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Video Transcription

so today we’re gonna make truffles I
don’t know what they’re actually called
but that’s what everybody’s calling them
as Charles and it’s basically a waffle
like a mini waffle made with eggs and
cheese so simple but it’s delicious and
it’s super easy so let’s do it
so you just use a couple eggs and I’m
using just medium cheddar and then um if
you want to take the yolks out you can
I’m gonna take one out and that show and
then and I use this mini waffle maker I
got my um target and I believe they sell
them all over the place and they are
about ten dollars so you plug it in and
you wait till the light changes colors
so that it’s good to start with making
your waffles here’s a fun little thing
and I haven’t heard anybody else day but
so these I made the other day and I had
one left so I just put a bag and put it
in the fridge so it’s still crispy but
it’s cold now so you can take it and put
in your toaster to make it hot and then
BAM fresh again but the light went off
and so now we’re ready to start the
you’ll sprinkle just a little bit of
cheese on the bottom
you pour your egg over it just enough to
cover it you don’t want to overflow it
now there’s still some walls and you can
just kind of I just use my finger as
now you could put cheese on top right
now but I found it’s better if you just
wait just a few seconds let the egg cook
just a little bit so doesn’t sink right
down to the bottom all right yeah so
then now when I had a little bit too
much in it and then you would just
sprinkle a little more cheese on the top
and you can use any kind of change your
life I’m using cheddar cuz I have each
other okay and it just stays in there
until it’s done usually just a few
minutes nice and crispy and you can just
lift it out set it on a plate cool okay
so let’s make a whole bunch more
beautiful so far we have three
there yeah a perfect Chapel so yummy and
so delicious and to eight makes about
four of them you could probably stretch
it to me five depending how much cheesy
is that would you put on how much fat
and stuff
but there you go and you can cool these
off these and to make sandwiches or just
eat them by themselves but they aren’t
delicious so hope you like this video if
you do give it a thumbs up subscribe to
crazy adventures of cocoa for more
awesome videos thanks

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