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How To Cook Home Made Bread Step by Step Easy Way

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Video Transcription

Oh[Music]hi everybodyem sisterhood here welcome to my channelif you new here I do not subscribeplease he does subscribers and clicknotification bills so you a miss none ofmy video guys guys I’m in my kitchenonce again guys so guys I’m back withanother recipe once again so guys ourrecipe today is homemade bread guys yesit’s homemade bread is very easy to cookonly thing is you need to follow thestep guysyes it’s very easy recipe I’m going toshow you thank mediant first as usualguys so let’s Debbie I’m gonna show youthe ingredients here are all ingredienthere I’m gonna show you one by one guystep by step for you to make easier guysfor you to make it easier I’m gonna showyou one by one ingredient guys here wehave self raising flour how do you seewe have self raising flour you can useany kind of flour guys all-purpose flourany kind of flour we have oil here selfrising we have like I said oil you canuse any kind of oil is optional guys andwe have here salt a little bit of saltand sugar guys we’re not gonna use a lotof sugarthis is baking powder and DC water andMPT container guys this NPT containerI’m gonna use for like to mix allingredients together in it nowI’m gonna use this if to like remove allanything inside the flower I’m using itall the time I never saw nothing in theflower bomb still using it to make itshows it I’m using it’ll making sure ifnothing inside guys you’re gonna seetogether it’s gonna be all clean justI’m using as a peace of mind here we’restarting guys i’ma tell you guys when westart mixing it’s gonna be amazing guysso don’t worry about itthis floor is gonna be messy guys sonever mind you can clean the other endor imbuing guysyou can use like if you’re going to cooka lot of bread as we’re gonna cook breadas you see on the tarsal and I alreadyexplained at the beginning depend ondepend on how much you’re going to cookguys okay guys it’s all clean like Itold you now algae see our board this islike messy so we have to do a littleclean after we do it properly so don’tmind a guys don’t mind about this messlike I said about the flour if you’regoing to cook a lot of bread use alittle bit more if you’re going to cookabout 2/3 use a little bit less thanthis guy’s it depends on how much you’regoing to cook the flour it’s alwaysdepend on how much you get to cook justlike cake if you’re going to cook a bigcake use a lot of flour and a lot ofother ingredient if you’re going to cooka small or medium bread it and take justlike that the bread is always just likecake the amount of the ingredient usedis depend on how much you’re going tocook now we’re gonna start our mixingdry ingredients I’m gonna add in saltand sugar into my flour guys now we’regonna start mixing our ingredient add inthe rest of the ingredient first we addall the dry ingredients togetherthe rest is baking powder baking powderguys are dizzyI added my flour sugar and salt togetherturn our modern baking powder guysafter we’re gonna see together how wedoing guysnow I’m adding my baking powder guys I’madding this bit a little bit more wedon’t have to measure all the time guysthey have to be professional chef guyswe have to be professional chef or thanhave to measure every time now I’m goingto add my oil I didn’t measure it how doyou see meI decided there are moms aren’t inGenesys enough we have to beprofessional chef you don’t have tomeasure all the time yes guys now I’mmixing my own ingredients together mixmix mix guys now well so I added wateras you see me I’m just adding little bylittle guys I don’t have to like add alot at a time but I don’t know if it’sgonna be runny or too thick and stuff sowe have to add like slowly guys so weknow if we need more so we just add alittle bit of waterthis ingredient to mix like it’s theonly liquid I am I using this is waterlike to prepare this spread I’m onlyusing water I’m not gonna use milk liketo mix this or like a to mix the dryingredients do I’m not gonna use milk toprepare this dough I’m just using whatI’m just using water guys as you see meI’m adding a little bit of water againso the dough need to bejust try to cook the bread he doesn’tneed to be too thick or too runny Iwanna just try for the bread well thiskind of bread to prepare Oh to cook thiskind of breadso don’t no need to be like too runny ortoo thick we want it like proper doughfor the bread guys I don’t want it totake on too runny I want my dog to bejust hi guys how do you see it’s quitethick steel is quite thick my daughter’squite take we did a little bit of waterstill you see me when I’m pushing isquite thick one thing you need to knowwhenever you want to cook bread you needto push it very well guys it’s depend onhow well you pushed or how well you didyour dog eyes you see the goodness ofyour bread or the way like the only wayyour bread is soft and like like youunderstand the guys who I’m trying tosay though the only way that your breadis way getting like very nice and tastegood or even the softness and stuff likethat depends on how you prepare yourlike dell guys it’s depend on them ifyou just make sure you do it and youdidn’t push it very well it’s not gonnacome out with good bread guys as you seeme we added a little bit of water againso although it doesn’t get too thick butI wanna say again push it very wellif you try to like look this video andtrying to do bread you need to push itvery well otherwise if you like thenlike in two three minute mix mix youringredients together and you don’t careand then you want good period and that’snot gonna happen guys that’s not gonnahappenall this is depend on how when youprepare your like dose you need to pushit very well you need to give it timethat’s why it is guys and then theoutcome is gonna be amazing guys you canappreciate you if you’re gonnaappreciate the time you spend on likemaking these darn stuff you need to giveit time and do your those very well guysdon’t just do it like you like in a rushor you run in to go somewhere and stuffdo it very well and I give it time aswell guys now our dough is almost readywe need to pull this dough somewherearound the cooker guys for one hour wehave to cover it and put it somewherearound so close the cooker so you risenow my dough is ready as you see I’mgonna cover it for 1 hour and put itaround the cooker guys the reason we putaround the cocoa the heat will help torise the door guysif the withers is like summer you don’tneed to put around so cool the cocoasomewhere around the cocoa becauseweather is already ho and the water waythat will help to rise the dough but ifthe way that is like now awesome or likelike winter you need to put around thecocoa the weather don’t help it as yousee now guysmy doors is wherei’ma show you my toys is where I sithere a DC now it’s time to put on thebaking tray guys this time for us to puton the baking tray guys before we put onthe baking tray we need to put our paperor baking paper on the baking tray guysbefore we put our dough we don’t put ourdough straight on the baking tray guysit’s gonna stick on once it cooks thisgonna stick on guys so we need to putthis baking paper I’m in the militaryand then put it right the right amountof baking tray on the baking paper andthen we start putting our dough like onthe amount of loaded if you want to bebread you put a little bit of big thoughlike it’s time you put like on the sideof the baking trayyou put a bigger side so if you want bigbread for me I want to like medium sizefor my kids to hold it and then eat itso it would be easier for them if thebread this is not too big I don’t haveto cut it if the bread is not too bigbut if the bread this is big I have tocut it guys I don’t want another job forme so I wanted to I wanted to pour likemedium not too because you see meputting I don’t want to like make it sayno mamathis bread is too big for me I wantedlike half of n stuff I don’t wantanother job guys so as you see this ishow we put our dough on our tray this ishow we put in guysafter we finish our dough after we putall our doors on the trail on the bakingtray and finished we have to brush someliquid on it guys you can se as an guyswe have to make some like ingredienttogetherit’s about only two ingredient and thenbrush it on top of the dough so thedough can be like once it get cooked thebread can be like shiny and goldishcolor and look crispy guysyou said don’t keep is sticking on yourfinger you can’t like dip your finger orlike in the water or in the oil andstuff like so when you dip your fingerin the water or in the oil like eachtime you’re going to cut some of thedough if you dip your finger in thewater or in the oil it’s not gonna stickon your finger that’s how I’m doing nowif you’re not it’s just good but if youdidn’t just harm do now as you see guysall my doses on my baking tray I’m goingto prepare my mixer I’m going to brushon my dog eyes here I have egg guys I’musing eight one two one two one two onetwo here I cracked my egg I’m going tomix it very well with a wipe a andyellow bit together after I like mix thelike wipe a little bit of the eggtogether with this fork focus is easyfor us to use like if we if you wannamake egg for some reason you need to usefork instead of spoon here we have milkdramedy milk mix next matewe need to make the egg and milk verywell together before we brush it on thedoor guys you need to be very well mixit now I’m going to brush it on like Iexplained already this mixture will helpus to like our bread to get to be likelook shiny and goldish color and lookcrispy guys and the test like you changethe test too if you could like if youwanna do experiment you can cook withoutsee you call this mixture like withoutyou brush this mixture on and then youcan cook with this mixture and they usesa difference if you’re gonna do likesome kind of experiment just that’s youcan do that if you like it guysbut for me I already know I used to cookwithout this register for a long timeand then now I know with itit’s the taste better looks better aswell guys not only the tasteit looks beautiful guys as it looksshinier and goldish crispy color guysbrush it very well on each of the doorsjust like I’m doing guysnow I crushed all of my pride like mydoorshe’s a with the megastar which is hisegg and milk because so I brushed itvery well on it just like you saw medoing it just like you see me doing itguys so now it’s time for us to put ourlike dough on the baking tray oven ovenfor five ten minutes before I pull mydough inside to cook look at me guys Iput it my dough right inside my preheatoven so we’re gonna be like let it cookfor about 30 to 35 40 minute guys’sdepend on your oven but you need tocheck in between guys know to get burnedguys you do what you food to get burnedI don’t want my bread together notreally you don’t want to pray togetherwe did this only further on so we needto look frequently guys check like it’sthe bread is ready you meaty like thatyou need to check it if it is going toget burn you reduce the heat or this isready and well cooked does a you for allyour bread and ready to enjoy with yourfamily and friends yes so don’t forgetto check in bitching once you put in theoven like sometime you over the phoneand you talking to your friends andfamily you don’t remember what you putin the oven now don’t do that guys youneed to like you need to like giveattention and then check in betweenevery 5-10 minutes sometime is almost well-cooked and it’sabout two three minutes left to likeready fully cooked and you forget inbetween about 10 minutes and any wouldget burned so we don’t want that tohappen you need to like bury mine andlook frequently so your bread will befire guys yes told you guys look at mybreadit looks amazing guys I checked every5-10 minutesso my prayer didn’t get burned it looksamazing and smell is fire guys thismary’s fire so now this is what our praylook like I didn’t get burnedit looks shiny as you see goldish colorlooking crispy guy is literally howBilly is now this is how our brain looklike I’m gonna show you what the insidelooks as well I’m gonna cane half andshow you what the inside of a look lookat you guys how beautiful look at theinside how spongy is look at it how’sFonzie is guys I know that this gonna belooks the same guys you see howbeautifully is the tears gonna be thesame things gonna be like fire the testsand the length is gonna be the same guysright now so guys this is the end of ourtoday video as you so like I showed youone by one I showed you every singlethingin this recipe guys so I hope you gonnatry I hope you like it and you’re gonnatry this recipe I’ll do it if you trythis recipe you wanna stop guys trust meyou’re gonna cook again and again andagain guys yes because this is very easyso step this is very very easy guys andlike in just 10-15 minute you prepareall the ingredients we together push itin the oven guys yes that’s why it isonce you start cooking this recipe youunder stop guys trust me you like tocook it every single week so that’s whyit is guys and you saw that our breadlooks beat who it looks like shinygoldish color looks crispy guys yes andthe taste it is fire trust me guys soguys this is in the heart rate videojust like I said if you like my videodon’t forget to give a big thumbs upguys yes and comment down below and showme your reaction guys and I’d like tosee your support and your reaction toguys so don’t forget to subscribe guysyes hit that subscribe it won’t have youpay nice guys guys it’s free it doesn’tsound you know penis it’s completelyfree guys yes he does subscribe so guysuntil next time bye bye[Music]vdhi Eddie so high-level feed the power

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