Bread Recipes

How to bake bread like you buy in the Supermarket

How to bake bread in the style of Hovis Best of Both or Kingsmill 50/50.

2lb Bread tin:

Bamboo Bread Slicer:

280g strong white bread flour
280g brown bread flour
(or, 560g of all strong white bread flour/560g of brown bread flour, if what you want here is an entirely white or entirely brown loaf)
350ml boiling water
2 tbsp white caster sugar
3 tsp yeast
2 tsp salt
3 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp water
1 tsp vegetable oil
2 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp strong white bread flour
1 tsp brown bread flour

1. Pour 350ml boiling water into a large mixing bowl. Stir in 2 tsp sugar. Allow to cool to ~28c.
2. Add yeast to the bowl, lightly whisk then cover for 16 minutes.
3. Sieve the flour into the bowl.
4. Add 3 tbsp vegetable oil to bowl
5. Sprinkle salt into bowl. Gently combine ingredients, then add the Whisk Mix.
6. Stir everything together until combined into a dry lump.
7. Pour 3 tbsp of vegetable oil onto clean work surface. Tip dough out on top.
8. Knead for 9 minutes until stretchy and springy. Add tablespoon or two of flour during kneading as required.
9. Lightly oil the bread baking tin, then place the dough inside. Cover, and leave to prove for 90 minutes.
10. Before the proving time has completed, prepare the over by placing a roasting tin at the bottom and an oven shelf just above that. Pre-heat oven to 220.
11. When the dough has finished proving, quickly pour 1 1/2 pints of cold water into the roasting tin in the oven, and shut the oven door. Reduce the heat on the oven to ~175c, and leave for two minutes.
[NOTE: Don’t expect the actual temperature of the oven to reduce in this time. It’s not supposed to. The idea is a gradual reduction of heat during the cooking process]
12. Bake the bread for between 30 – 40 minutes. 36 minutes seems perfect for my fan oven, but yours may differ.

Allow to cool completely before slicing.

Slice thick for toast, thin for sandwiches!


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Video Transcription

let’s do it the other lands they do doode doo hello and welcome and today I’mgoing to show you how to make bread likeyou buy in the supermarket now I’m notgoing to presume to know exactly whatkind of loaf you buy in the supermarketbut I am going to hazard a guess that ifyou’re not going to like a fine baker’syou’re probably buying the same type ofstuff as us that comes in that plasticbag that’s kind of soft and squishy soyou can get white you can get brown youcan get what we go we usually get thebest of both or 50/50 brands and that’sall we’ll be making today so we’ll beusing half white flour and half brownflour if you usually buy brown justdouble up your brown mix if you usuallyjust buy white double up your whitemakes this a simple izi so ouringredients here we’ve got we’ve got ourstrong white bread flour a brown breadflour we’ve got a jug which we’ll befilling up shortly or 350 ml of boilingwater we’ve got 2 tablespoons of sugar 3teaspoons in each 200 grams of brownflour here 280 numbers of white flourwe’ve got a whisk mix I’m going turn inthe moment 2 teaspoons of salt 3tablespoons of wonderful and a pint of1/2 of cold water we’re going to worryabout that right at the end becauseright to do with the cooking so firstwe’re going to boil the kettle and we’regoing to get 3 250 ml boiling water thereason we want the sports of boiling isbecause this is the Deniseand for the yeast we want things to beas sterile as possible so I love you somuch of the piece is likea student you know that has boomingamounts of potential the very littleself-esteem then we’ve got the salt heresucks like an okay person but they’regonna crush the yeast as a person youknow and it going to be overwhelmingthey’re very obnoxious negative stop heneeds to reach in their full attentionso the yeast has two best friends tohelp her reach her full potential that’sthe 350 ml boiling water and that is thetwo tips juice of sugar that’s what’sgoing to get me eat really lively soI’ll show you now in just a month okayso what we want to do with that now isyou want to pull that straight to themixing jug because what we want to haveto do is cool down to a temperature thatthe yeast can handle the first buttonthe sugar so that’s two tablespoons ofsugar right there and they’re going toget a little spoon just give it a gentlemix help the sugar dissolve we’re goingto leave that now for about between 20and 30 minutes we will not to come downto about 7 no 27 degrees Celsius orthere abouts basically just above roomtemperature and that’s when we’ll addthe yeast so we’ll come back after thatokay so now these sugar will just kindof temperature it’s very simple nextstep and just add your 3 teaspoons ofyeast nice and then you want to get awhisk and you just want to whisk itit nice knocks janay didn’t get thatheat a lot to work with and then youjust want to cover it up with some clingfilm if you’re not comfortable usingclean film that’s buying you some tinfoil or a beeswax cover just as long asyou keep it you know reasonably airtightyou don’t need to suffocate it becauseyou want to give it some chance tobreathe but what do you want to happennow is for the user to expand and foreverything to start coming to life alittle bit so we’re going to leave thisnow for another 16 minutes unless thefinger breath making if you’ve nevermade bricks before you really shouldn’tbe afraid I promise there’s no skill toit I am NOT a baker cook I am NOT abaker and I can make bread and thereason I can make bread is because it’sa lot of waiting around so we’re gonnaeat this for 60 minutes when we comeback we’ll do the kneading process andthen we leave it for even longer no bakeit and everyone think she took somethingamazing but you haven’t you’ve justtalking about the whole time so we’llleave this 16 minutes all right so let’ssee what we’re working with here yeahthis looks great so this is exactly whatyou wanted to know that after 60 minutesyou want some bubbles on the top youwant a little hint of condensation onthe cling film this yeast is ready to gookay so next step is the flour so youwant to get you sick you want to makesure you sift the flour into the bowlotherwise you’re gonna make life hardfor yourself because it’s gonna end uplumpy and you know that’s not impossibleto resolve but why make life harder foryourself just resolve it now opposite[Music][Music]once you go did you follow next you wantto add your three tablespoons ofvegetable oil good and then you want toadd your salt super duper skip that agentle mix don’t get too involved justgentle just want to get it slightlycombined once you start combining itjust a little bit that’s when you wantto add your whisk mix then your whiskmix is two tablespoons of water 1teaspoon of vegetable oil and what is it2 teaspoons of baking powderI always forget is 1 or 2 it’s 2 so thisis going to kind of behave like an eggyou know give it a little bit of anextra rise so yeah I put in and you wantto go with a little whisk just tocombine it and get the baking powdergetting and just keep on combining sowhat we’re going to be doing next is thekneading but you’re gonna need you’regonna need one thing for the need andyou’re gonna need 3 tablespoons ofvegetable oil then you might need oneteaspoon of your white flour a 1teaspoon of your brown flour or ifyou’re doing a white bread to speakteaspoons of white you’re doing a brownbread 2 teaspoons of the film I’m sayingteaspoons I mean tablespoons then youmight need one tablespoon of the whiteflour 1 tablespoon of the brown trout ifyou’re doing a white 2 tablespoonsyou’re doing or brown you know 2tablespoons of that usually common senseso once you’ve got it slightly combinedin a little bit like that pop it to oneside and get your 3 tablespoons ofvegetable oil and just put them on yourwork surface that’s super and you wantto just shut your door down onto that[Music]okaycool top 10% you both would sign nowfill up a hot water send me much easierto clean so there isn’t really a rightor wrong way to meet Brett it’s justabout stretching our punching out andgetting the gluten and it’s starting towork so that’s what we’re gonna do nowso you can company my method but ifyou’ve got one if you members got one ifyou seem cool Hollywood do you want tojust do that as long as you’re waking upbut you want to be needing this forabout nine minutes so that’s what I’mgonna do I’m gonna set time for nominutes now and I’m gonna get needed[Music][Music]I’ve been eating for about two minutesthat I’ve already Oh such fun to do areal stick EULA let’s stick it to mypounds it’s throwing in the rightdirection this is exactly what we wantto Nachman but it’s getting a little bitharder to work so what I’m gonna do nowis I’m gonna add one tablespoon of flourthat’s what I told you about earlier I’mgonna start with the brown flour justbecause the ones already quite adominant color remember you’re doing allwhite or all brown bread it doesn’treally matter just as long as this onetablespoon so notice here my tablespoonnow it will seem like a lot but it’llmake your life easier trust me and wejust goes right ankle that on over andthe Sun won’t tend to choose that oneagain I’m gonna move it all the way[Music]okay so about two minutes left am imeeting now what’s against get a littlebit sticky little bit hardware there’ssomething else I’d but loves take usthrough now a flower but my white wellhere and this is just going to perfectthe dose it’s gonna get it right theright consistency that you want for thedough you buy the shop finishing off theleaving nowyou’ll see I’m going to take one again Iaren’t tired a little is it worth itokay so that’s done that is good to goand I’m going to show you how you knowit’s good to go not only is it nice andstretchy and malleable this but this iswhere you want to look for if you wantto give it a Pike and it should gentlyspring back just like that poke in aspring poke and a spring poke and aspring how you can a spring look I do itall day in spring do this all day so nowthat you’re done is ready just want toset that to one side second you want togrease your Brett tip I’m reallyrecommend you get bread tin like thisone because this is really powerful itmakes it just like the bread that youbought at the shop because this gives itthat nice straight shape now a lot ofthe bread tins you see like you knowunlike cheap offer they kind of theycome off or this side of it that’s verypicturesque and it’s great if you’rehaving like a crusty bread but if youwant something that it’s gonna be likesoft and just what do you let you go theshopping me sandwiches with you want toget one like this and I’ll put the linkto this specific one in the in the videodescription so if you won’t even get thesame where these gets in without reallyrecommend it so you wanna you want togrease this team quite well becausethere’s nothing more heartbreaking thanyour bread stick so I take it about atablespoon of your veggie oil again thereason we use vegetable oil and notolive oil it’s because olive oil burnsquicker so if you use olive oil you’regonna get really well crusty bread againwhich is lovely which isluckily but it’s not what we ground fortoday so now for veggie oil you get apiece of kitchen towel and you just wantto smear it all around the bread tip tomake sure it’s evenly smeared you knowobviously you don’t want it to be youknow over the top but you want to feelconfident that your dough is not goingto stick so just gently rest your doughin there you want to just press it downand then you cut very lightly with a teatowel don’t use the fuzzy kind of teatowel get a nice clean you know justnormal non fuzzy country and you wonderthe effect of it and we’re leaving upfor an hour and a half Achadjian is wellwaiting around with bread and an hourand a halfthat’s very good today after an hourpreheat the oven to 220[Music]Wow look at that that is perfect and atea away because it’s just got up to thetop is not saying mushrooming over theedge you do not want it to start doingthat mushroom because then isthat’s when you know it’s over proved abit because that’ll be a pain to fit inthe toaster as well so you wanna justbefore proving spinach you want topre-heat your oven to 220 you want itreally hot in there you want to have aroasting tin at the bottom and justabove that you want your oven shelf youknow on anything else in there give youplenty of room above that if you don’tfeel your bread to be able to cookwithout you know touching the top of theother so we’re getting it real hotbecause what I’m doing there is createsome steam and those where our coldwater comes it so we’re going to pourthat in noware you readythere we go doors shut right away and assoon as you’ve done that you want tobring the temperature down somewherebetween 170 180 and you want to let thatbe for two minutes all right it’s beentwo minutes let’s get this thing in theovenand you want to cook that for soundsprecise but for me it’s 36 minutes youwill have to experiment with your ownoven what’s best will be anywherebetween 30 minutes and 40 minutes forthe perfect lifeall right let’s see what we’ve got yesthat looks great and it smells amazing[Music]Oh love that bread smell so you want toget this out of the tin straight awaydon’t worry about being too gentle withit we’ll be okay and you want to getthem to your cooling rack if you don’tget out of the tin straight away if youleave it in there even five minutesit’ll start building sake I wasexperimenting with sue know what happensif I let it cool completely in the techit was devastating it was completelysoggy so you want to leave this to coolcompletelyyou can’t slice it now you can’t doanything now and ordinarily I would sayleave it for three hours and then sliceit and get it covered but I started thisbread very late is now hot past 1:00 inthe morning and I’m very very tired soI’m gonna just leave that and I’ll thereI’ll deal with our breakfast so good[Music]nice all right so here’s your life andif everything’s gone according to planit should be nice and soft and squishyon top just like those loaves you buythe plastic bag from the shop so we’regonna get this is sliced Mountain ifyou’re anything like me you have youcan’t slice bread in a straight linefull of moneychocolate doesn’t matter what’s on thetable if the condition is that you haveto slice bread straight you’re gonnaloseso I got myself one of these things andhonestly I’m really recommend it it’ssimple it’s picturesque if doubles upit’s a cooling rackI’m just semble it like so and pop inyour bread and then you can use theselittle slats just to slice into straightlines well I’m gonna do on this occasionis I’m going to cut this clean in halfjust so you can see in the middle howgood this bread is there yeah and if youlook at that you put your nice tinylittle bubblesthat’s exactly so I’m gonna get slicingthis now and this is this is it knowthat you’re good to go so you use thiswhatever you want use of your sandwicheswe’re going to have a bacon and eggsandwich this morning I’ll probably havea open top steak salad a little bitlater it’s good for toys just good fortoasties is this good for your healthytuna sandwich whatever you want this isgood for it yeah right ready to gowhatever you fancy okay guys so thereyou have it so I hope you’ve enjoyedthis little lesson are you being safe inthere this is ab especially good recipefor if say I don’t know you forced toself quarantine due to a global pandemicfor example and you need some breadyou’ll be able to you know those twobags of flour you’ll be able to getweeks worth of bread rather than havingto keep going tongues for the shop youknow you really want to avoid do anotherminute so I hope this helps you and evenif it doesn’t even if you’re watchingthis and like you know the world doeswell again because it will be well againthis is a great recipe you’re going toreally enjoy this is the most deliciousbread and the most of us top rightyou’re going to make today so take careguys keep talking to each other keeplooking out for each other keep makinggood food see ya dude eat don’t forgetto subscribebuddy dadoo daddy daddy and it’s alsonice to give us a like

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