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Bread Pakora or Pakoda is a street food snack you should definitely try once. It’s made by placing potato mixture between slices of bread and then fried. Do try it at home and let us know in the comments section below. Watch the video to know more.

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Video Transcription

another perfect tea time snack that Ilove is bread pakoramy mother used to make it for me whilegrowing up and this is the same recipethat I’m using obviously a moresimplified version because my mom likesto jazz it up but I don’t so first we’regoing to take a bowl add a little bit ofgram flour that is besan again dependson the quantity the number of breadpakoras you would want to make its mayham look Taurus haldi some red chilipowderSault just add a pinch of baking soda toit and so much winewhich is also known as carom seeds nowI’m going to go ahead and add some waterand we’ll whisk it[Music]take a whisk and make a paste of thebatter now we’re trying to achieve afine consistency basically paste Jessasignature and if you see this is almostready it combined beautifully now thatthe batter is ready we’ll just keep itaside let it rest for a while I’ve got ahot pan ready you take a little bit ofoil and add a little bit of mustardseeds[Music]just add a little bit of him to the oilnow add your mashed potato to it[Music]little bit of salt now mix it well nowwe’ll go ahead and add a little bit ofgaram masala little bit of um chillpowder it’s in like Behati pric cortazzoAthiya which is really nice and tangylittle bit of red chilli and just apinch of Halloween now combine all thespices well with the mashed potato wejust sprinkle a little bit of corianderso we’ll combine all the ingredientstogether and there you go our stuffingis ready to be stuffed in the breadpakoraI have taken my two slices of bread yeahnow just to give a little more flavor tomy bread pakoras I’m gonna go ahead andapply a little bit of coriander chutneyon the slice of the bread this is madeout of coriander and green chillies anda little bit of garlic that’s ready I’llapply the same thing on the other slicenow also another alternative of usingthis is on-the-job up now fillingboniato up same chutney up the fillingmaybe add cuts appear directly in thepan so that can also get well combinedtogether we will take our fillingput it in the middleand just sort of evenly spread it acrossall corners of the breadI’m gonna cover itI’ll cut it into halfso next we’ll take a batter and mix thebread in it make sure it’s well coatedyou want to get it on all sides my oilis already hot here so we’ll go aheadand drop it in the oil similarly we doit with all the other pieces just makesure they’re not sticking to each other[Music]as you can see the bread pakoras are nowready we’ve got a really nice color andthey’re really crisp take them out on anabsorbent paper this soaks all the extraoilagain a really quick home recipe andsuper easy to make you can have thesebread pakoras with ketchup with greenchutney however you like it the breadpakoras are ready to be served enjoythem regardless of the weather you donot need monsoon to enjoy them they’retasty[Music]

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