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How to Make EGG in BREAD Simple Quick Breakfast recipe

How to Make Egg in Bread. It’s simple and quick to prepare and makes an ideal breakfast or when you’re feeling a bit peckish. Serve it with some bacon or sausages and you will have something really tasty.

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Video Transcription

hi guys gonna be cooking egg in bread
it’s simple quick and it’s perfect for
breakfast or just a lovely snack now to
make this all you’re gonna need is some
thick slices of bread any bread one
large or medium egg per slice a little
bit of butter tiny amount of oil and a
little bit of salt for seasoning the egg
now to start with simply cut a hole in
the middle of the bread you could use a
biscuit cutter maybe a glass or even
just use your fingers the main thing is
make sure the hole is big enough to
accommodate the egg butter both sides of
the bread and now we’re ready go let’s
pour grab a nonstick frying pan and
place on a low heat add the butter bread
and cook for the first side for about
one minute and then flip over the bread
add a tiny amount of oil in the middle
of the hole crack an egg into the hole
season the egg with a little bit of salt
and then cook for about two minutes on
this side really you want to cook until
the whites of the egg are just starting
to firm up slightly because we need to
flip it over then carefully using a
spatula flip your bread over add a tiny
amount of oil to the pan and if you can
just lift up the bread slightly tilt the
pan so the oil runs underneath the egg
now by doing that it should help to
prevent the egg from sticking to the pan
cook the egg for about one minute
depending how you like your egg you can
push down very gently on the yolk to get
the egg just right whether you like it
firm or slightly soft mine I’m hoping is
going to be slightly soft then serve
yours up now just to show you actually
cut my guy open look at that beautiful
nice and runny just how I like it
also you could add serve yours up with a
little bit of bacon and enjoy thanks for
watching my video don’t forget to
subscribe leave the comments ring the
bell and share this video because it
tastes yummy going going gone

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