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How to make ★Ham & Cheese Bread★Starting Bread Series!(EP127)

Today, I’m going to be making, Ham and Cheese bread.

Isn’t it look so delicious?!

I am starting the Japanese Bread Series come in every month!

I have introduced you to some Japanese bread, and you guys love it.

We have variety of bread uniquely developed in Japan. Japanese bread is characterized by its softness and moistness.

The summer heat is fading, so I want to start baking again!

250 g bread flour(2cups−1tbsp)
20 g sugar(1 ½ tbsp)
3 g salt(⅔ tsp)
3 g instant dry yeast( ⅔ tsp)
35 g unsalted butter (3 tbsp)
1 large egg
130~140 ml whole milk (3/5 cup)
¼ onion
8 slices ham
½ cup shredded cheese processed mozzarella
dried parsley
3 tbsp mayonnaise

Full recipe:

How to make ★Ham & Cheese Bread★Starting Bread Series!(EP126)

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