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How to Make an Amazingly Soft and Fluffy Japanese Hokkaido Milk Bread | Tangzhong Method

This video shows you step by step how to make an amazingly soft Japanese Hokkaido milk bread using the Tangzhong method. The milk bread is extremely soft and has a longer shelf life than most home baked breads. This is thanks to the milk, the butter, and the Tangzhong.

I use two pullman baking tin with lids to make two square sandwich loaves that weigh approximately 540g when cooked and cooled down.

This recipe produces an uncooked dough weight of 1200g. I divide this between two pullman pans measuring: top width 10.5cm; height 11.5cm; length 19.5cm

The volume of each pan is approximately 2,350 cm2 – This should help you if you are working out weights for baking containers that are different sizes.

The Pullman pans I use in the video are excellent for this type of bread but also work well for classic open bloomers and cakes. They are not exactly square, but pretty close, the bottom is a little thinner than the top. The quality is really good and they have a nice diagonal detail on the tin which produce waves on the outside of the bread. I have used them several times and have seen no deterioration. The non-stick coating works very well, I do not use any oil or butter in these pans.

Here is the affiliate link to the pans I bought on Amazon


640g Bread four (I use 300g strong white bread four and 300g of all purpose flour)
460g Full fat milk
60g White sugar
15g Sea salt
15g Dried milk powder
8g Yeast
50g Unsalted butter
1 Egg

Two important notes: Some people mix their remaining milk to the Tangzhong to cool it down, it also makes it easier to add to the flour. I advise you not to do this. The final dough will become too wet and impossible to manage. I also experimented by cooking the butter with the flour while making the Tangzhong, as you would for a classic roux. This produced an inferior loaf that lacked the silky feel and when cooked appeared to dry out quicker.

Original of the video here

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