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How to make bread masala? ബ്രെഡ് ഉപയോഗിച്ച് നമുക്ക് എങ്ങനെ നല്ല അടിപൊളി സ്നാക്ക് ഉണ്ടാക്കാം

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Video Transcription

[Music][Laughter][Music]upon a bread masala key I would see myingredients and they can now comenankatsu career a plate the tender atthe preliminary cherry is a viola shallI tell you a gender a developer Deltathat college her that irony agendaeliminator and homologated Italianagenda and I’m gonna main ingredient inthe beret mother no matter bread Dannernano de lor a Labrador illuminate thetilde na murder is titanium searchembroidered karna Donna you need nomatter masala moderate kuruma Kalinin orday you say in a low or a teaspoon modelover d add a teaspoon monopoly cardteaspoon criminal or Decorah chip I’mgonna be to tell about a chicken marsalaBrianna you say another then I want toenter on the end of a Shona Rose chairthe wreck Anam Cara num number of mysilent dark he came by lately – myvalide mine greater coroner one chanceand a Paganica lonely Podrick and whenJohnny the boiler and device hermanoroasted car I’m gonna roast ga-eun bowlow flame later host am naka eel apatent bread the irony one chancea political a sushi gender by Shambalaprostatic I will check Mediterranean noyou see in – Sheila you neednumber two like am ia masala and thatcome at the middle card I edit thetinder yellow tile schmeyer and I willshow the caramel crystal Oh a littlecome on yeah I know whatever the chimneyand you see another literally on the todrive I remember taking I’m a kilometeradd a new city cannot solve our littleto come now I’m gonna holla on thepaddock article to come are they gonnamother brown color on our end up buddyend up Julia Sawalhaand I’m gonna course were legitimatelyboiler on the mini we can endure nofurther now I should mitral of course ifI might a minute – she might work in themaritime and it up or soup it over withitI’m runaway I tickle – come on eitherone of I done the variable taking I’mlooking to notify chairman of the ideathat would come then I’ll above all Imix a vodka I’m gonna Davina a renderbut tomorrow I’m gonna take another or alittle red even in Sri Lanka down myundoing were taking amicable ordercareer a pillaridea not a bowler I know I took a lookoh no I don’t know anybody taken abackCarly had a little cup I call it avenerable taking I’m cuz I’m at aMetallica it oka I’m not in Aleppo ohlet me say yeah my sorry departureMonaco tomorrow no very malleable it inthe mix a the would carI’m pannonica my on the GT tender inorder to it it and learn in the laternamakaI wish a Maya well I’m I did old car andput at a classhole’ a mile a minute aday the turned out Nomad agree we canfix you a daddy-daughter car pull up alittle pallet severity I’ll show anattendant near the loader noon I’ll pumpon just adding goodie I did the oldcorner we’re now two min ago and I gettomato ketchup Akari the water companynaka external ingredients at the cooterCorky of catch a hat oh you peace Amitanama coupon no link you paka pakateenager- go – come on Lana uni Veronica Mallorybe limited in the number of masala gravyit attend a union amicable order nomatter which are about a slice a chickennot brain-dead it told a cow but okayyou know culture to venom nominalakinatorI didn’t get a locker today order orderBhangra eternal corrugated board andUbuntu and thunder a little more tangledI hired a double to Kawana protest inyour Inlet Anna and what else toiletavoid the other option Alana a la pollalaboratory cannot equal to car when I’moccur the radii a keep it under needleorder culture Miley later become knownokay ask Minamata this have been pale akinematic edge it under up Oh MarlaThiele Patil across to some a Honda I’mgonna be a till Allah Sobhan I’m gonnabundle then the pattern and I come backhere would you snag sauna and let himwrite a little no cuca and lavish doubledome or a poner I put in there Idi Aminokay lark is to putting it like acomment say yeah share a vodka in asupport area thank you

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