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Cook’s Essentials 1.5-lb Stainless Steel Breadmaker on QVC

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Cook’s Essentials 1.5-lb Stainless Steel Breadmaker

Everyone’s always going on about the breadwinner–but what about the bread maker? To us, that’s a praise-worthy job. And this stainless steel breadmaker machine makes it even easier for you, home cook, to whip up the freshest, made-with-love loaves. From Cook’s Essentials® Kitchenware.

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Video Transcription

but if you really want to take all thework out of it with the press of abutton to have homemade fresh warm roomfilling baked bread that’s it this isfor you it’s our cooks essentials oneand a half pound stainless steel breadmaker that is reduced shipping andhandling six easy monthly payments whichby the way only week this month you havesix easy payments and a special lowpriceso getting it home for $10 33 cents amonth growing up in Minnesota I wastalking about my mom Jodi earlier whenwe went to go sell the house we aremoving and the real estate agent if youscan a Brad Baker yes nothing is morehomey and touching than the smell offresh bread that’s exactly we got one itworked it sold the house but then itbecame a staple in her house and againit was just the memories of coming homefrom school right gathering having freshbread and then we got to put butter andjelly and peanut butter whatever wewanted on top of it cuz no fantasticand speaking of customizing you canreally do everything in this bread youcan you can do sweet breads you can doraisin nut breads you can just kneaddough if you want you can do a basicfarm country bread like this in aboutthree hours if you want to do the Frenchbread it takes about four hours and 20minutes and you can do gluten free breadI think I married answers right can’treally do it all here no I’ll go throughcolors but I want to remind you of thevalue I know I said it quickly but thisto me is really incredible when you seeyour comparable retail value you’regetting the bread maker you’re getting anonstick Bowl you’re getting the hookthe spoon the measuring cup which can beextras when you go out at retailthat’s exactly it’s an $86 and changevalue that you’re getting well over $20off at 60 $1.99 and then again that easypay the only day I should say the onlyweek this month you have six easy paysof 10 dollars and 33 cents a month soreally exciting we have the white if youwant to keep this out all the time Ihave white cupboards I think I wouldlove the way to blend it exactly and wedid that we always kept our bread makerout yeah we use it all the time this isthe red and then we also have the blackavailable black is most limited if youwant that your item number is K foreight 3:07 the phone number to callmaker different from anything else whatI like about it first is that it’s veryquiet it’s gonna work in the overnighthours you can put a delay on it up to 13hours if you want to and you can also doa very quick bread in under two hours ifyou want to if you just want to makesome pizza dough or bread dough and youknow do something creative maybe do abaguette instead of a square loaf likethis you can do the the kneading processand just take the dough out and thencontinue on and you can customize yourcrust absolutely you can customize it todark/medium if you like a lighter crustI know that this smells incredible rightlike when you go to your bakery and youthink about okay I’m gonna get thereright when they open up six o’clock andI want that hot fresh bread first of allthat’s a commitment but to be able toget that fresh warm doughy bread thatsmells but a loaf of bread can beexpensive fresh out of the bakeryabsolutely any time you want it in thecomfort of your home how do we do it sowe’re gonna put our wet ingredients infirst so if we’re gonna use a littleolive oil or something like that wewould drop that in there we put thewater in the bottom and then I’m gonnagrab a little bit of butter and what youcan do is you can actually put thebutter in the corners in the liquid andthat just adds a little bit more flavorand texture and mouthfeel and then whatyou’re gonna do is you’re gonna put allyour flour dry ingredients on top ofthat sorry I got butter all over myfinger no I could be worse problems youknow and then what you do is dump all ofyour flour your salt and your sugar andthen right in here you’re gonna make alittle divot in the top and you’re goingto put your yeast in there and then whatyou’re going to do is you’re going toclose it and you’re gonna go to yourmenu and we want option one so this willpage through approximately 12 optionsexcuse me there were 10 options there sowe want one and then we want to decideyou want medium I do I want a mediumdarkness on my bread and I just hitstart when you hear that you got barelyhear it it’s like having elves in a treemaking cookies except they’re makingbreadof a sweet treat like that and when Iwant to add maybe chocolate chips ornuts or raisins when do I add thatyou’ll add that through the process sowhat you’re gonna do is you’re gonnarefer to use and care go to the sweetbreads the nut breads and you’ll you’llhalfway through your process in kneadingis when you’re gonna add thoseingredients that I love that we have itin the white we have it in the red andthe black is most limited the comparableretail value that you see on your screenis eighty six dollars and change we areat sixty $1.99 for a bread maker quickeasy consistent delicious fresh-bakedbread anytime you want it for tendollars and 33 cents a month one weekthis month that you’re going to begetting the six easy pays on this andthis is the opportunity you have reducedshipping and handling here tonight aswell which isn’t always this story K foreight 3:07 now what where did you dohere is this a raisin yeah so it’s araisin nut bread so we’ve got both thoseelements together and I’m hoping oh itdidn’t work that time you see thatpaddle that’s right in there sometimesthat will bake into the bread itself notto worry with why we have this hook wegive you the hook and you just pull itout of the bread it’s so easy these areall dish excuse me hand wash items rightso you’re gonna hand wash those givethem a little rinse let them dry putthem back in the machine I am okay Imade the bread but I have guests comingover in an hour is there a way I cankeep the bread warm so right when Iserve it it’s nice hot and fresh yes sowhat you can do is right down here whereit says bake just use your bake optionand and just hold it so you’re gonna doa light and bake and you’ll just holdyour bread so when when we bake thesebreads ahead of time before we do thesepresentations sometimes we have torewarm the bread and that’s how we do itso when it comes to customizing a crustas a chef like what’s the perfect crustin your opinion right you know I likethe medium darkness I don’t like a realdark crustI do like crusty I want crisp but Idon’t necessarily want it too dark likemy my toast in the morning is usually abat-like soit’s just so soft it Joey it’s pillowyit is yummy there’s nothing like freshbaked bread but who was time to kneadand do all the work like what would beour option if we didn’t have the breadmaker as a chef how do you do your breadyeah you would get up like 2:00 in themorning like you know and those ovensnever go off they’re just always on youknow I don’t know about you but Fridaynight in our house is pizza night thereyou go and you could do like littleheart-shaped pizza absolutely so this isthe rosemary breadover here we just needed dough so thethe the kneading option is number nineand that’s what you would do and youwould just get this fresh dough justlike this and then that you flatten thatout of course to make your pizza thatgluten free dough you name it you got itblack white red on a better price oneasy pay six the best that we offer tendollars and change gets at home onreduced shipping and handling a fullhour of cooks essentials but we startedthe hour with this our sparkle gorgeoussparkly I mean he doesn’t want sparkle Iknow you know that green kind of remindsme of Mg green

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