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How to Make Banana Bread

This is a simple recipe for banana bread that always comes up delicious!

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Valencia and this is baking 101today I’m gonna be teaching you an easyrecipe for banana bread I’ve made thisrecipe possible times and always turnsout great they can be use for specialoccasions like birthdays family eventsholidays or even just a random gift toyour friend first I’m gonna start off byshowing you the utensils and then I’mgoing to start off by showing you theingredients let’s get started theutensils you need are a spatula a largebowl a small bowl and a bread pan forthe ingredients you need one and twothirds cup of flour 2/3 cup of sugar 1/2a cup a vegetable a half a teaspoon ofsalt cinnamon and baking soda 2 eggs and2 ripe banana[Music][Music]when your bananas are mashed they shouldhave a pancake batter consistency onceyour bananas are mashed you’re gonnatake your 2/3 cup of sugar oil and eggsand place them in the bowl and stir theingredients once those ingredients aremixed you’re gonna add the remainingingredients to finish off the recipe[Music]and don’t forget vanilla after all ofthe ingredients are placed into the bowlyou’re gonna mix until you see a pancakebatter consistency once again[Music]as you’re mixing you should be able tosmell the bananas cinnamon and sugar allworking togetheronce your ingredients are mixed thenyou’re going to spray your baking panI’m using canola oil but you can alsouse vegetable oil if you like and thenpour the ingredients into a panyouby the time you’re done mixing all theingredients and pouring it into the panyour oven should be preheated so let’stake this bad boys in the oven you’regoing to want to place it in the centerof the rack so it can cook all the waythrough carefully remove the bread panfrom the oven use the oven mitts andplace it on the counter when you’re sureit’s done and that’s how you make bananabread this recipe was adapted from BettyCrocker and 23rd of February is nationalbanana bread day I hope this recipecomes in useful in any country thanksfor watching

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