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“Finally, Keto Bread For the People” – Uprising Food, Inc.

We are on a mission to take down big bread …

What makes us different?

1. Keto … Lifestyle Bread
We stand first and foremost for giving you bread that fits your lifestyle. Food that fits the math.

2. Taste … No Compromises
We stand for YOUR tastebuds. Our master bakers have baked bread for high-end, gourmet restaurants.

3. Farm Fresh … Oven to Table
We bake every loaf on the farm and ship it direct to your door from our wood-fired oven.

4. Ingredient Quality … The Best
We build bread with the highest quality ingredients … Almonds, Flax and Apple Cider Vinegar to name a few. Not the cheap stuff … the good stuff.

5. Free From Grains
No gluten, no processed carbs, no artificial preservatives. This is food you can trust.

6. Service Over Product
We sign up for more than getting you to purchase a loaf of bread. We’re in it for the long haul. Your goals are our goals and we are ready to help.

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Video Transcription

hey this is William founder of uprisingfood calm ed uprising we’re on a missionwe’re here to take down big bread wewant to come against high carb highlyprocessed highly preserved breads thatline the inner aisles of the groceryquite frankly we think you consumershave been getting a really raw deal andwe are here to change that we’re on amission here at uprising to bring youmouth-watering keto friendly bread thatyou are proud to put on your plate[Music]we don’t believe that you should have togive up bread have a keto friendlylifestyle that’s why we made bread withtwo net carbs per slice not only thatbut we make each loaf by hand bakedfresh and ship it direct to your doorjust like back in the day the foundingfather said enough is enoughthey came against England and we arecoming against big bread this resonateswith you and you want to be a part ofthe ruckus just click the button below

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