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how to cook eggey bread

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Video Transcription

today I am going to be making some eggybread so I’m just gonna start with thesafety so whether you’re using you’refired pallet make sure the gas is offand make sure your frying pan handleit’s not sticking out you have to makesure us tilt it aside because if youhave my plan some child and this was onand I had for example some hot food init they could tip over and it could burnso the first thing you can do isobviously wash your hands because I havealready done that so crack your egg intoa plate now the reason why I’m crackingit into a play in that bowl is becausewhen you when you’re doing eggy breadyou’re going to put your bread flat onthere so it absorbs the egg and then itgets the full egg effect and you gottabe careful when you’re working with eggbecause yeah you always have to washyour hands after because otherwise you’dget really low after somebody’s gonnaburst it with fort with a fork until itturns like a light orange yellow[Music][Music]shirts don’t get rid of this because youlook on the knees and later now you’regonna get you all bread and just put onthere and absorb meanwhile what I do isI go stop packet and a pan this is anonstick frying pan but just to be safeI’m just gonna put some butter in itjust to make sure it doesn’t stick thedread doesn’t stick you can just putsome like knobs that you stir this isthe one to turn on the fire and this isthe gas onenow I’m hopefully to be using this oneyou hear thatthat’s fire it’s now going to smell thebutter to make it not stick meanwhilejust swish it is melting remember I saidyou need to do yeah that’s it youdon’t get egg on you and I’m trustyperson so I don’t like just turn thatoverwhen the bus stops sizzling you’re goingto twist a power make sure the batterygets on every spot of the bottom of thepowder after you’ve done that gonna waittill the butter sizzles that’s how youcould tell what it’s ready static sizzleI used two eggs for this I wannathe bread but would you like you can dowill you make two pieces of eggy breadbut yeah we won’t just like clean upeverything and make sure you texting isseven points now you don’t need this[Music][Music]

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