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Easy to make bread omelette for children themselves to feed their tummy during long holidays

Children , come on let us prepare some yummy evening snacks during our long holidays. Why we need to starve ??!!

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Video Transcription

Monica I’m really feeling hungry I amnot feeling hungry yes I’m very hungryso why don’t we make something but ourparents are busy with work yeah but ourparents taught us how to chop thevegetables and how to use the stovethat’s right so why don’t we try itsure so which this you want to eat Iwant bread omelet I’m ready for itcome on let’s make bread oh okay babyone time we show how to make breadomelet to our friends that’s a good ideahello friends welcome back to our newvideo we are very hungryand decided to make bread of it butbefore going to the video there is oneimportant message for children is thatwe are using knife and stuff but beforeyou start it you should get the rightinstructions from your parents these arethe ingredients threat donut powderchilli powder salt some fresh pepper eggonion coriander leaves and mint leavesso let’s chop the onion and the leaf andmake it readyfirst let’s stop the onionnow I’m taking the mint leaf and thecoriander leaf and you should fold likethis and cut the cut it in small piecesnow take the fresh pepper in the washingyou can also use pepper powder butcrashing this fresh pepper gives youmore flavornow we have chopped the onion leaves andcrushed the pepper now it’s time tobreak dram bake now you can add someturmeric this much quantity and put itin the end now you can take some chilipowder little bit this quantity and youcan put it and eat it then some salt andnow you can mix it now you can add theonionthe leaseand the pepper little bitnow you can be keep the bag on the stoveand pour some oil mixed egg on the pan[Music]now you can put the bread on top of thecakenow you can press it on all the sidesand wait until it’s admitted pepperpowder now turn it now other bread andput on top of it now press it little forfreenow you can turn the bread[Music]you can not such off the face now wehave cook the bread omelet I’m gonnapartake ha for me and Davidnow we can decorate it with cookiesand if you want for flavor you can addsome peppernow our garlic is ready[Music]mmm it’s very yummy thank you forhelping women become friends this isvery simple snack that you can make forevening snack and please try this athome and let us know if you like ourchannel like share and subscribe andleaving back with more videos for yourholidays and detainment bye

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