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Cripsy Bread Crums Poha Stick | पोहे से बना टेस्टी नास्ता | Party Menu Recipe

Learn how to cook delicious & healthy breakfast for Kids and adults, it is good for party menu as well. Kids love fries the most, prepare this kids lunch menu for your kiddos. It is healthy Poha breakfast recipe that everyone loves. Add another new recipes for kids lunch.

Also it is good for party menu. You can always serve this delicious Crunchy and Crispy Poha Sticks. Good Party Food Menu always excites the guests. It is simple and easy Party food (Starter) recipe you can serve with Mayonnaise or Red Chilli or Tomato Sauce.

Try this at your home Crunchy & Cripsy Poha Sticks.

Poha: 01 bowl (Small)
Boiled Potato: 1-2 (Mashed)
Corn Flour: 4 spoon
Dahi: 1/2 Cup
Maida: 2-3 spoon
Bread Crums: 1 Cup
Red Chilli Powder: 1 spoon
Coriander Powder: 2 spoon
Green Chilli: 1-2 pcs
Salt: As per taste

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