Bread Recipes


Wholemeal flour 350g
Plain flour 100g
3tbsp oats
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt

Topping:pumkin seeds, seasem seeds (optional) and some oats

Wet ingredients :
3tbsp of sunflower oil
1tbsp honey
400ml buttermilk
1 egg

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Video Transcription

today we’re going to make so bright soda
bread and here’s simple ingredients that
you will find in your kitchen will get
flour 350 grams flour which is three
tablespoons of organic oats one teaspoon
of baking soda and one teaspoon of salt
and some topics and one Anki
let’s start our procedure so first we’re
going to add the spilt plain flour and
sift which grow with baking soda and
salt and serve it well
and next we’re gonna add the roll Muller
and then we’re gonna add the oats and
then we’re going to mix it well until
it’s well combined moving on to the wet
ingredients first we’re gonna add one
mix well
now we’re going to fight this first
we’re gonna make a hole in between the
flour then we’re gonna add the wet
ingredients and now we’re going to mix
it this dough should look sleepy and
sticky like this now we’re going to put
some water on top for nice golden crisp
and then next we’re going to add this
and sprinkles on top puppets who can see
eat sesame seeds and suppose

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