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Make it more healthy by adding coconut sugar

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to my channel my name’s mixmadness I’ll be showing you how to makethe healthiest banana bread so yes sonothing me waffling these are theingredients you need two eggs you’llneed a hundred grams of sugar to makeextra healthy you’ll need them 140 gramsof whole meal by meal flour 140grams of coconut oil and some vanillaflavoring vanilla sugar and I’m using 3bananas but yeah um means of bakingpowder and I have tray of some sort anda bowl so these are the Greens we’llneed and yeah okay so what I’m gonna dois you want to mix up your bananas witha forkthat’s why I’ve done fast and now I’mgonna put all the dry ingredientstogether in one Bowl j

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