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How To Make John Bread -Velvet’s Kitchen #2

Kelompok 2
Ayen Sephia Dhani
Dewi Eliza Putri
Elsha Wati Siburian
Kelas XII MIA 3

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]welcome to cooking channel in thekitchen we are going to hear about howto make your bread before that we willtalk in surah ourselves hello everyonemy name is pensive attorney you can callme alhi I’m Nene hi my name is Hamza courierskeep for watching the first two pitcheswhite breadthe next chicken Big Macs on yo the nextdose every lap Thankswe can it get worse a piece of sub thenecks of flooring and the last[Music]- ketchupsee yourself in the last[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]right with a baseball my innocence[Music][Music][Music]and then set aside[Music][Music][Music]bring Holly and Greta Cheerscook under it a small funjust apply some pressure and then youseal it offreschedule bill in half like this[Music][Applause][Music]brian is on stage with me and already[Music][Music][Music][Music]then get the little sauceright[Music]to the side but it’s no use[Music][Music]then press one more month of warning[Music]in the rain[Music][Music]set it in[Music]

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