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Here’s what we’re gonna do now… Bread SOS Service – Bake with Jack

I had this weeks video all figured out, and next weeks too in fact, but neither of those would make and sense to us now our lives have changed so dramatically.Instead, we now have the Bake with Jack SOS Service!

Sent your bread making problems to
Include your name, your location, a method or recipe if possible and the temperature of your kitchen if you know it.

Each week I’ll put together the most common problems and get to the bottom of each one right here on the Bake with Jack YouTube channel.

See you next week!


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Video Transcription

hey Owen Baker’s this Jack here bakeryJack oqk bringing you your weekly breadmy kids hip every single Thursday andthis week the world got turned upsidedown roll that theme tune hello to youand welcome back to the bakery jackyoutube channel where i share a littlebit my bread making expertise everysingle Thursday’s help you make amazingbread at home and firstly our word ofthanks thank you if you’ve been here fora while if you’ve been hanging out withme some of you since the very beginningthank you so much for being here everysingle week for your weekly bread makingtip and secondly I like to say welcometo all those new people out there whothought in the last week or so it mightbe a nice ideaso make your own bread for whateverreason it was that that thought crossyour mind I can’t think of one right nowwelcome there are loads of you who havejust discovered me in the last sevendays literally thousands welcome I hopeyou I hope you find some sort of valueand what I’ve been laying out here forthe last four years or sonow this is normally not the way we dothings here this isn’t how we roll butsome circumstances are exceptional now Iwas going to continue on here withoutmentioning the obvious I plannedactually I didn’t plan it just kind oforganically was that here on the backwith Jack YouTube channel I was justgonna ignore what was going on in theworld and perhaps just focus on keepingthings taking over providing you alittle escape from the noise once a weeksome ground for you to place your feetby just sharing with you a little bit ofsomething about bread but then gotreal maybe as soon as I’d already filmedthis week’s video in fact I’d alreadyfilmed next week’s video because I justthought to get my life in order juststart to get on top of things but thevideos I did film are completelyirrelevant now it wouldn’t make anysense for me to put them out at themoment the landscape has changed nowyour circumstances have probably changednow quite a bit I would imagine somepeople could get hold of flour somepeople can’t there’s an uneasy feelingin the air and in my heart and that’swhy this week instead of those videosI’m broadcasting from here the verytip-top of the tallest of the baked withJack towers away from any human contactwasever to tell you what’s gonna happennext yeah oh thank you it’s lovely Ifeel like I have this kind of sense thattells me where I need to put out eachweek look at everything that you tell meI build it subconsciouslyin my mind are you feeling of acommunity of people who get some sort ofvalue out of the principles discussedhere it’s that feeling that helps me todecide what I think might be mosthelpful for you to see next that feelingcombined with my limitations oftechnological expertise which I know youcan’t quite believe it but there aresome and my limitations of time in whichI can actually film stuff in betweenschool drop-off in school pickup inhosting courses and workshops anddemonstrations and food festivals andall the other things that I have to dois a combination of all that stuff theyhouse me decide what to share with youon a weekly basis in short I do what Ican do but circumstances have changednow dramatically for me and probably foryou too that since I had for your needshas now been scattered and my time hasbeen squeezed by having children at homefor the foreseeable future and so hereis what I propose we do now witness thelaunch of the bake with Jack breadSOS servicemany of you are new and I’m guessingmany of you have problems making breadat home which is why you’re here in thefirst place that is literally the onlything I know for sure right now and sowhat I have done is created a brand newemail address for you to send your breadmaking woes directly to me if you’rehaving troubles if you’re unsatisfiedwith your bread making in one way oranother if there’s something you justcan’t crack then I am here for you howall this is all very well and a goodidea right I have literally no idea howmany of you will be sending me emailsand I estimate that I probably won’t beable to reply directly to each and everysingle one of you but here’s what I canand I will do in a normal slot here on aThursday morning where you’d normally bewatching your weekly bread making tipI’m going to choose the most commonproblems tell you what I think is goingwrong and let you know what you mightwant to do next to help put things rightso if you are having problems and youneed a diagnosis here’s what I need youto do take a photo of your bread makingwoes and send them to me at bread s.o.sat bake with Jack co uk include yourname your location on the planet andmethod or recipe is helpful if that’seasy forward to you to do and also thetemperature of your room on the day ifyou know it together we will get to thebottom of your problem and soon you’llbe making amazing bread at homeeffortlessly time after time thispresent time we live in will never beforgotten it will leave remnants butsoon it will just be a memory one day inthe future we’ll all turn to each otherand go man do you remember that timethat that was crackers wasn’t it buthere and now what we live in in this wecan choose to crumble we can give up wecan knock everything on the head becauseeverything is in a disaster anyway sowhy should I try or we can try there arethings that we can’t control here andthings that we can I can’t do anythingabout the state of the world right nowbut what I can do is to play my smallpart by doing what is asked of me bybeing kind to one another by looking outforone another in the bigger picture thismight be a time of panic but it can bean opportunity to pause if you so wishit to be it can be the biggestopportunity we’ve ever had that wewouldn’t be able to create for ourselvesany other way to just pause and have athink for a little bit time to considerthe way we are living our lives and ourresponsibilities to think about what wetruly value what matters here and whatreally doesn’t what is real and whatreally is not if you are making breadfor the first time or not if you arehaving troubles or problems as you woulddefine them in the small way that I canbe I am here for you send your breadmaking woes your worries yourfrustrations to me and bread SOS at bakewith Jack dot co dot uk’ and we cancrack it togetherthank youyou

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