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How to make french Baquette / French bread / Roti perancis / roti tongkat

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French Baquettes / Roti Tongkat

* 150g high protein flour glutten free
*1/2 tsp yeast
*1/2 tsp sea salt
*150g cool water
* 20g warm water

* Put yeast into warm water , mix well and rest in 15minutes
* Combined salt , flour and add in the yeast.
* Stir it around, add in cool water, keep stirring and adding water as needed
* stir it well then cover with cloth and rest it in greased bowl on warm place for 1 hour
* Take cloth out, and cover it with plastic and rest in refrigerator min 6 hours
* Slowly take it out from a greased bowl. Then divide it into 2 parts.
* Knead it slowly and shape like ball and cover it for 30 minutes.
*Take it on table, gentlely knead it and bend it long like stick
* place it gentlely on cloth and cover it well . Let it rest for 1 hours. Then bake it 250c with 30 minutes.
* When it done , put butter on top bread.
* Ready to be served with creamy soup .

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