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How To Make A Homemade Lasagna w/ Garlic Bread

Today Donna smokes some “MK Ultra” (Medical Marijuana) that we got from Cannabismo, she shows you guys how to make a homemade lasagna, she does some bong tokes, she continues to make the homemade lasagna, she does more bong tokes, she continues to make the homemade lasagna, she wraps the homemade lasagna in tin/aluminum foil and puts it into the oven, she puts the garlic bread into the oven, she makes up a plate, I do some bong tokes, try the homemade lasagna and yeah… Eh? Fucking Rights!✌






Eddy Dampier
574 Maple St. N.
Timmins, Ont. P4N 6C6

#MedicalMarijuana #Lasagna #Homemade

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi everyone so today I’m going to be
making lasagna and sure everybody knows
how to make lasagna but for those you
don’t or anybody that’s just you know a
young adult this would be a video for
you guys to watch so we have everything
this I will um you don’t need a big pack
of hamburger meat like this I’m going to
have it so let me let me get half this
have this in the frying pan and then
we’ll start chopping up the celery and
onion some garlic okay
so we’ll be back in a second okay
so um the only thing I did and I will
show you guys so I
there’s the hamburger there and I’m just
gonna turn that on to like a low and
then over there I that’s for our noodles
so I’ve started I’ve turned that on high
because we want to get our noodles done
okay before I start chopping
let’s get in a bomb Tok
I’ve chopped onion and chopped garlic
and I thought hey you know what
it’s just new bone cuz it’s probably
better to chop when you’re you got some
marijuana in you
it’s about a hot day it’s a good day to
make lasagna plus you know everybody’s
like tired of barbecue stuff so I
thought let’s do a Sonya we haven’t had
it in a while and who doesn’t like it
if you don’t have if you just have
spaghetti sauce like I have the ragu
here just the what is this just the
original if that’s all you have it’ll
still work it just um if you do have the
onions if you don’t have fresh garlic
and you have the stuff already chopped
you use that stuff the onion I you is a
small not baby they’re like a like the
shape of my like the palm of my hand
which is not that big but it’s big
enough and the garlic I I personally
love garlic so I’ve used four cloves in
you’re gonna need a 9 by 13 inch pan
doesn’t have to be glass you can you
know go to the dollar store and they
have the the tin ones or whatever they
are that’s the throwaway ones that’s
fine doesn’t matter okay that’s the end
of that celery is unbelievably placed
high right now but and the first store
went to they didn’t even have any which
was no frills so you’re just gonna want
chop off the dirty and make sure to
rinse your celery because you want dirt
remember you got to cook with loves so
all I just go like that
and don’t make them I wouldn’t make them
thick because they’ll take longer to
cook so we’re gonna do before we’ll see
what it looks like after to we’re done
because sometimes that’s all you need is
to a difference the size and the width
and how much celery bits you would need
it just makes it taste that much better
it just and all I’m gonna do is here’s
our garlic in there I’m just gonna use
the same dish to put our celery in
because it’s all going to it’s all going
to fry together oops
like that in the wrong place okay so
chop off that I’ll see hopefully I think
go right down there that’s a better cut
and then chop and chop doesn’t matter
what kind of spaghetti sauce you use
either I just bought that give his on
sale usually just buy on sale items so
this is what my and the garlic doesn’t
take up a lot of room and hurts teeny
tiny so we’re gonna finish this up to
your onion like I said it’s a small one
I find find anymore than that I almost
it’s like too much too much in there and
so what we’re gonna do I’m gonna finish
cutting this and then I’m gonna we’re
gonna put everything in to the frying
pan you’re gonna let it all cook
together while that’s frying that’s when
you’re going to your noodles the water
for your noodles should be um should be
boiling you know what I’ll just wait
till it boils I’ll show you guys just
because like what if what if you guys
never made it before I just happen to be
the one you clicked on and I don’t want
to confuse so okay whoops so there’s
that we’ll put that in there
okay so let’s bring you guys maybe I
can’t this oh yeah look at that perfect
okay so our hamburger has started frying
already we’re gonna put in our onions
and garlic we’re going to put our onion
in there
and we’re gonna use pepper shake shake
some salt
some Italian seasoning
you’re gonna let this fry until it’s all
the meat is browned your vegetables are
soft and then you’re gonna drain it and
unless you’re using like extra lean
ground beef I don’t think he’d have to
drain it but this is not next relieve
this is just just a medium hamburger
okay so we’re gonna leave that and then
I’m gonna take you guys back when the
waters ready to boil or is not ready is
boiling and then we could I could just
quickly show you what to do there
okay the water is boiling for our
noodles to figure out this stupid stick
okay so you can get the oven made
noodles are ready to use I really have
no luck with those you know just okay so
in your pan you’re nine by thirteen
you’re going it goes three noodles
across so I’ll show you get your sauce
and stuff in there you’re gonna have
three noodles across so that’s what
later rate there is three noodles nother
pending how big your lasagna is gonna be
how big your pan is you if you have a
bigger pan you’re gonna need all these
so more noodles but we have this one so
you’re gonna count the three for the
bottom and then another three for your
next layer and you’re gonna go another
three for the layer after that that’s
usually the layer that we use our
cottage cheese in and I will show you
that so that’s one okay and then you’re
going to need
before the top so you should have a
total of three six nine twelve noodles I
don’t see maybe if I lower it a bit you
can okay and what I like to do is
because put your gas bag up sometimes
the noodles stick or they break or
whatever it is all actually talks in a
couple months
usually I just toss them next just for
the wine and if you need them they’re
there if you don’t maybe you could and
I’ve turned down the element as well
because you don’t want a hard boil this
should take like look that’s a broken
one that’s no big to anybody they should
take roughly seven to ten minutes we’ll
say this is surprising to me is that
broken handle that I showed you guys I
have another piece for it okay anyways
and our hamburgers cooking what you guys
can see let’s so there’s the hamburger
frying over here there’s the noodles in
there and
I guess I you guys want to see up here
when the noodles are done boiling the
hamburgers done we’re gonna drain the
grease from the hamburger and you’re
gonna strain the water from the noodles
and then we can start putting it
together now would be a good time to
grate your cheese and I think hang on
just a mozzarella that’s that’s all I
use just mozzarella because with all the
love that’s going into it doesn’t matter
if it has a brand name or not it’s
mozzarella anyways now’s a good time to
while that is boiling and cooking and
whatever great some cheese depending how
much cheese you like I would say maybe
like like if this much I’m gonna say
that hey maybe you need the whole thing
I don’t know but I’m gonna say about
this much I did not buy the bag of the
shredded stuff because yeah you know
what sometimes grating cheese is opinion
yes but the grated cheese is was like
340 grams or something like that the
brake cheese is a 450 grams so for the
same price you’re I mean unless like
okay if you can’t grate the cheese or
it’s whatever the reason go ahead and
buy it whatever I would maybe buy two
though because it doesn’t seem to go
that far
okay pin anyways enough with the cheese
I’m gonna grade this up
Oh where that won’t hit you guys over
I’m going to grade this up that will be
cooking and then we’ll get me to put
this all together
everything’s done cooking frying I
figured I get another bomb toke before
we start putting all this together here
is grated cheese there’s our noodles and
just like a few steps we got to do
please you’re ugly
do 350 degrees that’s by the time we’re
putting the done putting this together
you put it right in the oven if you make
this ahead of time and you’re gonna like
have you made it in the morning and you
just have it in the fridge you’re gonna
want to let it sit out for about 15 to
20 minutes and then put it in and it’s
probably gonna have to be in there while
I know it’s gonna have to be in there
longer than like the 3035 minutes maybe
close to an hour okay you’re still
there’s still a little bit in there not
much but a little
you’re gonna want to grab a bowl and
your cottage cheese I get the bigger
container because I put it on the side
of the paint like the remaining on the
side plate if you don’t want Sudan just
get the smaller container that’s that’s
fine and we’re gonna give it here I
should damn it
okay we’re gonna give it a stir and
you’re gonna put in roughly say half the
container then you’re gonna take an egg
and the egg holds this together so if
you don’t have an egg and you just want
to and you just want to put the cottage
cheese in it’s fine it tends to be a
little bit funny but it’s not like super
anything like that anyway so you’re just
gonna stir this up and then I’m gonna
touch you guys oh I want to show okay
there it is there’s the cottage cheese
and the egg now I put the meat just I’ve
drained it and I put it into this pot
the reason is you’re just gonna make
sure sauce you’re gonna mix all together
in there yeah you don’t need to warm it
up either it’s gonna get warmed up in
the oven
okay so I know what this you’re just
gonna if you can of diced tomatoes in
your feel free to okay I’m okay
there is our pan you’re gonna want to
put a little bit of sauce not a whole
bunch just enough so your noodles don’t
hmm it smells so good okay okay so once
that’s like that
this is where you’re gonna put your
noodles across
if you have to overlap a bit it’s okay
but if you don’t have to they’ll fit
perfect okay so there is our first layer
and then you’re gonna put some more
cover the noodle noodles
hey and then we’re gonna know what that
one looks a little like it’s getting
leftover sauce okay so then you’re gonna
take your cheese and you’re just gonna
depending on how much you like okay
maybe a little bit more cheese over
there okay and you’re gonna do your
another layer
but there’s like a little tear like this
one it’s okay if it’s torn a lot well
see if you have a better one
okay so then here goes our next layer if
you hear anything that would be edge
doing something with a video I don’t
know what but something okay so then you
just repeat this one no this layer here
this is what I like to do I’ll show you
there I put a little bit of cheese down
or not a whole bunch just put a little
just a little to say it’s there and then
you’re gonna take your cottage cheese
next the egg and just kind of do like
spoonfuls because if you just start
moving it around it’s gonna mix in with
your sauce which is like you don’t want
that but if it happens it’s okay – okay
and then you’re just gonna kind of
spread this across
like so wait to that make sure you get
to the ends and the edges okay remember
to keep cooking with love on this okay
then you’re gonna do some more cheese
this is how I do it anyways so you’ll do
gonna do I should just finish this off
and just greet some more okay so there’s
that one and then you’re going to this
just on this pan this is gonna be my
final layer because if I do any more
it’s gonna be a mess in the oven okay
so there’s that and then you’re going to
do a nice layer of your sauce on top
make sure you get everywhere around here
probably shouldn’t grab this spatula but
this is what I have left from that brick
which is not much that’s why I said
depending how much you like cheese or
how cheesy you want it to be okay so
we’re just gonna you know
that’s how you make a lasagna it’s not
hard some people think it’s hard but
it’s not so what’s gonna happen is I’m
gonna have to greet this little bit of a
chunk that I had that’s why I said if
you’re gonna get the shredded already
shredded cheese to buy two of them
because that stuff doesn’t seem to go as
far as the brick okay and we’re just
going to spread it all over
hey and then
if you have parmesan great if you don’t
it’s okay so this is where you would put
your parmesan
urn if you wanted the stuff that’s
already grated you can use that as well
I wouldn’t use too much of it though
because it is pretty salty and you’re
going to so the oven is preheated
hitting the camera leave it in there
I’ll check it at father maybe around
half an hour and I’ll probably take the
tinfoil I’ll take the tinfoil off and
I’ll it usually let the cheese get a
little bit more bubbly on the top and
that’s how you make lasagna and we’ll
get ed the test the test tip what does I
call that good tester tester the taste
test guy which is right there
– to try it out so now’s a good time to
do up your dishes or whatever you have
to do because you have about 30 to 40
well maybe like you taking about in the
half an hour then you’re you’re gonna
let it sit for at least five so yeah if
you have about 45 minutes to clean up
and do whatever it is that you have to
do so well we will be back when it’s
done okay our our lasagna is out and
it’s resting right there if you have
garlic bread this is the time to put it
in while that’s resting with this style
I’m only doing half of a loaf because
the other part will just get thrown away
usually we’d have a salad with this but
every other week romaine lettuce seems
to be what is it ecoli and the spinach
just like that so we’re not we’re not
gonna chance it with the salad today
okay so when the garlic bread is done we
will cut the lasagna put it on the plate
and give it to Edie
I can’t wait I love lasagna hey I think
everybody loves lasagna if you don’t
like lasagna you’re probably fucked in
your fucking head anyway you better take
this wave for graphic video okay so as
soon as the garlic front stabbed well
dished up and we’ll give it to Ed to
our garlic breads done the tinfoil off
of this we’re gonna get ready to there’s
a lot of layers so cut through them all
with your knife I don’t know maybe
depending how much people like it in
your house it seems to love it so we
gotta cut him a great big piece I’m
gonna see if I can do this with this one
I don’t know maybe and maybe not
it’s a little a little more but that’s
okay and we’ll give him a piece of
garlic bread and we will bring you over
there and they see ya told my bong talk
for supper hey you gonna do a bomb toke
before supper especially when you’re
eating lasagna that way you can eat the
whole fucking pan or at least half of it
that’s what I like to do
I think it’s really hot though oh my
fuck hey it’s just as good as all the
lasagna you made any other time maybe
some people may think it doesn’t taste
good or something I don’t know
no it’s really good it’s really fucking
good hey it’s real fucking good okay so
there you have it that’s how to make
lasagna I’m going to put some on my
plate now so that’s everything so that’s
it that’s all bye

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