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Crispy garlic bread sticks at home | make with in 10 mins | 0% oil used !

Oh hello foodies 😋😋!! Many of you have already tried garlic bread that tastes soo good isn’t it !? But hey wait ! What about the “crispiest garlic bread (sticks)” that you can make at home within 10 to 15 mins !😋😮
Sounds intresting? Yeah it is !❤

Here’s the recipe of the cprisy garlic bread sticks that you can eaisily make at home with only five ingredients and the best part is without using a single drop of oil !😌😋

Ingredients used :

*Bread slices(2 pcs)
*Regular butter(3tsp)
*Finely chopped garlic(1tsp)
*Finley chopped corriander/parsley(1tsp)
*black pepper/peppercorns(1tsp)
*salt to taste

For garnish :

*tomato ketchup
*mayonese/youghut sauce

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I will help you out !❤

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