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Egg and Sausage Bread Bake

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Video Transcription

today in Luther’s kitchen I’m making anegg and sausage bread baked perfect forbreakfast lunch or dinner to begin withI’ve removed the casings off of somechicken Italian sausage and I havesauteed that or browned it and now I’madding some chopped onion and I’m gonnaput some sliced mushroomsyou could add spinach to this as well oreven bell peppers so I want to get allof that cooked down I also had someleftover bacon in the fridge so Ichopped it and I’m throwing that inthere as wellonce that mixture is cooked you want tolet it cool for a bit while it’s coolingyou can prepare it your bread loaf Ihave a 12-inchbread loaf this is a French or you coulduse Italian loaf you want the wide kindyou don’t want a skinny baguette and I’mcutting in deep like making a huge wedgeso I can remove the top piece which canbe turned into some excellent croutonsand then I’m going to use a spoon and myfingers to hollow out the inside so Ihave a nice sized cavity to pour my eggand sausage mixture in and all of thatbread that I’m scooping out don’t throwthat away put it in a food processor andyou can pulse it into bread crumbs ifyou lay them on a single layer in asheet pan and put them in the oven andhave them crisp up for a bit they makeperfect bread crumbs so I’m now going tospritz this with a little olive oilfront and back and I’m putting it in theoven 350 just to toast up for about 10minuteswhile that’s toasting I’m going to whisktogether 5 eggs and once those arewhisked I’m gonna add some milk and saltand pepperit’s a good idea to put this loaf onto apiece of foil and even spray the foilwith oil so that your bread doesn’tstick to it because some of the egg meatis out and it’s really hard to clean offof your sheet pan so the first thing I’mputting in and I’m piling it really highis that sausage bacon mushroom onionmixture then I’m gonna pour the egg andmilk mixture over that and I didn’t havefresh tomatoes so I used some cannedtomatoes but it’s really important thatyou drain the liquid out or you can usefresh chopped tomatoes I’m also making alittle frame around this again so that Ihave to do less cleanup in case the eggmixture uses out which you can seethere’s a little bit of egg mixture onthe outside so there are those tomatoeswithout the liquid because I don’t wantthis to be too loose or watery and thenI’m going to top it with cheese this isjust a mix of cheddar and Monterey butyou could use mozzarella because this iskind of an Italian theme and if I hadbasil I would have added that bake for35 to 45 minutes or until the eggmixture is set let it cool for a minutebefore slicing into it this makes awonderful weeknight meal for this recipeand more visit my class can cook calm[Music]you

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