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How to Make Naan at Home Uyghur Home Made Naan Bread Recipe Katlama Naan, Nan, Nah, Nae, Nunn, Nane

What do you know about Uyghur food Naan recipe? It’s also called nunn,nane,nan,nah,nae. Naan in Uyghur means bread. Uyghur naan is also one of the most popular halal street food in central asia.

Naan is one of the most important daily life hand made food for the Uyghur people. How to make naan bread at home? How we Uyghur people make home made Naan?
There are lots of Naan recipes in each Uyghur family. In this video I will show you one of my favorite Grandmothers handmade, nourishing simple naan bread recipe, we call it KatlamaNaan.

In the future I will make different recipes but for now I show you the basic one with witch you can experiment as much as you like, so hier we go.

Recipe for 2-3 people
katlamanaan dough:
white flour 320
salt 1g
warm water 2dl

katlamanaan stuffing:
fat lamb 350g
white onion 1x about 153g
salt 2g
cumin 2g
white pepper 2g
black pepper 1g

beans thread 100g
vinegar 1dl
carrots2x about 470g
white onion 1x about 103 g
scallion 1x
one a bulb of garlic
sweet red pepper 56g
hot red chili pepper 17g
coriander 10g
radish 206g

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Original of the video here

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