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How to make bread 🥖

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Video Transcription

[Music]this is a bread for Barbies but it’ssuper cute things that you will need tomake this amazing toilet paper and waterit’s that simple so I’m going to throwsome at yaready three two one if you caught it hassome more toilet paper here so you’regonna take about two squares take thisand crumble it up into a ball once it’scrumbled you want to still get a littlebit more so that it makes it like wateris basically glue for this project[Music]I need to grab some water from or Isprayed it – turning purple because thewater that I have is sort of purpleyanymore blue perfect I got more bluewell it’s basically water just water Byeah so that you’re gonna make intershape that you want for thisI’m craft you want to press it on thetable if there’s any excess you can takethat off just doesn’t want to be thereyou’re going to mold it all right thisis just not working for me Square andthat way yeah this is working way betteralreadymold it see you’re gonna find a samespot in your table great chill and thenhere gonna press it yeah squeeze and doa triangle you can even take a littlebit off those two squares is a lot likea little bit off because we don’t needthat press it down so it just takes awhile to mold the perfect shapesometimes it takes a while to get theperfect shape okay and now let it dryafter that you can main done let me justwipe off my work surface so I can giveyounigga all this water off I painted itBraham like all acrylic and they don’tthey both say Kraft smart rememberMichaels now ready to be flying on anairplane but it was off-camera I get alittle other sculpting the sculpting iskind of not very fun so yeah it’s thatsuper cool super easy you even do thiswhile you’re traveling to bring some alittle sample of paint you can makethese and sometimes you can do that onthe airplane but make sure you have aprotected work surface and you haveparentsnow parents I’m permission to do this soyeah and we’re gonna see you next timeOh pound it at the crash series[Music]

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