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Video Transcription

how to make your fried banana bread also
known as plantain bread I will call it
fried banana bread because the word
banana makes more sense to people and
yeah I know that people like to eat
bread when they have that small hunger
so this is definitely one of those
informations that is beneficial for
people who do not want to eat bread full
of wheat yeast
lactose milk and all that jazz
you know the game so what are the
ingredients needed to make your 100%
organic fried bread you will need the
three fried bananas you will need three
eggs we will also add four teaspoons of
almond powder we will add one teaspoon
of baking soda we will add one teaspoon
of baking powder and in the video we
will add one teaspoon of salt
but you can add salt based on your own
preference okay regarding the gadgets
that are needed to make this bread
happen you will need a deep plate also
known as deep mold then you will also
need the the mold that goes inside the
oven a metallic one we will need a mash
up machine so that we can mash up the
fried bananas eggs and all the rest of
the ingredients mix together and of
course you will need baking paper so all
of these will be gone through one by one
step-by-step in the video itself so
embrace yourself get ready to make your
100% organic fried banana bread also
known as plantain bread
you will like this for sure so it’s
pretty much the same as we did with the
lime cake so what we’re going to do
first is that we’re gonna put the oven
and it was the same as with the lime
cake 180 degrees or writing we are now
going to slice the plantains also known
as fried bananas we are going to slice
them and put them inside here and we
will match them up with three eggs yeah
so as you can see as you can see we are
now finishing slicing the frog bananas
also known as plantain what we’re gonna
do next
is that we are going to mix the
plantains or fried bananas with organic
organic eggs three of them so anyway as
you can see the plantain also known as
fried bananas and the three eggs now
they are all here on the mold and we are
going to match them up with the mash up
all right now I’m just to give some post
so as you can see now we are adding four
teaspoon of almond powder on top of the
plantains and the three eggs
alright so add salt depending on your
own personal taste baking powder one
alright one teaspoon of baking powder
and 1 teaspoon you will carbonate baking
so as you see we are mixing the mashed
up bananas mashed up eggs mixed with
almond powder mixed with baking soda
organic baking soda and organic baking
house and all of them as you can see are
mixed your bare hand you can do machine
as well yeah you know you can also
actually with the massive machine so now
cover the metallic cake move with the
baking paper
oh all right so
you can please lactose-free you spread
completely organic
here we go let it cool for 10 or 15
minutes then we can slice nice

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