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Cutlet I Bread Cutlet I Snacks I Breakfast I How to cook Bread Cutlet

This video teach you how to cook Bread Cutlet for Evening snacks or your breakfast. This tastes very good & is a very easy recipe. Please follow my recipe & please subscribe my channel & press the Notification bell to get notification of my every video.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]and Anya[Music][Music]what[Music]Gabycoriander leaves green chilies and 1 TSPginger garlic paste[Music]bread slices and five medium-sizedprotector smashed protect olive oil behot now[Music][Music]well[Music]for turtles[Music]so you can see my border those are mixedvery well now I can be written but[Music][Music]bursty hungry[Music]without the water from different[Music][Music]yes[Music]like this movie as a whole in adifferent contextI have been here five cutlets anddesigned it the with now I am on if agas flame or slow and now I am going tofry my[Music]this[Music]and before the otherno one everything[Music]now is open this Victini sauce[Music]you can serve this with tomato ketchupGosling changing its orbit with throwgreen standardsthis is my videos and don’t forget toLike and subscribe bye

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