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Have you ever wanted to make homemade bread but were intimidated by it? Today I will show you how to make it step by step.
Homemade White Bread

2 cups of water
1 Tablespoons of Yeast
1/2 Tablespoon of salt
HALF OF 1/3 cup of oil ( I use Vegetable oil)
HALF OF 1/3 cup of honey
5-6 cups of bread flour

Pour water into mixer and add yeast. (NO NEED TO PROOF) Add in 2 cups of flour, salt, oil and honey. (Add everything right into the mixer, DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE SALT RUINING THE YEAST, IT WON’T)
mix ingredients and add in 2 more cups of flour. Let mix in and add in 1 cup of flour. If needed, add in up to 1 more cup of flour. Dough should pull away from the bowl and not be sticky.

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Video Transcription

he does require yeast and you will needto let your dough rise but I promise youthat in the end it’ll be worth it solet’s get baking the nice thing withthis recipe you can just add everythinginto the mixer don’t worry about thesalt ruining the yeast and all that youdo not need to proof the yeast we’rejust gonna add everything in and thenwe’re gonna let it rise so let’s add ourwater in now we’re gonna add our yeast 1tablespoon in my measuring cup I havehalf of 1/3 cup of oil and half of 1/3cup of honey if you put the oil in firstit will prevent the honey from stickingto the measuring cup so we’re just goingto pour that inI’m going to add in two cups of breadflour and now I’m going to add in half atablespoon of salt I’m using kosher saltjust going to sprinkle that on I’m gonnaput the lid on my mixer and we’re gonnaturn it on low I like to start out onlow to give it time to get everythingmixed together and then I’ll turn it upwith my mixer[Music][Applause][Music]so now we’re at four cupsokay let’s take a look you can see thedough is still wet which I already knowI have to add about two more cups offlour in I’m going to add one and a halfcupsI’m gonna let this get incorporated andthen we will receive means morelet’s check out our job as you can seeit’s pulled away from the sides I’mgoing to add a little bit more flourbecause it is still sticky just a littlebit though we don’t want to go over thatfine edge of having too much flour[Music]youso is ready we have a bowl we’re justgonna put a little bit of oil in itlet’s just roll our dough in the oil getit all around the side so it doesn’tstick so let’s cover it and let it riseour dough has risen so we’re gonna getour pans ready so that we can put thedough in them I like to put a baggie onmy hands and just get a little bit ofbutter on here we’re just gonna rub iton the sides and then on the bottom youjust want to like coat on it you don’twant it to make the bread soggy thiswill just help it it’s just not stickI’m also gonna do a pull-on loaf whichis a longer kind of like a bread thatyou would buy in the store so it hasthis and it has a cover on it and itsimply gets slid on top makes the breadflat on top so I’m gonna do that I’mgonna butter the inside[Applause]you can get these pans on Amazon I’llput a link in the description I am NOTan affiliate for Amazon so anything Ilink in the description boxI do not earn anything off of I have noincentive for you to buy it I’m justoffering you suggestions on what I useand then we’re also going to do the tophere and get in the grooves because thebread will stick to the top so you wantto make sure that you get it in thislittle groove here because as you’retrying to pull it off the bread it willstick I’m just getting the edges reallygood and the top I flipped my bread outI’m just gonna cut this since I’m doingone Pullman loaf and I’m doing onesmaller pan I’m gonna cut this down Iset that aside so this will be thePullman loaf so you’re just gonnaflatten it out try to form a rectanglethat’ll make it easierokay so we’re gonna roll this up and asyou go make sure you spread these out sothat it’s even keep rolling it up andwhen you get to the end you’re gonnawant to pinch the ends here to get themto combine and then just come out kindof grab it and just kind of give it ashake you want that seem to stay closedso we’re gonna flip it back over justbunch it up a little bit I’m gonna getmy pullman pan and gonna look at thelength so this is kind of curved on theedge here I’m gonna trim that off I likehaving the nice even edges so I’m justgonna I’ll put that in with my otherloaf and then we’re gonna look to seehow much needs to come off this side soit’s gonna go in so we’ll cut off thislittle nub at the end we’re gonna put itin our panwe’re gonna cover this and it’s gonnarest and let it run now we’re gonna doour smaller loaf I have my pan here so Ihave this piece of dough I have thesetwo little nubs just put them in themiddle here and I’m gonna do the samething we’re gonna just flatten it outI’m gonna roll it up I’m gonna tuck itin tightjust pinch give it a little Rocking okayflip it over scrunch it up and thenwe’re going to put it in our panwe’re gonna cover this up and let itriseokay guys our bread is done look at thatbeautynow that our bread is done you want totake it out of the loaf pan and put iton a rack because if you leave it in thepan it will get soggy on the bottom fromthe steam and the heat so we’re justgonna flip it out you’re gonna turn itover and then we’re gonna brush the topwith butter and it’s gonna give it thatnice Sheen look how gorgeous that looksOh guys this is gonna be so good to haveour chicken sandwiches tonight now ifyou’re not sure whether or not yourbread is done you can take thetemperature and you want it to be ahundred and ninety degrees but usuallyyou can tell when it’s done when it hasthat golden crust on topyouthanks for watchingyou


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