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#my Ist try #banana #chocolate bread.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]so we just mash the banana you seen youshould give me up smash banana[Applause]you smell so goodbut it’s never so we just set asidethese and if we get a ball so you can wecombine a flower flower[Music]sugar good – sugar and you saw you sawdid the song placeand then baking soda baking soda andthen the her.she her.she charlieand then we just missing it willyou’re just missing it guys all right Ialready pretty hit the oh man or about350 Fahrenheit or 180 degrees socialstudiesso just missing whereand then so I think it’s okay Larry goodmix and then get the egg to X days andthen the bananajust mix againso just mixing it well guys again so allthe ingredients are combined fullycombinedso this is it guys I think it waspolyblendso in a pen nice I just put a oilcooking oil so you don’t have the onefor spray so I just scattered like thesejust please[Music]and just where the banana breadI think the old man is readyso again guys this is my first timedoing this but I naturally cake so forthose for those and they already knowhow to cook how to make a banana breadchocolate banana bread you can just makeany suggestion guys I fight for that orcorrected me it was fine so I canimprove but please don’t hate meand then guys I will add a peanut thisis a peanut so I will just iron you justadd on the topso this is it guys Oh banana chocolateokay I will just put in the open so wejust put in the oven guysI did not use a is careful I did not usea safety for my hands so that’s it guysand then we set for 50 50 minutes sothat’s it then I see you laterso this is it guys this is um this wasthe outcome of my banana chocolate so itinitial guys manual now

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