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Great Birthday Bake Off | Episode 02 – Braided Loaf (Rapunzel Bread)

Mmmmm sooooo, this bread was kind of hateful. Don’t worry, the birds ate this one.
Tune in next Saturday for a welcomed break with a weird Mary Berry depressiony recipe!

Paul Hollywood’s flavorless Eight-Strand Plaited Loaf Recipe:

What’s the Great Birthday Bake Off?
I started this project as a half-birthday gift to my long-distance friend who has only requested for me bake her things or be on Great British Bake Off. Since I’ll never be British and she lives too far away to send treats successfully, this is the next best thing I could think of.

Investigations, Marty Gots a Plan, and Frost Waltz by Kevin MacLeod are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

it’s bread week
today we’re doing an 8 strand plaited
loaf which sounded easy until I started
reading the directions again it’s
another Paul Hollywood recipe so that
means it’s very simple on the outside
and very complicated once you get into
it so strong bread flour this is actual
bread flour it should be strong it
should be exactly what he’s asking for
we’re gonna take our fast action yeast
and put it on one side because we don’t
want to kill it with the salt though I
don’t understand how it doesn’t die once
it’s been put in there together I don’t
have fine sea salt I don’t know why we
have a grinder but that seemed like a
lot of work so we’re gonna use this kind
of coarse sea salt on this side that
says to add a good splash of olive oil
so this this feels like a splash right
oh I already messed up so I jumped ahead
in the directions so instead of adding
the olive oil to the already mixed
things like I thought I should I just
read ahead and now I’ve done something
I’m afraid I shouldn’t have but we’re
gonna mix it anyway there are definitely
some lumps but it could be worse it can
be worse so the recipe called for 12
ounces of water which I can do three
quarters of so it only means eight so
eight will do eight ounces to the flour
mixture what does that mean so I stopped
at the floor
Oh says mix together by hand and then
add the rest of the liquid I’m just
gonna need the rest of this he wants me
to put it on a well floured work surface
now which I will do this time despite
what happened last time with a rum Baba
I don’t know how liberally to dust but
this feels pretty good
so it looks like we’re needing for
another ten minutes maybe this wasn’t
enough flour on the worktop wonder how
this will taste it’s not an enriched
dough it’s just pretty bread which is
fine I’m just I feel like the challenge
here is braiding which is a challenge
for everyone how stretchy should it be
we can see I can see through it you say
oil a bowl let’s just
all right I’ll be back in an hour so
this guy got pretty big as you can see
he is certainly what I would think is a
doubled it looks devil
I took a peep at the instructions and
I’m I can’t I’m not excited I believe in
oh it’s very soft gonna just lightly to
gas it which is what I think he wants to
do I want to weigh it it doesn’t say to
weigh it though do I trust myself
I chose myself oh that wasn’t so much
smaller I don’t trust this at all I’ll
trust you Paul Hollywood I don’t like
this we’ll trust the process
I’m gonna trust the process roll out
each piece into a 16 inch strand these
are not beautiful they look like ugly
I do guys what if they’re not all the
same this is not a flattering thing to
do on a camera not a fan not a fan that
this is my life right now
Paul Hollywood would never eat this
we’re working on this last one it says
to be to put it on a floured tray I
think we’re gonna use parchment paper
lay the strands out like an octopus
fanned out from the central point in the
top so we’re just gonna do our best
place one over – okay I think I see
where this is going
this one wait what okay no I messed up
let’s try again I’m gonna start over
oh I can’t start over oh that’s become
one okay you guys just don’t touch right
don’t touch so much chaos just ensue we
have to start over because nice
melbourne exploded when i tried to read
these instructions so we’re just gonna
try again y’all this is so ugly 1 over 4
you know if it’s ugly again its ugly
again this is not good this is actually
very bad don’t look the whole strand
we’ve gotta get this undone follow the
directions he said to work on a floured
work surface and I should have listened
this one looks like it got chewed on
she’s not good she’s not well so this
part looks right what happened here we
have to start over it’s fine it’s not
like this has already taken an hour and
a half it’s getting tough the dough is
tough it it should have rested I should
have rested it cuz it’s fighting me
I should have wait them was I thinking
let’s weigh them what’s this 1 12 82 82
this is the third time I’m trying this
all with the same dough we had to start
over so now we’re gonna get a tray and
flour it and actually put these guys on
this early start looks very early Alex
Frank this is right tuck the ends under
and give it a tiny little bit of use for
another hour
we’re ready
does grown kind of bat

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