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Everything Halloween Mukbang ASMR | DIY Vlog How to Make Spider Bread Bowl ASMR Mukbang Spider Pizza

Everthing Halloween Candy ASMR Mukbang Vlogg with 3GurlzAndDIY. The gurlz/girls learn how to make a Creepy Halloween Spider Bread Bowl and Halloween Spider Pizza while enjoying Halloween Candy and Treats.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause]on the next video so we need to makesomething so if you like[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Laughter][Music]because now it was time for the move and[Music]can you show what came out of the ovenyou know what that isit’s by damn thanks these are spiderbread sticks they’re really cute and dowe have the cute little spider webpizzas it we have and this didn’t comeout of the stony bottom these are somecute little cupcakes no don’t touch eatit a sprinkle okay yeah some cute littlecupcakeswe have no no yeah mellow cream pumpkintreats we have pumpkin spice Marchmarshmallows still opens Africa Leeflavor open we have so Oreos with whatthis kind of cream in it is boring Idon’t know if it tastes the same or notwell let me taste it one oh yes monstermitt supposed to be called oh I think itis put this is like a sweet version oftrail mix books to gear do any moreHalloweenand or Swedish I’m just saying we wehave some hot cocoa delicious and now wejust start eating and we do let’s startwith the big bang I’m gonna share thesepersons there in front of us it’s mycommittee here we go I can’t wait to tryitlet’s walk down you show blood need toride you really good ok guys I didn’thave to say talk about myself but yeah Ilove moving face I want them all thetime I always wanted to do one and thenlike my favorite and I’m finally get todo one so i’m really excited i actuallyget then do a move Kabang today and Iget to and I get to know y’all better socomment below you gonna move move babybeforeand tell me how far it is this hot chunkwas definitely very good comment downbelow which food is your favoritemovement then also I’m happy that I goto incorporate my DIY oh it’s very bigguys if y’all were wondering why it wasbeing silly just eating a bunch ofOlives I’ll tell you why I bought all ofyou I love olivesI’m gonna eat a marshmallow guys I can’twait to try one helloit was a hot chocolate yeah what are youeating Sofia and I eat which Pizza yesno no what are you eating right now andwhat that guy’s comment down below whatis your favorite pizza is it pizza wasvegetables on it is it pizza withpepperoni on it and cheese piata is itsausage pizza don’t comment down belowwhat pizza is your favorite I would liketo learn about you all tooand also remember to long black hole medown below what what food is your backon the big rock no not getting sick andby the way guys I’m drinking this potcoke I’m going to eat a spooky spiderpizzaoh these are acting really good theseare really good guysI can’t hold but this one’s helping todepart thing and there’s in this songmm-hmm I love itbigpeter so good I can’t allow itthis picks up all I’m eating all this upI mean every single food off this isjust so good this is eitherokay guys I know we’ve been doing a lotof Halloween videos lately but it’sHalloween and that’s our favorite seasonso it’s Halloween so we’re doing it soyeah that’s what we’re madam’am too badtoo sadand so if you like Halloween thencomment down below what is your favoriteHalloween costume all our cotton is thegoddess one and we went wow they reallyreally hard check out this videospeaking of Goddess look we have to doup how we did our goddess glam look onour goddess you should check out thatvideo if you haven’t seen it you don’tget seen that video coming down belowyou make it good[Music]bossfirstit’s a loop thing we have to eat as muchas we can entire guys I don’t knowwishes you could make it rhythm bluefinger all asleep okay guys like theygive me the Chinese monster maze itlooks kind of good so I can’t wait totry itokay this is like them you have to putit in your eye baby no good guys youknow that I want this you to my soulthese that you put inside your eye butthis is the candy one those you can’tput in your eye look sorrymmm this really[Music]I think I’m gonna try audio never triedthat yetoh my god good luck it is orange insidelet’s try I wanna see if it tastesdifferentnada this does not taste different atall guys come down below you know anddaughter beans and means that is notit’s not something it’s not somethingnada means is not it’s not MP is not butit’s me but it’s saying it in adifferent waynada means not in a different waypicking up Alan what’s your favoritecostume what do you wear for Halloweenand other what do you do growling do youhang out with their friends with theirfamily that wasn’t very long beforeanother one’s gonna eat it and thatlittle is getting masses of BS you haveto get Lily away from it what do youhave eat pennies you get dog yeah[Applause][Music]I’m under the table overcook thebreadsticksso just extra bread that right okay nowI’m gonna get you born part of this thisis really goodokay guys my sister with this video andthe milkmaid I’m so happy we did it allso I hope you come I remind you singinga comment about a really niceor maybe step or also subscribe like andturn on your notifications and I’llthink here is the big thumbs up we needthat okay I hope you watch the own Iwanna be wars tutorial of how we did thespider the spider way the spider web umpizza and the breadsticks spider andblue check out our other Halloweenvideos if you would want to oh you canmaybe watch the next video that’s comingup neither there is another video comingup and also we just post it on one videobefore this on it all I mean is Godpumpkin carving and the eye becausethere’s a eye and also make sure youwatch that video does not what postedbefore this wandered we have anotherspooky Halloween video when the eyereturns and also I just I’m just happyI’m it’s your ass and go watch my videosand also make surewatch that video is coming of a canisterbye guys[Music]

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