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Wednesday ✨ simple fall pumpkin bread recipe! I’ll leave the recipe below! Hope y’all enjoy and see you Friday for a sit down video! 🙂

3 1/3 cups Flour
3 cups Sugar
2 tsp Baking soda
1 1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 15 ozCanned pumpkin
1 cup Vegetable oil
4 Eggs
2/3 cups water

How to make:
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Spray pans with nonstick spray
Combine pumpkin, oil, eggs, and water
Add in dry ingredient & mix until well combined
Pour into loaf pans
Bake in oven for 60-65 minutes


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Video Transcription

hello everyone MUC thanks my channel if
you’re new here my name is Jayden so
over here I’m working on making a
pumpkin bread because today is the first
day a fall hello you hallelujah and I
decided I was like what the heck oh my
gosh she can’t see me I was like what
the heck I can show you guys how I’m
making it what I’m making and I’m not
gonna lie I’ve already done like three
of the steps but that’s okay I’m just
gonna explain them go through them and I
figure it’s just something easy you guys
can pop on here I’ll literally just tell
you the steps and I’ll list the recipe
in the description box okay so I’m gonna
let you know what I’ve already done so
far so this is what we’re making just a
simple pumpkin bread and maybe you can
have it for snap and then breakfast so
first of all you’re gonna preheat the
oven to 350 done so it’s a 350 and then
I’m just gonna use this pan I already
sprayed it with some nonstick spray and
then what I already did oh my goodness
so then in this mixing bowl right here I
mixed together one can of the pumpkin
puree 100% puree with some vegetable oil
you use how much best oil 1 cup of
vegetable oil 1 can of this and then you
mix in 2 3 cups of water and then 4 eggs
which is a lot of eggs and I’m pretty
sure that I lost a shell in here
it’s fine because maybe what’s up here
like me and so yeah whoops and then
you’re gonna put in 3 cups and what are
3 and 1/3 cups of flour so that’s the
step that I am at as of now so we’re
gonna mix this up then let’s get this
all the ways you can please so we’re
gonna mix this up
like I said I have the one can of
pumpkin and then I have the 2/3 cup of
the oil no 1 cup of oil 2 3 cups of
so you want to do all the wet
ingredients and then you’re gonna mix in
the dry ingredients
you always have been like forever since
I’ve talked to you guys
uploaded I’m truly hoping I know I have
set this like a million and one times
but I’m truly hoping to start getting
back because I miss you guys thinks it
just been hectic and I’ve had to put
myself first it’s not that I like don’t
care about y’all I don’t care about my
channel because I do and I guess like I
just listened to someone say like if you
don’t like if someone doesn’t upload
consistent consistently that means that
like they don’t care like whatever I
know I totally care about you guys I
totally love my channel but like I said
I’ve had to put myself first I have a
one-year-old like she does not take two
naps anymore like I have like two jobs
and so it’s like I have to put myself
first but I also like I love you guys
and so if like I want to definitely
start posting again and yeah start back
up on my channel and I’m very excited
for it this thing keeps going crazy okay
so this looks I hope I did this right so
we got that hi baby and then we’re gonna
do three cups of sugar a little water
shake three cups of sugar so I keep my
sugar neat and these things definitely
need to fill them back up I feel
okay we’re gonna mix up the sugar it is
a very dry
I’m literally so excited for fall today
is like the highs like 79 and we’re
gonna go to a pumpkin patch and I’m so
bring up some apple cider splashes the
79 like that is like okay so we have the
3 and 1/3 cup of flour three cups of
sugar so now we need 2 tablespoons 2
teaspoons of baking soda find it fun it
would be something fun to do for the
first day of fall yeah baby here we go
it’s like this would be a lot more
simple then really
hopefully I get this uploaded for you
guys tonight as well
we’re gonna be like wow this video is
all over the place yesterday and we’re
gonna do some salt
one and a half a teaspoon of salt
I’m just gonna literally just do like
just like a dash of it like what looks
great okay and then one teaspoon of
ground cinnamon
I might make some frosting for like the
cream cheese kind I’m not sure because I
love like the pumpkin bread like the
pumpkin bars with like the cream cheese
frosting so good okay so one teaspoon of
the cinnamon 1 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
I was like after I have nutmeg but then
I remembered I made this last year so I
oh my this is rough y’all we’re about to
like do this the easier way not to cheat
as you can see I am NOT a perfectionist
I just rode in there and hopefully don’t
them up which I’m sure will be fine okay
so we have all this we have nutmeg we
have the 1 can of pumpkin 1 cup of
vegetable oil 4 eggs and 2/3 cups of
water so we’re gonna mix it all together
like I said our oven is on 350 so really
you just do the wet ingredients first
and then you mix in the dry ingredients
and because this video is such a mess I
believe the recipe down below because
sometimes like right now I’m on
Pinterest and it drives me crazy because
I have to like keep scrolling down to
like the ingredients and then the recipe
and then an ad keeps popping up and it’s
very annoying so I’ll leave all of it
simple down in the description box that
way hopefully double make things so much
more easy for you guys and you guys can
just get it done quickly and pop it in
the oven okay so now we’re going to
spoon it into this loaf pan and you guys
can have sure to add like chocolate
chips like nuts if you wanted to okay
guys so my memory card is full so it’s
shut off and I’m not sure when it shut
off so I’m sorry if it cut me off I was
just saying that the recipe and
instructions will be in the description
box it’ll be super simple for you to
follow along here it is we’re going to
stick it in the oven for an hour and
then I will show you all what it looks
like when we get it out
okay ah so we already ate some but I
wanted to eat it before I let you guys
know how he liked it and it is super
good so here’s the pumpkin red like I
said I’ll be leaving the recipe with
super simple steps and the ingredients
below in the description box and I’ll
also link the recipe but it is super
good mabry had some for breakfast so it
was a win here’s my cat so it definitely
recommend it especially for the second
day of fall and it’s just an easy
breakfast or snack

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