

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Video Transcription

Nacho pizza.
(audience oohing)(air whooshing)
So,for every French bread pizza,par-toast lightly the French bread itself,so it’s extra crispy before you put your toppings onso it won’t get soggy in the middle.While it’s still warm, rub the garlic into the breadso it has that beautiful garlic flavor.This is just canned refried beans.I buy spicy vegetarian refried beans.I add a fresh jalapeno and onion and some garlic,cook it down, add water, the canned beans.Then to that, I season it up with a little cuminand a little Tabasco or Frank’s Red Hot.And you can see those bits of cooked jalapeno in there.Really good.This is delicious bean dip too by the way.You could just put it out with chipsand a pot of queso cheese on the side.But today, we’re making a French bread pizza with it.Now, I have Mexican chorizo.
(pan clattering)Mexican chorizo, okay, is raw.Spanish chorizo is cooked.You still cook with itbut you can eat it right out of the package.You cannot eat Mexican chorizo out of the package.You must cook it, just heads up there.And they make it in pork or beef.By request, Jeanette Dewey asked for pork Chorizo today.Yeah baby!And then we’re gonna top thatwith cheddar and pepper jack for our cheeses.(audience clapping)Spicy pepper jack.(audience oohing)
Yeah!That’s a crazy meat lovers pizza right there,I tell you that.
(air whooshing)Here is our nacho french bread pizza.And we’re gonna top him with home-made or store boughtpico de gallo, this is home-made pico de gallo.Mmm, yeah!Okay and then of course, some guacamole.(audience oohing)I know, I know, I know!Okay and for me, I have to havesome pickled jalapenos on them boys.Yes I do.A little sour cream.I know no matter what,the food is gonna be good!(audience cheering)
(chimes tinkling)(chimes tinkling)

4 Replies to “How To Make Nacho French Bread Pizza By Rachael

  1. Rachel you awesome, recipes I am going to start doing them on my channel thank you for sharing you are absolutely amazing Love the French bread pizzas

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