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How to Craft Basic Tools and Farming to Make Bread in Minecraft Survival Mode Crafting Recipe

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In this basic Minecraft tutorial I show you how to craft tools and then how to set up a wheat farm and harvest that for making bread. Everyone needs Tools in Minecraft and they are very easy to craft once you get the basics together. Plus having a good supply of bread is the easiest way to gather a basic food supply. I cover all of that in this Basic Minecraft video tutorial.

00:00 How to Craft Tools and Make Bread in Minecraft Intro
00:47 Gathering Wood for Starter Tools
02:00 Crafting Wood Planks and Sticks from Wood
02:43 Recipe for a Crafting Table
03:23 Gathering more Wood for a Crafting Table
04:08 Making the Crafting Table
04:34 Working with the Crafting Table to Craft Basic Wooden Tools
06:02 Mining Cobblestone with a Wooden Axe
06:46 Crafting Stone Tools
07:34 Crafting a Furnace with Cobblestone
08:11 Gathering Seeds
08:47 Planting Wheat
09:18 Harvesting Wheat and Seeds
09:35 Gathering More Wood to Make Charcoal
10:06 Using the Furnace to Convert Wood into Charcoal for later use
10:27 Harvesting some more Wheat to make Bread
11:15 Wheat Recipe for the Crafting Table
11:40 Review of new items
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Video Transcription

hi I’m George and in this video we’ll bemaking some bread now this is a prettybasic video I’m doing at most as I canthen refer back to this video in futurevideos but I wanted to make sure we getthis out of the way that’s pretty easyto make bread and walk go through allthe steps right from the very beginningand we’ll do that in survival mode nowif you liked this video make sure youhit that like button don’t forget toclick on share and subscribe as well andI do a whole bunch of videos everysingle week you can find out more aboutthat on my channel ok let’s get to it[Music]all right here we are in survival modeme just get her birds out of the waythere we go I can’t switch over to ourstandard view now to start off with weneed to have some kind of tool easiestway to do that is just over here and doa little bit of work on a tree all weneed is to have some basic wood and I’lljust come in here I’ll grab some of thisstuff it takes just a bit to get thewood out of here as you can see whenyou’re just using your fists so we wantto make tools as fast as possible andthis is the first step to making toolsgonna save that just for a second to getthat one out of the way once we havethis wood we can convert this intosticks bird out of the way there okaythere we go of course if we’re luckythis might drop us an apple or tuna somefood in there as well it might even dropsome sticks let’s just go ahead and trythat I’ll just knock away some of theseleaves in here see if we get luckysometimes you do I think it does saw astick fall down there so that can saveus some work and we’ll just finish thatoff that’s probably enough okay we havesome sticks right there and somesaplings those will come in handy lateron I’m just go ahead and you can plantone like that though then grow into anew tree and we can replenish our woodthat way okay so just a few things downhere I’m going to be taking this oak loglet’s go into the inventory right hereif you take the oak log and you drop itup here you get oak planksnow you get in one set of four for eachsingle log if you hold the shift keydown you get everything just like thatthere we go there’s our basic planks nowif we bring our planks up here and youput those two like that just up and downthat gives you sticks if you click onceand then right click and click againlike that it kind of separates thoseevenly it’s a little this shift key downI’ll grab all those sticks I’ll justsave those so now I have a whole bunchof sticks right there and we can beginto work on making some tools now ourcrafting appears kind of limited we onlyhave just these four squares I need yoularge your crafting area you can getthat with a crafting table if you goover here to the left hand side theseare things you can make things are gonnaactually do right now you have in thegray outline things you’re close to arein the red outline I click over one moreclick here a few more things we can dois click over one more click and rightthere there’s your crafting table to seewhat it takes to make this just click onthat and you’ll see it over here we needto have four planks in here doesn’tmatter what kind of planks they are justfour planks they’ll give us a craftingtable and the crafting table it gives usnine squares to work with we can thenbuild our tools so let’s go back and getjust a little bit more wood easy to dolet’s go over here that tree right thereand we’ll do a little bit off of thattree you already hear this kind ofshorter tree looks better evenI like shorter trees I’m not leavinganything in them you’re kind of floatingyou know I’ll get thatyeah I’ll get those two we can then mixmore planks and build our crafting tableonce that’s done then it can begin tobuild some decent tools which wouldbegin to speed things up for us the onetool that we need is at pickaxe we thenneed to make a hoe pickaxe will give ussome cobblestone from that stuff okaylet’s just go back over here nice clearspot there we are and let’s open this upnow we have our oak log put that rightthere just pulling this one setter thatI’ll leave these logs up here now if youtake four planks and fill that up thatgives you your crafting table that’s themost basic thing that you really need tohave I’ll put it right there let’s putthe crafting table down someplace I’mgonna put these things over here nearthe house for right now put that righttherenow with our crafting table you canright-click on that and we have a largerarea for crafting in here now what Iwant is to have an axe first and also tohave a pickaxe and a hoe those are thebasic tools that we need I have themdown here from previous work of coursebut I’m gonna show you the real basicway here so go over here to our tool seteasiest want to get here is the woodenaxe and the wooden pickaxeand also the hoe is just gonna be thesame thing but just wood so now woodenaxe is easy it’s three planks and thentwo sticks now for that I need to havesome more planks in here I’m just gonnaget just a few more like that thatshould be enough for us maybe one moreset I’ll leave that log there so let’stake our planks there we go and thentake our sticks and there’s a nicewooden axe to work with okay let’s nowdo a pickaxe this one’s easy two stickslike that and then right across the topthere’s a wooden pickaxe and then I alsowant to have a hoe and that’s just likethat okay so now have those three toolsin wood and that can speed the processup now the next thing we want is to moveup from wood up to stone and now theyhave our pickaxe all we need to do is tomake some some cobblestone up here thisbang way on these things now this woodenpickaxe makes this a lot faster and asyou can see that goes pretty quickly andI’ll scrub just a littlea bit of this stuff in here you wantthese gray ones these are your standardstone that becomes cobblestone this isall over the place easy easy to find sono permit all getting plenty of cobbleso you’re gonna have too muchcobblestone as a game goes on just alittle bit more here that’s more thanenough now we have our cobblestone getthat piece right there there we go andcome back down over here our craftingtable again we can now move up fromthose wood tools which are these threeright here up two stone tools it’s thesame basic format two sticks for yourhandle and then two cobblestones thatgives you a stone so there’s our stonehoe I’ll put that one right there rightacross the top and then two sticks for ahandleso we’re all set there and then finallytwo sticks for a handle and then threecobblestone just like that and there’sthe stone axe you can now move much morequickly on that kind of work it alsogives us the basic tools I want rightthere which is our hoe for going in andsetting up our wheat farm we have ourcobblestone make a big circle here withthe cobblestone like that it takesexactly eight and that gives you yourfurnace I’ll put that right down thereokay we’re getting pretty close hereI’ll put the furnace right next to thecrafting table got some advancements inthere so that’s nice okay we have ourfurnace on this when you right click andyou put things up here to cook or tosmelt and then down here you put in afuel you can use wood for a fuel if youwant to or oak planks coal is best I’mnot gonna bother cutting out coal rightnow we’ll just use wood on that okay nowwe have that we now need to have ourweight it has some weight back herealready to go but to get your wheatyou’ll need to have some seeds these areeasy to get just go and look for thisgrass is growing like this begin bangingaway on the grass and pretty soon one ofthese is going to pop out to be someseeds there we go there’s some seedsright there so you bang on the grass andyou’ll begin to find some seats andthere are some more seeds it’s that easyto find this stuff it’s going to cleanthis area out here while I’m at it he’scleaning out anyway so there’s some moreseeds right there okay that’s good whenyou have our seeds and then with thisjust take your hoe there it isright click on the dirt and then rightclick with the seeds and that plants itnow if you right-click with us and youleave it for a little bit it’s going tochange and then it’ll grow your grassback again at that point you can’t planton this you have to plant it while itlooks like this if you wait too longit’s going to change and begin to growback your grass so just do thisrelatively quickly right click and thenseeds and then right-click and thenseeds and that will grow into wheat hegrows up green first and when it’s readyto harvest it looks like that right backthere okay so go ahead and harvest alittle bit of thisalso get more seeds you can then justreplant those seeds okay we have somewheat that’s all we need let’s now comeback over herelet’s first go back and get a little bitmore fuel now would works as a fuel seeour tree already grew up right there uhspreading fast you know switch over hereto that stone axe this goes much fasteras you can see here with the stone axethis really does speed things up here’sour stone axe get all of our wood thatshould do fine scrap some of that stuffwe now have some wood go back over hereto our furnace we can now begin to useour furnace here to give us some betterfuel I’ll take the oak and I’ll click onlike that I’ll put some of the oak inthe bottom summit look on top it’s nowgoing to convert this oak over here intoa better fuel over here on the righthand side this more condensed fuel onthe right hand side there ago that makescharcoal okay let that go ahead andworking while now it’s working let’sjust come back over here and we’ll getsome more wheat and easy just click inhere like thatand then right click to place down theseeds again so you can pretty quicklybuild a real nice farm this way realnice basic wheat farm get a lot of wheata lot of seeds already have 28 seedsthere and 14 wheat just that fast so youcan really expand upon this once youbegin having some basic tools and layingdown a basic farm okay a whole lot thereis 20 wheat and 39 seeds can go a longways with that we have that let’s goback over here this time back to ourcrafting table right click on thecrafting table and for wheat turn thisinto bread really easy it’s just threeright across the middle just like thatand there’s one bread falls toss in abunch of this just right clicking likethat and filling this up until they runout stuff I’ve looked like until onemore there we goand there’s a whole bunch of bread holdthe shift key down and click that bringsall that down here and there’sbread so pretty quickly now we’ve set upour Basics in here we have our craftingtable we have our furnace we’ve begun tomake some basic fuel over here butbetter fuel than just the basic wood wehave the starting farm right here forour wheat and we also have thebeginnings back over here of a basictree farm as well we’re a delicious goahead and plant these other two saplingsget this out of the way put one rightthere and I’ll put one right there okaythere we go that’s the basics come tostarting here your beginning positionfor working in Minecraft and again I’mdoing this mostly just like can referback to us in future videos as neededbut there you go there’s your very basicsetup and if you like this video makesure you hit that like button don’tforget to click on share and alsosubscribe and I’ll see you next time

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