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Video Transcription

hello everybody Ganon here we’re back in
my kitchen and today we are actually
making a dessert for WFC today fall is
here it’s very pretty outside I went to
a farmers market today and I bought like
apples and jam and like squash and I’m
just feeling very festive so I wanted to
make a warm dessert because it’s
starting a little bit chilly outside I
love fall and I also love the food that
comes with fall so today we’re going to
be making a like a peach bread pudding
type thing if you’ve never had bread
pudding it’s basically french toast
that’s baked in a pan and it gets a
little bit yield and all the flavors
should kind of melt together and it’s
really warm and soft and inviting and
I’m really excited to make it so first
thing we’re going to do I have my oven
over here set to 350 degrees I think
that’s like an appropriate baking
temperature first thing you’re gonna
need it for everybody is yearning me at
least is serving that I’m making to
event by the way everything that you’re
going to need will always be on your
screen like I usually do but I’m gonna
be taking this whole thing of Texas
toast this is a pretty cheap dessert too
nothing fancy like pie filling at the
store is always super cheap
I think this Texas toast was like a
little bit over a dollar so you’re gonna
be taking your toast and you’re gonna be
coming over here to your baking tin and
you’re just going to I like to do that
kind of like rip it in threes and you’re
gonna be putting your toasts just around
that pan you know like you really just
don’t give a
kotori’s down there that’s our new
doctor Tori she’s a sweetheart but yeah
you’re gonna be ripping this like
randomly like you really just don’t give
a about this bread you just want to
put it in the pan
because it’s just gonna be made into a
pudding rip these ones in half make them
like bigger pieces I’m really smashing
it down there I want this to have a lot
of layers make these some small pieces
so yeah I do it however you like however
you want because at the end of the day
you just want all these layers to win
this bakes in the oven to just kind of
fall on themselves and make it pretty
delicious make sure the corners that’s a
little bit important that the corners
over here are filled in leave a little
pat down looks beautiful to me that is
actually picture-perfect if I do say so
now we’re gonna put that aside because
that’s our bread base for the bread
pudding and now we’re going to make the
yummy delicious stuff normally like when
you’re making a french toast or
something you know you’ll do eggs milk
or sugar cinnamon and then you’ll just
plop the toast there plop it in a
buttered pan that’s kind of like how
french toast is we’re basically doing
the same thing except we’re putting it
in a bowl or maybe mixing it and then
we’re going to be putting it on top of
our bread pudding so like I said it’s
definitely just french toast in a pan so
first thing we’re gonna do is I’m gonna
add our milk into there using a vanilla
almond milk and we want a decent amount
I’d say that’s about like you know like
two cups or something maybe then we’re
gonna be adding our egg in here and I’m
going to pour that in there emulsifier
maybe a little bit more now we’re gonna
be having some more imitation vanilla to
this a little bit of a splash or ooh
that seems appropriate for the serving
that we’re trying to make there’s the
lid alright now that I finally got this
lid off we’re gonna be adding in you
know we’re going to douse the top of
this so that it’s like covered in nutmeg
is enough and then we’re going to do the
same thing with cinnamon I’m going to
kind of approximate the measurements as
I usually do when I type it out later
but I’m kind of winging this when I’m
making this I’ve actually never made a
lot of these recipes that I’ve made on
WFC before so in the video I’ll probably
just kind of be feeling my measurements
because that’s what I usually do in the
kitchen but I’ll give you guys like an
appropriate approximation later for
those of you who are kind of a little
bit uncomfortable around and that is
like exactly what this should look like
from what I know I’ve brought bread
pudding this is looking like a very
appropriate bread pudding mixture all
right and the last thing I’m going to be
putting in here is a ton of
processed sugar like a ton because
that is what makes a dessert good if you
guys ever make desserts at home and
you’re thinking to yourself damn like
why isn’t this is like fires
when I get it at a bakery or are just
somewhere where they like so were like
really nice desserts at restaurants or
anything like why is it as good as that
it’s probably because those places
aren’t scared to put in a lot of the
good stuff there we go that looks good
that looks like a lot of processed sugar
is because it is that’s how you make
something good you put a lot of sugar
and fat in it so when you go out and you
pay good money for those restaurant
frayed expensive desserts it’s because
those people are definitely not afraid
to put a lot of fat and sugar to make it
taste good for you the consumer and that
what I’m doing here at home I’m putting
a ton of sugar in this mixture
because I want this bread pudding to be
delicious and decadent on this beautiful
all day
Troy thank you good smell that already
um very happy without smelling I think
it doesn’t need a little bit more
cinnamon there we go
oh dude there’s a whisk right here
I should be whisking this I’m a dumbass
yeah here with this if you have a
whisk use it I didn’t notice the whisk
until now because everything alright
that seems like it’s done I’m gonna pat
down my bread I’m going to now oh also
first thing I think I should do before
putting in the mixture I wanted to put
the peach Python here maybe I’ll take a
couple pieces of bread off and then put
them back on over the pie filling yeah
that’s what I’ll do so I’m going to open
this can of pie filling
look at that actually I own it take some
more out because I want this like to
really like go throughout the the bread
pudding so I’m actually gonna rearrange
this a little bit and I’m going to you
know spoon this pie filling wrap this
bread pudding
alright that looks appropriate to me
pretty one spread on and then on top of
that I’m going to put some of the bread
that I’ve taken off and we’re going to
put that in there I am going to just
smash this down with my hands I’m sorry
if this isn’t too pretty but this is
what I got to do to get the job done you
feel all right now you’re just gonna
want to give your mixture a quick stir
before you pour it over this see I have
this little flexible bowl so I think
what I’m gonna do here is um just make
it sure it gets over everything I might
have a little bit left over I think I
probably did plan on making a little bit
too much mix but that’s perfectly fine
seems like an appropriate amount of
moisture I don’t think I’m going to pour
any more in Troy I think I’m gonna let
that kind of fall down there seems like
it’s very well moisturized alright guys
so I have just noticed that I’ve done
something a little bit wrong
I did not butter my pants at all
I didn’t butter that pan at all
so I’m going to do is take this butter
cuz I saw this butter sitting over here
and I thought I was just like I did
fires panel so what I’m going to attempt
to do by fixing this is put this butter
along the edge of the pan right here so
it runs down the edges and hopefully
so that I could get it out of this pan
later all right yeah I know that right
there does seem like an appropriate
amount now we’re going to take this and
we’re going to put in the oven and
another thing that I’m kind of doing
wrong right here is that I should be
covering this in foil you definitely
need to cover a bread pudding or
something or putting in the oven I don’t
want to run to the store because I’m
lazy so we’re just going to be putting
this as kind of a lower low no this
isn’t even a low temperature this is the
appropriate temperature I’m going to be
putting in the oven at 350 and we’re
going to be putting this bitch in there
for a whole hour yes a whole hour and
again like a lot of the things I make on
the fly this doesn’t really look that
good right now but I promise you when
this popper is done I think it might
look good I’m not gonna confidently say
that it will because I really don’t
know but I think it’s gonna look
good and I think it’s going to taste
delicious so in about an hour we’re
going to be making our caramel liqueur
sauce and we’re gonna be putting some
chopped pecans in there and that’s gonna
be drizzled on top of the bread pudding
when it’s done we’re going to be topping
it with a delicious peanut butter ice
cream and this is just gonna be a good
dessert so we will be right back and I’m
looking for to it alright guys we’re
back and it’s been an hour now I will
tell you normally when you’re cooking
this you’re going to wrap it like I said
you’re going to cook it for about 45
minutes and then take it out unwrapped
and then cook it for about you know the
rest of the hour or maybe longer if you
think it needs a little bit more brown
on top as you can see up here I do have
that some sugar just in a pan that’s
heating up I just put it down but I’m
going to be getting the bread pudding
out of the oven Wow look at that right
there that looks absolutely beautiful
right now all right guys this looks like
really good it’s perfectly browned on
top you can see the nutmeg and cinnamon
all there all over the top and the
peaches and everything are cooked
brilliantly so basically what’s going to
make this a pudding now is that after
you’ve cooked it and baked and
everything you’re going to put it in the
fridge and you’re going to let it
completely cool all the moisture in
there is going to congeal the bread a
little bit so that it all mixes together
and all those flavors meld and it’s
delicious and then it’s going to be like
a nice pudding texture when it’s
completely cooled so we’re putting that
the fridge that’s probably going to be
there for like an hour or two right up
there in our beautiful organized Ridge
that I just cleaned and with that guys
we are going to now start making our
topping right here I have sugar in a pan
that is on high I’m going to wait for
the sugar to start melting into a
caramel and then I’m going to start
having some other ingredients so we will
be back in just a moment
all right now this caramel is starting
to melt pretty nicely in the pan open
this thing of chopped pecans right here
or to put that
and we’re going to start mixing this
together we’re gonna get that ball
coated beautiful caramel pecans get it
down on the heat for sure and the pecans
and make caramel are really gonna
combine here and it’s gonna finish
melting it’s gonna kind of coat this
over here all right now that is really
just like melty and looking delicious so
what I’m going to do now is add some
almond milk to this
adding in is a little bit of Malibu this
coconut liqueur because you need to add
a little bit of core to this they get it
like flavored nicely and then just a
little dab of vanilla flavoring
now we’re going to start
incorporating this together
now that I have this mixed little bit
more incorporated I think the last thing
it needs to just kind of you know make
it so that all this stuff kind of stops
being sticky and annoying on top to kind
of get in there because now you can see
the soft starting to thicken up the
liquor is now going to add in like a
liqueur sorry it’s gonna add in like a
little bit of a undertone to it it’s a
little nice sauce usually you want to do
this look like a bourbon or a whiskey or
something but I thought that coconut
before would be fine alright guys I
think I’m very satisfied with that it’s
bubbling it’s a little bit you know it’s
not thin or anything it’s a little bit
big it’s got a lot of beautiful smells
that for real now that’s all done that
is to my satisfaction we’re going to now
put all this into this bowl let it slide
down in there same thing that we did
with the red pudding now that we’re
doing with the topping we’re just going
to put this into our fridge to fully
cool and that’s gonna hopefully solidify
or get solid or something if I did that
right it should both these things are
still the bread pudding is still warm
from when we put it in here so we’re
gonna come back in about an hour or so
or maybe later tonight I might finish
off the night with the bread pudding but
right now we’re all done that’s all done
the only thing left to do now is to
plate and give it a try so I’ll see ya
maybe in an hour maybe in a couple hours
who knows but for you it’s just to be
the next jump cut I will see you in a
little bit
alright guys we’re back it’s actually
been kind of a hot minute since we
filmed our last clip I just really
wanted everything to cool down and for
the bread pudding be perfect so now
after bread pudding is cool it’s kind of
not a pudding texture I’m gonna take
some of this like delicious topping that
I made yeah I’m just gonna literally
just wipe it off with my finger and just
kind of you know spread that around
right there and we’re gonna put in the
mic what I think with this thing in
their ability to minutes and then our
topping is going to melt and then seep
into the bread pudding the bread pudding
is going to be delicious and warm I’m
gonna put a little bit of ice cream on
top and have some almond dealt with it
it’s gonna be very delicious I cannot
wait to try
and deceivers
all right here we are it’s been in the
microwave for two minutes and I have to
say that melted perfectly and that looks
absolutely gorgeous look at that Troy
that looks like something out of a
like mommy magazine
all right a little tip here peeled
bananas from this side because like
that’s what monkeys do or something in
the cartoons and it’s just easier to do
that way so that’s a little tip I’m
gonna get this big-ass flaccid banana
and I’m gonna you know cut some bananas
up then we slice them mmm
bananas are good all right and the
last thing I’m gonna do is just top it
off BAM
oh that looks so good
all right you know this looks absolutely
delicious I think when to finish
the rest of my matcha almond milk area
this stuff’s delicious put a
little packet of like stevia in there
sweeten it up and it is dangerously good
wow this looks really good Troy
like how did like it what do you like
what do you think of that right there
that’s really good there’s almost no
word yeah Troy’s allergic to cinnamon so
he can’t actually have any of this so
I’m gonna get some of this peach pie
filling some of this ice cream give it a
try right now
Troy that’s delicious
that’s so good unbelievably good I am
sick I’m not even gonna cap right now
I’ve been on fire with these recipes
they just keep on getting better and
better man it was a beautiful fall day
out this is such an appropriate dish
bread pudding is pretty easy to make and
it just kind of looks impressive to
guests so I would totally recommend to
make it it’s mm-hmm is this so
good anyways yeah I’m definitely
gonna finish the rest of this and
totally schlump and hit the hay but yeah
guys this is a really good recipe thank
you again for watching another episode
of WFC I’ve really been getting good
feedback about this I love that you guys
are liking the cooking videos I love
cooking at home next video I’m gonna do
is a one piece video and that’ll be out
tomorrow if you enjoyed this please
leave a like always leave a comment I
love reading here as comments and with
that guys I’m gonna have to see you in
the next one

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