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Fluffy Japanese Milk Bread Recipe, Hokkaido rolls, the Softest Dinner Rolls Ever ふわふわミルクパン

Fluffy Japanese Milk Bread Recipe, Hokkaido rolls, the Softest Dinner Rolls Ever ふわふわミルクパン

Shelina Permalloo is an English cook, author and winner of the MasterChef 2012 UK TV show competition.

Born in Southampton to Mauritian immigrant parents, Permalloo was working as a Project Manager in London when she decided to participate in MasterChef UK 2012. In the final she beat Andrew Kojima and Tom Rennolds with her final menu: octopus served on marinated fennel and ginger; mutton curry with a chilli pumpkin roulade; mango cannelloni filled with lime curd.

After winning MasterChef, she worked in various London-based restaurants. Her first book Sunshine on a Plate was published by Ebury Press on 20 June 2013 and contains recipes inspired by Mauritius.Her second book The Sunshine Diet was published on 1 January 2015.Shelina opened her first restaurant “Lakaz Maman” in Southampton in April 2016.



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375g plain flour
30g sugar
15g salt
7g dried yeast
200ml warm whole milk
30g salted butter room temp

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to another videosorry about my voice I have a bit of acold at the moment but I want to showyou how to make the most delicious softJapanese milk funds and they areincredible so in here we’ve got 350grams of plain flour flour we havearound 30 grams of salted butter hereI’ve got my yeast and seven grams ofyeast and the one Brown that I’m usingtoday is easy-bake yeast by allison’sI’ve had quite good Rises with thisbrand so I thought I’d let you knowabout that I’ve got some sugar in hereand it’s three tablespoons and in hereI’ve got two teaspoons of salt whichworks out to be around I think I weighedit it’s about 20 grams and then hereI’ve got 200 mils of warm milk now themilk has to be warm because it activatesthe yeast so the first thing we do isinto our warm milk we’re going todissolve the sugar and we’re gonna putin our yeast and we need to give that agood stir and the sugar will help toactivate the yeast quickly so let thatdissolve stir it until most of thoselumps have gone and then what we’regonna do is set that to the side foraround 10 minutesand we’ll come back to that alright sonow we’re going to tip in our flour andit’s plain flour were using which wesaid was 350 grams and we’ve got ourmixture here that’s been resting withour milk yeast and sugar and we’re gonnapull this straight in and what I like todo is use the back of the spoon to tryand bring the mixture together so yourhands don’t get too sticky doesn’t taketoo longonce it gets to this point you can go inwith your hands and bring it alltogether if you feel that it’s a bit toodry then you can add firm liquid to itonly a little bit more each flower isdifferent so some flowers are tend to bemore dry than others it just depends onthe brand that you’re using but itshould clean away the pan or the bowlthat you’re mixing in once it’s at thisstage this is where I add my salt now Idon’t like to add salt directly to yeastso I add the salt in around here andwe’re just gonna mix that all in now tomake sure it’s completely incorporatedit just makes sure that if the yeastdoes touch the salt at the beginning oncontact it will stop the yeast fromrising and you won’t get lovely softfluffy buns which is what we’re goingfor so now it’s the hard work so whatwe’re now going to do is open it up alittle bit and we’re going to take ourbutter that we have which is softenedand we need to enrich the dough withthis butter and you want to sort ofenclose it on in itself it does get abit gloopy and slimy and sticky but thisis gonna make the dough really soft anddelicious when it cooksand now what we do with this dough is wehave to knead it for ten minutes if youhave a cake mixer you can put it on thedough attachment and lead it for aroundfour minutes actually doesn’t need a lotof mixing in the cake stand and so fiveto ten minutes by hand is absolutelyfine you just want to bring the doughtogether and to make sure all the kindof stickiness was gone and so it rollsinto a nice ball so what I’ll do is I’llkeep kneading and then I’ll show youwhat it looks like at the end so I’mabout two or three minutes into kneadingand a city can see it’s still quitelumpy and we want to make sure that thisbecomes really smooth and elastic as youcan see as I’m stretching it it’s quiteit’s gonna kind of break in pieces sothe best way to need is to hold onesection like that and pull and stretchroll it back into it itself and thenagain roll and stretch so I’m going tokeep going for another five minutes I’dsay good arm workout because these areso delicious you can and want to eat thewhole tray so get your exercise inbeforehand all right guys we’re gettingup to ten minutes of kneading and youcan see it’s gone really lovely and softand it’s beginning to push back a littlebit so what we’re now gonna do is rollit into a nice ball just like this soyou get all the loose ends on one bitand then roll it into a lovely roundball like this and we’re now going totransfer I’ve got a bowl here and I justwant to put some oil in here okay we’rejust gonna take our dough roll it in theoil and roll the other side in oil justlike that it’s nicely oiled and thenwhat we’re going to do is take somethingfilm and place it directly over the topnow we want this to restand the resting time can vary dependingon how warm your environment is ifyou’re in Mauritius you’ve got probably20 minutes until it rises here in the UKit’s gonna take about two hours but whatyou’re looking for is it for it todouble in size if it doesn’t look likeit’s doubling there’s two things thatcould be happening the first is thatyou’re not wrestling it long enough orthe second is your yeast may have gotoff so two hours you’re gonna rest thisbaby and we’ll come back to her laterso the breads now been resting and ifyou can see it’s definitely done itswork that’s beautifulso now we have to knock the air outwhich basically means that we’re gonnapunch it then so just get your fist andit’s the most satisfying thing to do sowe’re just gonna knock that air out whatI’m gonna do is sit back on my tray hereand all we now need to do is separate itinto twelve because it’s gonna maketwelve buns so I’m gonna just roll it upso that I know how many I’m gonna makeand then I’m gonna make twelve equalbuns so what I like to do is roll itinto a ball like that and equally maketwelve sectionsyou can’t weigh this if you want if youwant to be like super precise but I findthis is kind of as good as it gets thatlooks a bit tiny so I’ll see how I getone of those and then all I’m gonna dowith each one of these just pull themout and we’re just gonna roll these intoballs they should be all equal so all wewant to do is make 12 equal balls andwhat if you can see what I’m doing I’mtrying to basically make sure the topsare completely flat and I’m bringing allthe creases to the kind of bottom partof the bun and once it’s there I justlike to roll them so you end up with nocreases at the top of the bun bit likethat I don’t like adding any more flourat this point I find that the bunsreally dry out so here you can see movethis over I’ve just got my parchmentpaper lined into a roasting dish andwe’re gonna just give them a bit ofspace so we’re gonna try and get all 12on there so I’m just gonna go rollingnowso now all we’re going to do is coverthis with cling film and let these restfor another half an houryou want them to expand and grow alittle bit and they’ll end up beingsuper super fluffy if you can seethey’re all about the same size which isperfectright look at these babies they’ve beenresting now about half an hour andthey’ve sort of they’re sticking next toeach other which is exactly what we wantnow what I like to do is dust them withcorn flour and some people egg wash thembut I just think they look so sobeautiful so I’m just gonna put somecorn flour on top of each one and thenwe’re gonna oven bake them like a lovelysnowy top to these beautiful rollsthat is enough perfect so these are nowwe’re gonna bake for 25 minutes at 180and then we’re gonna arrest them for 10minutes and after 10 minutes you can eatthem okay guys I’m gonna open one upI’ve been so patiently waiting for thisoh look at how soft and fluffy they areon the inside they are so soft and milkyfluffy and they deserve to be slatheredin butter just like that perfect warmI’m gonna do another one to go into hereso you can see very very soft andthey’re all kind of stuck together whichis perfect I’ll just open up another onefor you so you can see oh it’s still sowarm so fluffy guys you have to makethis recipe it’s fantastic I hope youlove this recipe guys there you go mysoft fluffy milky Japanese[Music]

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