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Distracted Baker – ADHD baking – Easy Artisan No Knead Bread

No knead Artisan Bread

450g (3.5 cups) strong bread flour
375ml (1.5 cups) water
1.5 teaspoons salt
half teaspoon dry instant activating yeast.

Incorporate all ingredients in a non metallic bowl – cover in clingfilm/ plastic wrap overnight – 14-17 hours.

When ready to bake preheat oven to 220c fan (430f) or 230c (450f)

Gently remove dough from bowl with floured hands on to floured greaseproof baking sheet. Leave to rest for 20 minutes. Tip into
oven-proof bakeware with lid and bake for 30 minutes. Remove lid and bake again for 15 minutes. Cool on wire rack and then SCOFF

Happy new year Distracted Bakers! Hope you had a great Christmas. We have three episodes from the last series for you and then a brand new series!

The sequence of the episodes has gone out of sync as we bumped up the Christmas episodes, but don’t worry – all the recipes work! I’m also going to be starting a new Distracted Baker vlog/ discussion here for all your baking questions so PLEASE leave your baking questions and anything you’d like made for the next series. We are filming in early February so if anyone wants to join us in GLASGOW please drop me a message and we could bake together! Archie also has a little BROTHER called REGGIE who will be joining us. So please join us for more tangent based shenanigans!

Thanks again to the wonderful Julie Robinson for filming and Heather Andrews for sound. Couldn’t do it without you. The best team!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello again my name’s mark giri andwelcome to the fourth installment of thedistracted baker how are you I’m finethanks for asking today we’re going tobe making a really simple bread recipetakes no kneading I mean you might needitlike with nwd but you don’t need to KN eEA d and it takes about just a few hoursyou just put it all together mix ittogether and I’m still talking why am Istill talking so yeah it’s really easythis is your ingredient and equipmentlist pause here while you gather theseitems and at any point in the videoshould you need more time so now we’regoing to make some the easiest breadyou’ll ever make you don’t have to needit you don’t have to get all that sortof stuff in your fingernails and messabout a way and get tired this is so soeasy all you need is a few ingredientsin a bowl and some cling film really sowhat we’re going to do I’m gonna makeI’m gonna go in here and I’ve justrealized something that I need to turnthat right down because that’s going tostart boiling over right behind methat’s something else possibly foranother another episode could be mightnot be might just be my dinner soupdon’t like soup I’m challenged what youguys just fallin scales you usually needa bigger bowl for this but I wouldexplain why so a large bowl be very goodwe’re gonna put into here now we need 5450 grams of bread flour or strong plainflour probably not best to use regularplain flour get the strong stuff 450grams is what we want here there we goin that we add one and a half teaspoonsof salt I’ve got these these are reallyhandythink any one of these half teaspoonsand teaspoons really useful they’rereally cheap you can you get them anywayin the last you forever so one and ahalf one half and use the half if I wantgood I’m kind of I’m going for him andgoing rogue and then 1/2 a teaspoon ofinstant easy-bake yeast so it’s thedon’t use fresh news for this if you douse freshly Easter you have to activateand it takes a long time just to use thepowerful stuffthat easy the little sachets one ofthose sachets is about half a teaspoonbut just to measure it out just in caseso there we go this is about there we go1/2 a teaspoon of yeast and then intothat we’re gonna add 375 milliliters ofwater just make sure it’s not very coldit can be cold doesn’t really matter tobe honest if it’s slightly warm a littlebit more quickly you just mix thattogether with spoon until it kind ofcomes together it’s quite a wet dough sodon’t worry about if you think it’s alittle bit wet that’s alright it’ssupposed to be that way right just bringit together but remember don’t overworkit we don’t need the the gluten andstuff just now the actual we’re gonnalet the yeast work over a period of timeso that is your basic dough dough youknow it might actually work in one ofthese they probably just fill it up andwhat’s gonna happen is I’m just gonnacut about with some cling film you knowthose programs where you can never get aclean film offtalk amongst yourselves and we’regetting to the end of it but oh hang onoh no no maybe there I just thought it’sfor a moment there I thought that maybeI think it’s the Karma for what I saidabout memory barriers hands I’m gettingin trouble you don’t have to keeptelling that joke over and over again Iwant to move away from that that awfulperiod in my life I was ashamed ofscience Ellie clean film TV right sowith a bit of doughnuts oh yeah justcover the top of the bowl like this andthat is actually it try and scrape thedough down the sides as well which Inormally do we you know with the spatulaif you’ve got one leave that in a coolroom will can be quite warm not boilingfor about between 14 and 21 hours so forexample if you want to make this in themorning put this make the mix probablyabout you know 4 or 5 in the evening thenight before and then just leave it andthen what will happen is magic this iswhat I made yesterday and last night andyou can see it’s just but completelyballooned up and swollen up oh and theother thing I haven’t mentioned aboutthis you do this in a pot right so it’sthe you don’t have to mess about with itat all so you just get it all togetheryou put it in a pot you put the lid onand and it will puff out into thisbeautiful dough so if you have and thepot I’m going to use is this one it’s acast or anything this ovenproof youdon’t have to use one of these you canuse you can use this it’s Pyrex so Imean you’d have to take it out put it inagain and make sure it’s not gonna stickbut essentially anything that’sovenproof and with a lid what I’m gonnado nowI’ve preheat the oven to 200since about that’s on fan so that’sabout is that correct I’m not surethat’s true I’m gonna have to checksomethingI’m telling tange I don’t know I’mtalking about so what we’re gonna do nowwe’re gonna get this bread into this potI’m gonna rest it for a little bit justwhile the ovens heating up you want theoven about 230 Celsius it’s really hotoven maybe 220 on a fan and while that’sdoing literally for half an hour you’vegot half an hour to get this bread readyoh the other thing is if you don’t wantto use it right now you can put this inthe fridge it will stop it from risingfor a bit so you can use it whenever youwant to use it them so with this you cansmell the yeast it’s really quite strongI am going to just to make this wholetransfer a little bit easier I’m justgonna get a little bit of flour on herejust to kind of because it’s a wet doughand we’re gonna flour my hands a littlebit as well because I now need to gatherthis stuff up this could get messy andit might not work you know what I saidyou’re not gonna get down your fingers Ilied so we’re gonna get this here andtry to kind of move it away from thebowl and without disturbing it too muchif you can bit more flour there just onmy hands but bit more flour on here okaywe’re getting there and what I want todo is potentially plop it oh sorrysee it’s gonna get it’s getting a bitmessy right yeah right so it’s supersticky right and I’m not gonna put myvery hand in the phone I’m just gonnaget someone here so I’m gonna do is justbring that together you can see becauseit’s floured underneath you can actuallymake a little oh I’m gonna bring ittogether a wee bit so you can have akind of shape so right leave that likethat for about 20 minutes just to restfor a minute cause it was it will swimup a little bit again and then the planwill be we just plop it in for that andthen put it in the oven so see you inabout 20 minutes so we’re gonna finishthis bread off it’s spread out quite alot actually another thing you can do isstead of just putting flour underneathyou can get some a piece a big piece ofparchment or grease proof but flour itmake it grease proof actually because Ithink I did one before I need just stuckto the bread so it’s still flour thatbut then you can lift the whole thing upand pop it in rather than having to turnit and so I’m gonna do here is I’m gonnatry and tip it in we’re gonna see howthis goesI’ve only done this once before italready feels like it’s gone if it’sgonna be sticky it’s not a lot I can doabout this I’m gonna try and keep ifyou’ve got any flour try and get it onyour fingers so it doesn’t yeah there wego now yeah so that’s the bread in theBA hole and I double do want to touch ittoo much just got flour all over it it’sa little bit too much flour it mightburn it doesn’t matterso what we’re gonna do first I’m gonnapop that in the oven and put the lid onso we’re gonna pop this in the ovenwhich as I said was on 220 degreescentigrade so in it goes there shut thedoor and half an hour just have that onefor half an hour and then after half anhour take the lid off for the last 15minutes so now we’re gonna take thebread we’re not going to take it out theoven to take the lid off half an hour’sgone soyou can very careful to that actuallyit’s pretty well properly happy but it’sshut the door really quickly and nowwe’re gonna give that another 15 minutesto finish off its bready breads readyI’m just gonna take it out the oven it’sgot a lovely dark crust on actuallythat’s niceso I’m gonna take that out what I wouldsuggest well that’s out do somethinglike that put put your thing on it whichwould suggest it’s bloody hot I’ll moveit away from the back I’m just gonna getsomething out this cupboard and that’sthe way to noise ready sounds hollowright there – cool so that is our noneed white bread[Music][Applause]maybe because of those things that Davidactually says it’s all don’t forget tosubscribe on the link below thedistracted Baker and follow us oninstagram at distracted Baker for morerecipes

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