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Easy French Country Bread Recipe | Beginner Artisan Bread Recipe

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This is my most requested video! We always have a fresh loaf of bread in the house and this Easy French Country Bread Recipe is SO easy that my daughter typically makes it for me the night before filming days (which is why you always see it in my videos). This is a BEGINNER Artisan Bread Recipe and the perfect first step for anyone who wants to learn to bake bread. In the near future we’ll dive into sourdough, Einkorn, and other breads, but today, let’s start with this easy, no-knead loaf!


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi I’m Angela and this is parisian farmgirl today we are going to make abeautiful loaf of bread you can find theoriginal recipe in my cookbook fromFrance to the farm which is available onAmazon I think you should give thisvideo a thumbs up and be sure tosubscribe if you haven’t and follow meover on Instagram because that’s whereyou and I can hang out every day[Music]this is it this is my crusty countryloaf the one you’ve been asking for thisloaf you’ve seen in so many videos hereon the preach and farmgirl channel andI’d love to share with you how to bakeit it’s so easy I think if you are abread baking beginner this is theperfect first step into the world ofbaking bread we’re not going to use asourdough starter today we’re not goingto use a food scale here’s what you’regoing to need flour salt water and yeastand as for equipment I love to have adough scraper of course you will needsome measuring tools you’ll want to haveparchment paper I think this makes itreally easy to handle your dough and aDutch oven now this is the key to therecipe I’ll share why in a little whileI have my Dutch oven here and you cansee it’s used and abused I expose it tosome very high temperatures if you don’thave a Dutch oven don’t panic you canstill bake bread today just use aroasting pan anything you have that canhandle a high temps and has a lid youwant to start this recipe the nightbefore that’s what I suggest we’relooking at at 12 to 18 hour ferment andthen a two hour rise the following dayso you’ll start with six cups of flouryou can divide this recipe in half but Isee if you’re gonna bake a loaf of breadbake a loaf of bread something that youcan make a big beautiful sandwich out ofso 6 cups of flour I use King Arthurorganic for this recipe[Music]we have six cups of flour and we aregoing to use a tablespoon of yeast Ikeep my east in a ball jar and I storeit in the refrigerator so you of coursecan use a measuring spoon and a teaspoonand a half of salt don’t forget the saltafter you have that all mixed togetherjust take a fork and stir it up and whatyou want to do is make sure that you geteverything on the bottom of the bowlmixed in it’s gonna look very shaggyit’s going to look like nothing’s goingto become of it that’s okay just makesure you get all the flour at the bottommixed in otherwise tomorrow morningyou’ll wake up to this beautifulslightly fermented dough and on thebottom won’t be all these flour crumblesso we don’t want that if it happens yourfirst few times you will get the hang ofit and you’ll have flour crumbles nomore so we have this saran wrap leftoverfrom when we butchered our cakes butit’s really not the most earth-friendlychoice so if you can find those reusablecovers that’s fantastic but this isgoing to sitt cover it in saran wrapovernight in a nice warm spot my kitchenis pretty cold so since the oven hasbeen running during the day I typicallyput this at the back of the oven whereit’s a little bit warmer it needs 12 to18 hours to ferment so it’s really niceto start this little right before youmake dinner it can sit all night andthen you can get started on it firstthing the next morningwhat we have here is a beautiful doughthat has been fermenting all night long[Music]just give it a little work around andlet it sit under plastic for 15 minutesour bread has been under saran wrap forabout 15 minutes so just take a littleflour and your dough scraperflour your work surface and one easystep it’s going to press it into aslight rectanglefold it over fold it over turn it overon its back or on it bum turn it a fewtimes and we’re going to set it on someparchment paper to do its final risethis just makes it really really easy toput it in the ovengrab my loan and if it’s out a littlewonky just give it a turnno no fuss now this beautiful beautifulloaf is going to sit here for two hours45 minutes into that 2 hours turn youroven off as high as it will go and putyour Dutch oven inside and that’s howwe’re gonna get the gorgeous crust onthis loaf of bread because we’remimicking a commercial oven we’remimicking a bread oven by creating anoven within an oven so we’re providingmaximum heat and humidity for the loafour beautiful dough has been proofingthat’s its final rice for the last twohours the oven has been on for 45minutes now it’s time to bake some breadI leave this loaf in for about 30minutes and then I check on it it’sstarting to turn golden brown I’ll takethe lid off and leave it in for a fewmore minutes when you knock on your loafyou want it to sound hollow that’s asign that it’s done if you can resist besure to let it rest for a while beforecutting into it this looks so deliciousit’s still a little bit warm it’s got abeautiful crumb I think you’re going tolove this recipe now if you’d like me todo a little bit more cooking for you besure to mention that in the comments andif you’d like some more kitcheninspiration check out this video righthere and when you’re done check out thisone right here and be sure to subscribea bientot[Music]

20 Replies to “Easy French Country Bread Recipe | Beginner Artisan Bread Recipe

  1. What a gorgeous loaf! You’ve inspired me to go back to baking bread again now that I’m able to knead after getting the inflammation in my hands under control. I would love to see more cooking videos! I really enjoyed it

  2. Gorgeous, easy bread recipe! I’m definitely going to treat myself and buy your cookbook. YES, please! More quick, easy cooking videos. (Curious: do you eat French fries with mayo? and of course you eat radishes with butter and salt )

  3. It’s like you knew I was trying to lean how to bake bread. I even bought my flour and yeast yesterday and now I see your video! Totally meant to be! I can’t wait to try it

  4. Oh yum!! Your kitchen looks beautiful with all your copper, new wall coverings and fresh flowers. Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

  5. Ooh the finished product looks amazing! These types of breads taste so good fresh out of the oven slathered in butter…come to mama!

  6. Yeeessss I love this video!! Found you recently and I’m a sucker for all the food content that you post. Great recipe I will try it out, like, tomorrow hehehe.

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