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How to Bake Bread on the Stovetop? Creating a Dutch Oven

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How to Bake Bread on the Stovetop? Baking bread on the stovetop is a great alternative to using the oven. Baking on the stovetop can be an energy saver, as well as a useful alternative when an oven is not available. This process can be used at home, over a camping stove, or in a boat galley to deliver a fresh loaf right to your table.
Start with a large pot. The heavier the material, the better. You will be cooking dry, so cast iron is preferable. If you choose to use something lighter, like aluminum, consider using this pot only for baking on the stovetop, since the bottom will likely become slightly burnt. Most dutch ovens are between 5-7 quarts and will be large enough for baking bread.

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00:19 Start with a large pot
00:39 Create a thermal ballast
01:06 Find a bread pan to fit inside your pot
01:32 Fit a lid to your pot
01:49 Reinforce the lid

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how to bake bread on the stovetop bakingbread on the stovetop is a greatalternative to using the oven baking onthe stovetop can be an energy saver aswell as a useful alternative when anoven is not available this process canbe used at home over a camping stove orin a boat galley to deliver a fresh loafright to your table start with a largepot the heavier the material the betteryou will be cooking dry so cast-iron ispreferable if you choose to usesomething lighter like aluminum considerusing this pot only for baking on thestovetop since the bottom will likelybecome slightly burnt most Dutch ovensare between 5 to 7 quarts and will belarge enough for baking bread create athermal ballast place something in thebottom and center of the pot this willbecome the base where your bread panwill rest and allow for air to movearound the pan it also keeps the panfrom sitting directly on the heat toreduce the amount of burn on the bottomof the loaf try using some broken piecesof thick tile flat or smallish roundstones would work as well another optionis repurposing an empty tuna can makesure that the paper is removed and placeit in the bottom of the pot find a breadpan to fit inside your pot you may use aPyrex Bowl or equivalent not ordinaryglass bowl which can withstand the heatother options are a metal or ceramicbread pan place the pan in the pot ontop of the ballast if you are using arectangular loaf pan make sure that thelong sides fit within your pot theheight of the pan should not exceed therim of the pot it should not fit toosnug you need space for air to flow allthe way around the loaf pan fit a lid toyour pot this lid should have enoughclearance to allow the bread pan to fitwhile leaving room for the bread to riseover the top of the pan test the lidwith a bread pan in place if you arehaving a difficult time finding a lidwhich fits try using another pan largeenough to cover the top of the potreinforce the lid it is important to doall you can to keep as much heat aspossible inside the Dutch oven sinceheat rises it is helpful to cover thelid or pan with a second lid to forcethe heat back down toward the oven ifthe pot lid has a steam hole in it tryto find a stainless steel bolt washerand nut to fit it thanks for watchingthis video please like the video if youenjoyed it and subscribe to this channelif you loved it tell us what you thinkin calm

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