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How to Make Banana Blueberry Bread


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Video Transcription

hi everyone and welcome back to mychannel it’s Geoff Hammil here today I’mgoing to be making everybody’s favoritebanana bread so I don’t know about youguys but I always buy more bananas thanI need and there’s always a few thattend to go bad and get over right tooquickly as you can see right here so Ithought what better way to utilize themthan to make banana bread now sometimesif I don’t have the time to make thebanana bread what I’ll do is I will peelthe bananas put them in a ziploc bag andput them in my freezer for a later dateand when I want to make banana bread Ihave them but today I figured why notshoot a video on how to make this easyrecipe so the recipe that I’m utilizingtoday is from Bon Appetitwhich has a lot of really great recipeson it and I’ve made this recipe a bunchof times before and I love it so muchand the great thing about banana breadis that it’s very versatile and you canadd a lot of additional things to it tomake it really deliciousso today I’m gonna be adding some freshblueberries that I have in my fridge Iactually added these the last time Imade it and it came out phenomenal Ireally really liked the blueberryedition because it adds little pops oftartness to the recipe were just greatso first ingredient in the recipe is acup and a half of flour and I thought Iwould it’s a little demonstration on theproper way to measure flour becausethere actually is a right and wrong wayto measure so anytime you measure flouryou don’t want to scoop directly intothe back or directly into the binbecause you are actually packing theflour in and it tends to be an incorrectmeasurement so what we are going to dois we have a knife or some sort of flattool that we are going to level off ourflour with but I’m actually going to usemy other measuring cup to gently placemy flour in my cup measure cup cupmeasure measuring cupand we want to kind of gently fluff itin lightly you don’t want the flower tobe packed down and we’ll put a littlebit more in and then what you want to dois take the back of a butter knife orsome sort of flat tool and you want togently level off the top place that inour bowl and now we’ll do the same withour half cup measuring cup using our cupas our kind of scoop here gently puttingthat in and using our butter knife tolevel it off so banana bread isconsidered a quick brine which mystudents should know well if they thinkall the way back to October and a quickbread just means that it’s baked goodthat doesn’t contain yeast so theleavening agent that we’re using todayis baking soda and baking soda isconsidered a chemical leavening agent sothis is a dough or a batter that doesn’tneed to rest like a traditional yeastbread would take would need to so we’regonna take our baking soda and add thatright into our flour along with ourkosher salt and we can kind of set thisaside for now now we what we need to dois we need to cream together our brownsugar I have a cup of brown sugar herethat is packed and I purposely kind ofleft it intact so that you can see justhow packed it is the recipe calls fordark brown sugar which I didn’t have onhand so I’m using light brown sugar soI’m going to break that up and add thatto my bowl and we need to cream thistogether with two ounces of butter nowcreampretty much just means that you areadding air or incorporating air into themixture to create a really nice creamyconsistency and the creaming process iswhat makes cookies and other baked goodsso delicious because it creates a reallygood consistency in your recipe and therecipe calls for 1/3 cup of eithermarscapone cheese sour cream or Greeknon-fat yogurt I happen to have acontainer of Chobani blueberry yogurt soI’m gonna use this instead because it’sgoing to add a little bit of extrablueberry flavor to the recipe which Ithought was very convenient it’s alsogoing to add a little bit of a tangwhich is will be really nice so I’mgoing to cream these three ingredientstogether with a handheld mixer which Ihave right here and we want the finalproduct to be really nice and creamywhich means that you must start withroom-temperature butter if you used coldbutter right out of the fridge it’s notgoing to work for you[Music]so this looks good and as you can seethe mixture is a lot lighter in colorwhich will happen as the airincorporates into the mixture and it’s alot fluffier than it originally was soat this point now we need to incorporateour two eggs one at a time sometimes ittakes a while for eggs to incorporateinto a mixture which is why we alwaysadd them one at a time so I’m gonna plopan egg in there I’m gonna mix with mymixer and then I’m going to add theadditional eggthat looks great so at this point nowI’m going to slowly add my flour mixturea little bit at a time I’m actually justgonna mix the salt and the baking sodain now this of course you want to get alittle bit out of time so that you don’tget covered in flour it’s not somethingto be rushed this is also an importantstep in that you don’t want to over mixthis too much the more you add to tehtour the more you move around the flouryou’re going to develop gluten in theflour and that is going to make a topperconsistency we want a really soft bananabread and a soft texture so you want tomix this as least amount as possible[Music]so now I need to mash my two bananas therecipe actually calls for four I’m gonnasee what it looks like after two and Ihave a third if I’d like to add a thirdso the more banana ripens as I’m sure alot of you now I’m the sweeter it getsso these are gonna be really sweet as Ishould see as you can see they’re veryBrownthese are very messy already so I have ameasure here I’m just going to givethese a nice smash until it iscompletely broken up now we’re gonna addthis into our batter and we’re gonna tryto incorporate it as gently as possibleagain we don’t want to over mix anddevelop that gluten in our recipe and atthis point too we’re also gonna add inour baking is messy we are going to addin 3/4 a cup of blueberries you can addmore if you want more you can add lessif you want less or if you didn’t wantto use blueberries at all you could usewalnuts you could use pecans almondschocolate chips whatever you have onhand and I’m actually gonna add a fewmore blueberries on top of the breadwhen we’re done so this looks prettygood to me I’m not gonna add thatadditional banana because I want to eatmy additional banana tomorrow mybreakfast so I’m just gonna go with twowhich will be plenty soyou can either use a loaf pan to makethis recipe you can use muffin pans ifyou want depends on what shape you’regonna make I’m actually gonna do acombination of both so I have some miniloaf pans here which I love because theycook a lot quicker than traditionallarge loaf pans and I also have thisreally adorable mini muffin pan I’mgonna make some mini muffins just acolleg little bite that I can have whenI’m feeling something sweet you know soI don’t know how many I’m gonna make butstart with saying 10 and I’ll see wherethat leaves me so I have a portion scoopif you didn’t have a portion scoop athome you could just use a tablespoon orso and a little bit of batter into eachof these mini muffin pans this is agreat little like snack I know mepersonally I’m always looking for alittle something sweet especially up todinner or I don’t know just during theday and this is like a perfect littlebite where I could just have like one ortwo and then I’m okayI know not everybody has that willpowerbutwe’re just gonna make quite a fewmuffins because there’s quite a bit ofbatter here make sure you spray thesereally well I just don’t have paperliners with me but I need nonstick panwith nonstick spray should be finethat’s good and the rest I’m going tomake into loavesnow with these both pans I like to linethem with a little bit of parchmentpaper in addition to the sprite becauseit makes it really easy to lift the loafout after it’s done cookingI’m totally optional but I really likedoing that makes it a lot easierit also makes cleanup a little biteasier as well so I spray my hand in theadd just enough parchment paper to linethe bottom and the sides and I just liketo have a little bit sticking up so thatI can easily pull the loaf out when I’mdone this I’m just gonna kind of eyeballit cuz these are just for meyou want to fill them up about halfwayor so depends on how thick you want tomake them I also like to do them insmaller sizes also because I cook a lotquicker a traditional loaf pan takesforever to cook and not that I haveanywhere to be today but it’s justeasier if I get them done in smallersizes you can also freeze these if youwanted if you didn’t want to eat themall today or eat them all this week Ishould say because it does kind of makea decent amount of batterlet me see if I can get a third[Music]so make sure you use the rubber spatulato scrape out every bit of the batterand just one of my pet peeves whenbatter is left behind cuz I could easilybe another cookie another muffin anotherbite of banana bread this guy’s a littlea little sad so I’m gonna add a littlebit of this batter to him trying to evenit out even not perfect I’m going to addsome additional blueberry to the topand also have some sugar in the rawwhich I’m just gonna sprinkle a tiny biton top you don’t have to do it’soptional I just liked a little bit ofcrunch that it gives the bread you hadregular sugar you could use regularsugar or even a little bit of brownsugar so these loaves are probably gonnacook for about 20 minutes or so themuffins probably maybe about 10 minutesgive or take and when they are done outof the oven I will let you know how theycame out hey guys welcome back so theseare the finished product they came outso beautiful her little muffins came outgreat they look so good so one thing Ijust wanted to mention before I’m doneis that make sure that any time you bakemuffins or loaves cupcakes cakesanything that you have some sortrack to put them on a cooling rack andyou want them to completely cool beforeyou remove them from the pan becausethat’s when they’re gonna stick if youtry to take them out um while they’restill hot so that is about it if youhave any questions for me about thisrecipe please comment them below and Iwill put the recipe in the descriptionthank you so much for wok watching andhappy baking

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