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Easily Make Make Bread From Scratch While Quarantined

Recipe Below:

Comedian Will Noonan loves baking bread.
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* Will Noonan EZ Lockdown Bread Recipe *

1/4 CUP wheat bread flour

1 3/4 CUPS white bread flour

1 1/2 TEASPOONS instant yeast

1 3/4 TEASPOONS salt

1 TABLESPOON olive oil

1/2 TEASPOON honey (optional)

2 CUPS warm water (about bathwater warm)


ADD 1 egg (optional)

ADD 1/2 CUPS of white bread flour UNTIL doughy consistency







EGG WASH & SCORE (optional)

BAKE 45 MIN at 375F (check on bread after 30 min)

When desired brown, knock bottom with knuckle. If it sounds hollow, you’re done.

Let cool for 10 min (it’s still cooking inside)

And eat with butter, cheese, whatever you like.

Thank you and Enjoy


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Video Transcription

hello there and welcome to my kitchentoday we’re gonna learn how to make somebread so it’s a perfect time to bemaking your own bread right now I hearthere’s not a lot of bread at thegrocery store but always and in generalmaking your own bread tastes better itsmells delicious the entire house theentire apartment the entire block thatyou live on is gonna smell awesomepeople are gonna be banging on your doorasking for bread only this time you havea solid excuse to not let them insidebut let’s get down to business thethings you’re gonna need are a littlebit of whole wheat flour and a littlebit of bread flour now if you only havethe bread flour and you don’t have thewhole wheat flour that’s fine if youonly have whole wheat flour you mightwant to go out and get some whiteunbleached or bleached flour as well tomix that in because just whole wheatflour very very dense so and then you’regonna need a little bit of salt honeyyou can take or leave this you don’tnecessarily need to have that yeastwhich I’m about to get out of thefreezer and water and an egg but the eggyou can also use or not use but anywaylet’s get down to businessok so this is the East I was talkingabout this is instant yeast you can do abread recipe with non instant yeast I’mnot gonna do that it’s most people haveinstant yeast so we’re just gonna gowith that if you have to do the yeastthing separately I got another video foryou but also most of the steps are thesame okay alright so the first thingyou’re gonna want to do here I like toput in just one quarter cup of the wholewheat flour just one quarter cup of thisnot even filled all the way up just likeI’m pretty close to a full cup quartercup of wheat flour thenyou get your white flour unbleachedflour whatever you want to call it redsome people call it you take that nowyou’re taking out taking out thatquarter of a cup again one full cup fullquarter cup I gotta keep saying thatsoggy half cup of flour in there rightnow add this little too much on topthat’s a another course we got 3/4 of acup and then there you go that’s a 1 cupso 3/4 of a cup white flour right thereand then just a quarter cup of wheatflour now just a wheat flour forget thiswhole quarter cup thing you don’t needit anymore I get this quarter cup get itout of your life now you just need yourbig 1 cup you stick this in the flour ifyou can get it inside thereI am puffs of flour like that and thenjust put it right in there so right nowyou shot two cups of flour in this bowlmost of it is white flour I like to putin a quarter cup of wheat flour just toadd a little bit of hardiness to thebread make sure you don’t have super youknow main bread so then I like to makethis little thing in the bread as youcan see here in that flour I got kind oftwo ridges on the side and a ridge inthe middle and that’s because I like tokeep the ingredients separate until it’stime to mix them all together so thenext thing we’re gonna do here is a 1/2teaspoon 1/2 teaspoon of the yeast sorryI screwed that up one and a halfteaspoons of the yeast one and a halfteaspoons to there you go they’re hereone teaspoon of yeast is gonna put thaton the right side and take the otherhalf teaspoon of yeast put that on theright side right on top of it right thenyou want to do your salt right so youwant to keep the salt in the yeast thereason why I made this whole contraptionhere let’s keep the salt in the yeastapart from each other as long aspossible because they’re the onesthey’re gonna really active HS then youtake your half sari then you take yourfull teaspoon of salt right fill thatguy up I like to just not over the bowlin case you overfill you don’t want itfalling into the bowl follow it on theground so then you put that right therethen I like to do not a like this isthis is where it’s kind of preferencesome people like their bread a littlesalty or some people like it a littlenot salty I like to do I feel like twoteaspoons two tables yeah teaspoons twoteaspoons just a little much so I liketo do just like like 1 and 3/4 teaspoonof salt get that on the left side soright now you got youryeast on your right salt on your leftright then you’re gonna take a halfteaspoon of honey now if you don’t havehoney or sugar you can skip this stepthis step is mostly necessary if you’renot using the instant yeast but I justlike it I just think it adds a littlebit of flavor and it helps the Eastactivate a little bit so you take yourhalf a teaspoon it’s a pain in that butto even get it in this thing and thenit’s a pain in the butt to get it out soyou’re just gonna stick that in thatmiddle crevasse that you made just getas much of that honey out of theteaspoon as you can you’re probably notgonna get it all and that’s fine so thenyou get your and the last thing is onetablespoon of oil all right so I like touse olive oil I feel like that tastesthe best this comes in very handy inthis whole recipe I forgot to show it toyou at the beginning but you were gonnaneed olive oil it’s my first cookingvideo so you know we’re getting togetherso you take your olive oil fill that guyup over the sink so you don’t spillolive oil all over the floor then youtake that you put it right on top of thehoney there in that middle part so nowyou have everything in here that youneed other than the wateryou got your yeast you got your oil yougot your salt you got a little bit ofhoney and all that flour right there nowit’s time to put in the water now thisis a very it’s a very difficult sort ofthingto get exactly right but luckily you’reusing the instant yeast so youa water temperature is kind of importantkind of not that important you can’treally screw up the whole recipe havingthe water temperature be wrong but youdon’t want it to be too hot it’ll makethe bread too hard to work witha lot of it’s better for it to be alittle too cold than to be too hot thebest way I can describe it if you wantto think of it hot bathwater not so hotyou couldn’t get in it like you knowyou’re making a bath here I thought it’stoo hot I can’t even get inside but alsonot so cold that it wouldn’t becomfortable so you are like a little bithot hot bathwater feel right thank you Ihave one of these nifty guys here butyou can just use your cup if you want toand then you fill that up two cups nowthat is a little bit more water thansome people like to use but I think itmakes the bread taste better I think itadds some airiness to the bread so Ilike to use two cups all right so nowthe moment of truth this is when we pourthe water into this flour andingredients and this is where you startto see all this stuff you just put in abowl become bread this is one of themore fun parts of the process peoplelike to use their hands I don’tnot because of what we’re going you knowthrough right now as a country I justkind of think it’s just too messy to useyour hands it gets all over your so Ilike to use a wooden spoon but you knowif you can use your own judgement youcan use your hands you can use a whiskthe whisk is gonna get really dirtyreally fast I tried a bunch of differentthings and I ended up just going withthe wooden spoon so what you want to doput that around lose my camera here alittle bit you want to just keep thisthing moving get that going into a nicebattery type of vibe right looks like abatter now it’s almost like a thickpancake right keep that going for su sothat gets really thin now this is whereif you were gonna add anything like aningredient say like nuts or I don’t knowpoppy seeds whatever if you wanted toadd something like that this is the timeto add it right now alright I what Ilike to add in times like these I liketo put a little on my shirt just toremind myself what I’m doing you knowjust to show the chicks that you knowhow to bake and then I like to take anegg one eggnow some Baker’s out there are likedon’t do this one don’t put an egg inthere it’s not gonna be as airy mightmake the bread a little denser but youknow what I like the flavor that the eggadds it makes the bread taste a littlebit more like a pancake which I don’tknow if you like pancakesI love them so I like that Imight bread tastes like a pancake and Ihave decided swearing is fine so we’regonna keep going with that get that eggall up in there spread that thing Iusually get the organic eggs but no youcan’t be too choosy in 2020 right nowhe’s got to go with the faux mixing thisup hang all up in there no consistencywon’t change very much with just an eggthere’s a big old Pisa some kind of egghere doesn’t wanna mix it in and then ohit’s already starting to smell good thatI can smell that so this is where youwant to takenow your bread flour your half cup thatyou’re just this is all you’re gonnaneed really for the rest of this nowtake a half cup of flour add it intohere now this is kind of the processthat we’re gonna be going through hereuntil it’s time to knead the bread soyou just keep adding 1/2 cups of flourto this until you get the consistencythat you like to work with now like Isaid I use 2 cups of water that’s alittle bit more water you’re gonna needa little bit more flour to kind of meetthat halfway but as you can see now it’sgetting thicker it’s getting big ah it’sgetting harder to work with but that’sgood that’s what you want to keep thatthing cranking you know you’re gonnabreak a little bit of a sweat makingbread man and that’s what you want it’sa workoutit feels good kind of go back in yourmind think about the front tears men inthe front tears women they did all thisstuff they made their bread eat it lovedit so it’s gonna definitely need anotherhalf a cup of flour making a lot ofbread yes this is probably two loavesI’m looking at but don’t worry it’sgonna be easy-peasyso keep that going I’ll be afraid make alittle mess and clean it up later yougot plenty of time these days to cleanthings up so at a certain point hereyou’re gonna see things are sticking tothe spoon a little bit it’s getting alittle bit more like looking like pizzadough it’s looking like dough you’veseen before in your life yeah I’mthinking oh my god this thing I’m pileof junk I just had here a minute agostarting to look like fooda half cup of flour and I’m like lookingforward to eating this already can smellthe future of how good this breads gonnataste all right so now probably time toput the spoon away and start moving itaround with your clean hands make sureyou get those hands clean that goes forpre coronavirus and post coronavirusalways want clean hands when you’rebaking and working with dough obviouslyyou know make sure you spin this thingaround you want to get you don’t want towaste too much flowers you’re gonnawaste flour no matter what you do butit’s just a fact of life but you don’twant to waste too much asses gettingpretty good I don’t know if it needs afull I don’t know if it needs a fullhalf cup of flour but it definitelyneeds some more flourcuz it’s still sticking to my fingersyou do not want it to be completelysticking to your fingers pain in the assand it just means the bread isn’t quitehaving the flour yet so this is thepoint where I start not dumping thewhole half cup in there I just put alittle bit in kind of knead it in insidethe bowl still we’re still inside thebowl kind of eating this around figuringout how much flour it needs it’s lookingpretty good right now you see that allrightthat’s right it’s now getting ready totake out of the bowlbut it’s still a little sticky so putthat in there flippity floppitysnippity-loo p’tee keep that picking upthat flour it’s a little more you knowthis is the stuff that feels very scarywhen you’re first starting out bakingyou’re like you want to be exact youwant to use the exact amount that guysand girls on the internet are tellingyou to use and you don’t want to screwit upbut that’s the fun part bread and that’sthe beauty of bread is that you can kindof mess with it a little bit here andthere you can make it your own you canmake it every night and you can changeyou know you can put a little bit moresalt one night you can put the egg inone night not put the egg in I’m justkind of experiment with it and see whatyou like do the kind of experimentwithin see what you’re like all right solet me pause this for a sec all right sothis is what you want your dough to looklike you know something like this andthe ball all right now you take a littlebit of flour put it on the surfaceyou’re gonna work with take that guy butright there all right this is the partyou don’t want to be doing this forabout ten minutesall right most people they don’t do thislong enoughall right kneading bread is the fun partokay but it takes time so everyone hastheir own technique you can figure outyours what I like to do is kind of justfold it knead it fold it knead itall right I’m gonna switch over totime-lapse for this part of it but youwant to look at the clock you want toset that thing for let’s say 13 minutescuz you’re a beginner set that to 13minutes continually putting flour on thesurface if it’s sticking to it not toomuch you don’t want to over flour itjust make sure you’re putting enough onthere to keep it from sticking to yourfingersyouall right look at that that’s what youso should look like a nice kind of ballright there one of the ways you can kindof tell if you want to stretch it outsee if it gets thin let’s see that’seven a little on the rougher side butit’s kind of how I like it I like it alittle hey you know I’m saying butanyway keep it like that and now that’sa good piece of dough right there feelsgood to you oh that means the hard workis now over so little trick here youtake your other bowl alright take thisguy right here put little bit just alittle bit oil in the bomb and you wantto take a paper towel sort of rub theoil evenly all around the bowl like thatit’s my lovely girlfriend mocking mewith her eyes as she walks by and thentake your dough bottom side in put it inthere smoosh it around in there get allthat oil up on it flip it upside downagain and then you just put it down takeyour towel old tea towel if you have onedish towel saran wrap also workscover this like that right and thenyou’re gonna leave it alone for 40minutes just walk away for 40okay so this part is very easy it’s been40 minutesyour dough should have risen a littlebit look at that it’s like twice thesize now you take your fist and youpunch it alrightpunch that down like that the wholething like that see put that you putthat back on top and wait another 40minutes forty more all right so we arealmost done it’s time to now take off atea towel look at that big beast of aboy right there started off with justsome flour now we have this what Ohdoesn’t even come right out pull thatout this is what a man Paul Hollywoodcalls the knocking back stage alright soyou’re not fully kneading this like youwere before you just kind of want toknock all that air back out of it thatyou just let kinda raised into it nowyou don’t want to make it too you don’twant to over knead it again too muchbecause man it’s just gonna be like younever proved it at all but you want toknock some air out of this thing get itinto the shape of a loaf of breadalright this is where you start shapingthe bread now this is up to you you cando this however you want you can cutthis into a bunch of different piecesand make two loaves of bread you couldcut this into five rolls or you can dowhatever you want with this part of anounce your time just be creative andfeel how you feel I today I’m just gonnado a loaf of breadnice easy whoa that you can makeyourself at home so here’s how it’s doneit’s very easy just kind of flatten thebread out like that that dough up likeso roll it into itself a little bit trynot to let any air stay in there use allthat thing into kind of a tube loafietype shape a balloon mer type shape as Isay in England all right you want to tryand get that as much air out of it aspossible you don’t want air bubblesmessing up the way your bread looks andeverything like that you want to be niceand clean looking but really doesn’thave to be pretty to taste good so evenif you you know don’t do this part rightit doesn’t really matter this is thekind of thing that you kind of hone alittle bit overdoing it multiple timesbut doesn’t matter see I’m talking abouthow I’m holding it I’m just really gonnado that great job right there myself soget that guy into the shape you want tocook right this big air bubble rightthere we get that out maybe once fartsound all right it’s already smellinggoodI like to kind of get the seams closedup if I can and just all that now it’s anice shape right there okay[Applause][Music]greatest way to do it I think you canalso use aluminum foil no like I saidnot the prettiest but it’s gonna tastedelicious when it’s done and now iswhere you take yourself over to the ovenput it up to 375that was 377 for those watching andpreheated all right right hits 375 timeto put that guy in okay so the oven hasheated up to 375 degrees now it’s timeto put on the old egg wash all rightbreak an egg into a small glass just alittle bit of water splash watertake a spoon take a spoon and just mixthat up break that egg yolk up in therereal good so it’s just like water andegg yolk this mix mix mix mix mix andthen you want to take your somethinglike a brush if you have a paintbrushyou can use paper towel if you don’thave a brushI bought a paintbrush that he was justfor this gotta be clean make surethere’s no paint on it and then you justcoat your dough with that egg wash makesa big difference gonna make it tastes alot better it’s also gonna make it looka lot better the difference maker righthere and you just feel like PaulHollywood when you do it in GordonRamsay or something like that this isbeautifulthis is the best loaf of bread anyone’sever going to eight so going a littlelight with it this time you can go aslight or as heavy as you like justremember when it is cooking and you’relooking in on it this egg wash is gonnamake it look like it’s cooking fasterthan it is the egg wash can be deceivingso do not let that fool you now it’stime for the last step before we put anoven which is scoring that means cuttingI do have a little tool for scoring butI’m not gonna use it because I think youguys probably don’t have that tool soyou can just use any sharp knife thesharpest knife you have all right so onthis one I’m gonna do I’m gonna do eightlines one two three four five six seveneight no there’s a whole bunch ofreasons why you do this I don’t need totell you it’s just so the bed breadbakes right and the way you wanted toand it looks cool so here you go readyjust got to be there’s got to be boldand not chicken about this just gotto goone two three or so I ended up goingwith seven it’s eight right therethis is like I said I use a lot of waterit’s a little bit wet huh over there nowkind of put it in the oven for I so youwant to put in the oven for 45 50minutes but check on it after 30 minutesokay so this is it putting an oven rightnow see you guys so it’s been 30 minutesyou want to check on it at 30 minutes Ijust wanna give it a little peek it islooking nice in there but like I saidthe egg wash makes it look like it’sdone when it’s not done so I’m gonnawait 15 more minutes and do 45 all rightit’s been 45 minutes it’s time for themoment there’s an easy way so readydon’t knock ittile you take the bottom sound hollowinsidesounds pretty hollow to me if it’shollow that means your bread is goodgonna let this cool down for at least5-10 minutes before you tear into it butholy smokes is that smell delicious andis it gonna taste delicious rememberit’s still cooking a little bit to letit settle 10 minutes before you rip intothat thing and then you’ll be fine mmm Ican’t wait to eat this thank you forjoining me today on baking bread withwill I hope your quarantine is goingwellsend me your pics and videos of yourbread can’t wait to see himand I hope it tastes delicious I hope ittastes delicious as this does thanks foreverything guys I love you visa

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