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Filipina American COUPLE simple but full of happiness how I cook bread

Bonding time❤

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Video Transcription

hi guys today we’re trying to cook breadoh my gosh gonna cut one talaga goodbecause this is my first time to gobread so this is egg with butter yeahthis is a great butter and this is eggwith milk and now sorry I wanted a geckothis is a yes and yes where I put thissome sugaryeah that’s why so this is milk this isall four paws sugar and speaking soda soI got a mutant holait’s so we add these guys vanillaextractParana man bang oh sureso you know cobalt oligarch oh andcontain excited don t remember yeah solet’s try let’s start guysmy in my this guy’s is so heavy I don’tknow maybe it’s because my alrightcontinue is an American so I use oliveoil[Music]oh my gosh yeah but it’s fine yeah oh mygod I like honey corn bread yeah I likebread you do

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